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For all the incestious diseases, 150 family problems, regardless of impotence or problem of sexual power, solutions to all.

▶ If a person who does not become sexually relieved or relapses soon, he is a victim of impotence. It is directly related to genitalia. In this disease, the patient cannot tell this problem to anyone, or treat the other person properly, but when he cannot give full satisfaction during the intercourse, the patient's wife knows that he is the victim of nepotism Are there. This leads to fighting and quarreling between husband and wife, and many types of family minds get disturbed. The thing is even greater that they have to be separated in the last.
▶ Some people are not physically impotent, but they become mentally impotent by being victim of sex, by having some popular superstitions, in the affair. The patients of mental impotence are afraid to go to their wives. Cannot even cohabit and mental condition worsens.
▶ There are two reasons for impotence. Physical and mental. Being more surrounded by anxiety and stress leads to mental illness. Impotence is due to body weakness. When a hard-working person gets a nutritious diet, then weakness increases and impotence can arise. Masturbation, youth engaged in excessive lust, are victims of impotence. The desire for sexual intercourse such young men decrease.
योग्य Staying fit for sex is the main symptom of impotence. It is the second symptom of having sexual arousal for some time, or for a short period of time, to be sexually transmitted. Shibboleth in impotence caused by copulation or multiphases is diluted, sloppy and even small. Eating more warm mango’s leads to weakening of the metal and impotence.
से Depressed by impotence, the patient should take care of some other things along with eating medicines. As if walking in a park in the evening in the evening, in the open ground, walking along the banks of a river or lake. Walking before the sun rises in the morning is more beneficial. In the morning, clean water and air reach the body and generate strength and energy. This also makes the blood clear.
▶ The impotence patient should pay more attention to his diet. Nutritious foods should also be eaten in the diet with ghee, milk, butter and salad. Eating physical and fruit juice increases the physical capacity. Due to the treatment of impotence, the patient should stay away from obscene environments and films because it has a harmful effect on the brain. There are also nightmares, in which the ejaculation occurs.

1. Eat saffron husk 5 grams and 5 grams of sugar for 5 grams every morning and drink milk from above. This eliminates the deformation of the headlines.
2. Take 20-20 grams of powdered husk and husk of big bun and 5 grams powder of small cardamom seeds by making them all powder and take 2 teaspoons of cow's milk daily.
3. Eating impurity of 8 liters of white onion juice, 6 ml of ginger juice and 4 grams of honey, Ghee 3 grams and 6 weeks of eating impotence ends.
4. Crush white onion and remove two liters of juice. Mix 1 kg of pure honey in it and cook it on a low flame, when only honey is saved, take it out of the fire and add half a kilo of white mushley powder and fill it in sugar or glass utensils. Due to eating 10 to 20 grams of medicines in the morning and evening, the fame disappears.
5. The end of the metal (semen) is stopped by eating kerosene powder of Jamun with hot milk daily.
6. Eating impulse by milking the cooker till late in the milk and drinking the same milk.
7. Soak two chores and 5 gram raisins in the water at night. Take out the water in the morning and drink both fruits with milk.
8. Almond powder, sugarcane, black pepper, after making powder, making powder, eating a few weeks and drinking milk from above closes the end of the semen.
9. Allow almonds to soak in hot water overnight. After drinking it for a while in the morning, drink a drink of 20 to 40 ml daily, it eliminates all the diseases of the urinary system.
10. Drinking 200 grams of carrot juice daily increases the power (sexual intercourse).
11. Carrot pudding, eating 100 grams daily increases the capacity of sex.
12. Mixing of equal quantity of sandalwood and sugar candy in the powder of coconut seeds, impotency (Namdhi) ends by eating 3-3 grams of quantity and drinking it with milk.
13. The fall of the corn seeds and the resin pool of maize seeds. Grind both with 25 - 25 grams of grams and filter it, then add 50 grams of Egyptian in it. Eating with 2 tablespoons of powdered milk is beneficial in this.
14. Grilloy, big bun and amla make powder by grinding them in equal quantities and grind them. Eating with 5 grams of chapatti daily with Egyptian and ghee develops strong blood pressure.
15. After eating half a gram of nutmeg with water in the evening, it will be reduced in semen only in 6 weeks and weakness in copulation.
16. Take a quarter spoon powder of nutmeg with honey and morning and mix it with mustard oil and paste it on the penis.
17. The juice of vinegar leaves 20 ml of flour, 5 grams of white cumin powder in it, eat 10 grams of Misri powder and drink milk and the body's weakness ends.
18. With juice of vine leaves, mixing a little honey in it, grafting on the penis for 40 days will benefit from impotence.
19. Mix white muesli and masri, mix equal, and grind it and make powder and make powder and eat 5 grams of milk with milk in the morning and evening, the power of the body and the lost power of strength, gets back.

20. Make 250 grams fine powder of white mushley. Make it lost after mixing it in 2 liters of milk. Then put 250 grams of ghee and fry this loosening. After cooling, add half a kilo of grinded sugar (sugar) and put it in a plate or plate. Eating 20 grams in the morning - Work strength increases.
21. Mix white muesli, satakara, fragrance 50 - 50 grams of cottage and mix 10 grams of medicine with 250 ml of hot water, cumin mixture with low warm milk.
22. White muesli 20 grams, rhythm mesh seed 200 grams and bunting 200 gms. Make the powder by grinding all three, then eat 5 grams of powdered milk with it.
23. Grate the powder by mixing equal quantity of coconut and masri, and prepare the powder and drink it 6 grams in the amount of impotence (Namdhi) ends.
24. Evening gram mornings - after eating chewing almonds at the top of the chewing gum in the evening, the power increases and the loss of neutrality ends.
25. Mix chickpeas in boiling milk for a long time, and after drinking the milk, impotence (Namdhi) is eliminated in a few months.
26. Make powder of potato, asparagus, ela, cloves and elongation. Eating impurity of 6 grams of sugar in 3 grams powder and eating milk from above and after a few months, impotence ends.
27. Impotence (Namdhari) is removed by drinking 4 grams powder of asparagus and boiling it in milk.
28. The powder of Shatavara powder from 10 grams to 20 grams of sugar mixed in milk, pour it in the morning and evening, it removes impotence. Body weakness is also removed.
29. Mixing mixed seeds of 20 ml liter of bark of seminal tree bark, drinking semen and coping power increases in body.
30. Take 10 - 10 grams of semolina powder and sugar with 100 ml of water and taking it in the morning and evening, the betting that means sexual intercourse, and improves impotence.
31. By taking a bunion fracture or slurry in the morning and evening, the growth of work force, ie sexual intercourse is removed. Take 250 ml as dose in the morning and evening.
32. Make a big bucket and black sesame seeds, grate them in a quantity of 14 grams. Then cook it in a 1 kg cow's milk and make the loin. This is a quantity. Drink this lost and drink 250 grams of milk from the cow's extracted milk. Impotence is removed by eating it for 40 days.
33. Put the powder of the fruit of 25 grams large coconut, put 250 ml in boiled water. Feeding it a little bit - it increases sexual arousal.
34. Take 2 grams powder of big bun flour with sugar and ghee and after consuming milk from Egypt, it increases the incidence of sexual intercourse.
35. To remove the impotence caused by masturbation, take 1-1 tablespoon of pomegranate fruit and black sesame seeds and drink it with honey for 3 consecutive times a day. It has the benefit of impotence.
36. Make powder by taking bunions, corn seeds, white muesli, soft root of white semar, amla, giloya satur and mesri, in equal quantity. Eating with 10 grams of powdered milk for about 20 grams impairs impotence and weakness of semen.
37. Boil 3 times in the milk and dry it three times after drying it and removing impotence.
38. Mix the powder of bacon and sesame seeds together in goat milk and cook it in honey and eat it. This eliminates many types of impotence.
39. Grind native gram powder 150 grams. Mix it with 5-5 grams of honey in the morning and get rid of it, it gives benefit in impotence (Namdhari).
40. Buckle, Talamakana, Shatavar, Caulage seeds, Grate Khanti and Gangrene, grind them all in the amount of 100 grams. Fry this powder from 6 grams to 10 grams at night and drink hot milk from above. Eating daily for 60 days increases semen and improves impotence.
41. Eating with candy, milk and syrup juice of Vidyarankand, adult males can gain strength as well as young people.
42. Make a pulp by grinding 5 grams of Videkanikand. Eat this and drink 5 grams of ground ghee and milk mixed with milk, along with milk. It enhances force and semen and impairs impotence.
43. After drying dry dried ghee and making pudding with ghee and sugar, impotence ends in just a few weeks.
44. Impotence (Namdhi) ends with the development of strength in the body by drinking 6 grams of melon seeds, 6 grams of Egyptian seeds, chewing and drinking milk from above.
45. Grinding of ground seeds 4 grams and 4 grams of Egyptian grams and for a few days, semen erection power develops.
46. ​​By drinking 6 grams of powdered dry leaves of Kaith every day, mixing mixed milk from above, milk is increased by drinking milk (semen).
47. By grinding 40 grams of Urad Dal, mixing it with honey and ghee, man becomes fit to intercourse in a few days only.
48. Make a few laddus of urad dal. Eat 2 - 2 laddus and drink milk from above. It removes impotence.
49. Fry the seeds of tamarind, then separate their peels, making their powder and eating 3 grams of powdered sugar mixed with a daily meal increases semen strength and improves impotence.
50. The deformation of premature ejaculation ends after eating basil root and ground water in paan.
51. Eating with basil seeds 1 gram of milk in the milk deficiency benefits from morning and evening.
52. Make a 3 - 3 gm tablet by mixing the old jaggery in equal quantity of root of Basil or basil root. Take this 1 - 1 tablet morning and evening - with cow 's fresh milk. It removes impotence (Namdhari).

53. Mixing jaggery with 1 to 3 grams fine powder of Basil or root, remove impotence with fresh milk and take it with fresh milk.
54. Grate the sulfur and honey and make the paste. Apply this coating on the penis (penis). This increases semen erectile power.
55. Eating by making a paste of black mushley ends impotence.
56. Eating with milk in the amount of 10 grams of black muesi is beneficial.
57. The powder of root of black mushley root 3 to 6 grams was found in the morning in the morning; Eating with light warm milk provides impotence to some extent.
58. Make a decoction by mixing equal quantity of black sesame seeds, dry ginger, pepper, chilli, lentils and jaggery. Drinking this decoction for 21 days increases the heat of the body.
59. Make a fine powder by mixing javitri 1.5 gm, nutmeg 10 grams, big cardamom 10 grams and opium half gram. Mixing 2 grams of powdered honey in honey and eating it in the winter for about one month impairs impotence. Remember, opiates are addictive.
60. Mix ghee with wheat flour and wheat flour in equal quantity. Then take sugar (sugar) equal to two times its weight and make pudding and remove impotence in 7 days.
61. 3 bottles of rose water mixed with 10 grams of gold filings. When all the rose water gets absorbed in it, then remove it and keep it. Almost half a millilis mix with cream and do not fall into semen soon after taking cohorts.
62. If the tea is mixed with paan, it is beneficial in eating and drinking.
63. Massage of ghee in the fourth part of approximately 1 gram on the penis 1 hour before coitus does not imply impotence.
64. Take 10 drops of the olive oil by applying it on the drink of Nagbel, it removes impotence.
65. By mixing the seeds of mangalangi with kheer, impotence erases from eating.
66. Put 50 grams of grains and 25 grams of sugar (sugar) in half a kilo of cow's milk and put it on fire. When the milk is lost, then take off the fat and make a thick tablet and eat 1 - 1 tablet daily with cow 's milk in the evening. It improves impotence.
67. Boil 25 grams of fresh juice of freshly cooked bark in cow's milk and dissolve impotence.
68. Mixing oil of Kalanuji and olive oil together dissolves.
69. By eating 2 grams of Jodwar, the work force increases (sexual intercourse).
70. Mixing gum paste of gravy with acetic acid and mixing it with sesame oil removes impotence (nardidi) by grafting on the penis.
71. Grind equal quantity of seeds of Dhatroo, Aparkar and cloves and make pills equal to gram by consuming 1 - 1 tablet every morning and evening.
72. Mix six grams of roasted powder with 6 grams of jaggery and remove the impotence (Namdhari) by eating it daily.
73. Drinking 25 grams of mahua boiled water in 250 ml of milk and drinking impotence of weakness (Namdhi) is erased.
74. Dry the small roots of semars dry in the shade. After cooking, it removes impotence (Namdhi) by eating its roots.
75. Mix equal quantity of honey, coconut and mancil and make powder by mixing it in jasmine juice and sesame oil and mix it on the penis. It eliminates the penis of penis.
76. Mix 75 grams of Gorakhmundi cottage and add 75 grams of mustard. Take 10 grams of medicine with hot hot molasses while sleeping.
77. Take the powder of gorakhundi flowers with neem juice, it benefits in impotence (Namdhari).
78. Mixing about 2 grams of powdered rice powder in 10 grams of honey and drinking it by mixing honey in cow's milk from above and increasing the work power.
79. Boil 10 grams of gram of 500 grams of cow in 10 gram of Asgandha Nagauri. When 400 milliliter of milk remains, then add honey to it and drink it for 40 days. This increases the power of work.
80. Cinnamon filter 75 grams and filter it. Grind 5 grams of water in the water and put it on the penis after leaving the betel (the front part of the penis) and drink 2-2 grams of milk in the morning and evening, it provides relief in impotence (Namdhari).
81. Mixing the root of the symbal with 100 grams of cottage and mixing it in 5 - 5 gms of honey, it provides relief in impotence (Namdhani) by using morning and evening.
82. Mound vermicelli Take the fourth part of a gram, honey and ginger juice in the morning and evening. This eliminates masturbation from masturbation.
83. Grind turmeric and camphor 10 - 10 grams, then take 5 grams as dose with milk in the morning and evening.
84. Eat 10 grams of Chanusa in boiling milk and eat it in the morning with the Egyptian. This increases the power of sexual intercourse.
85. Keeping the Kulijan in the mouth also increases the power of work.
86. Impotency is removed by drinking 10 grams of beans in the wild bead powder and drinking 1 quantity daily.

87. Pateauk (Sun) seed oil comes in the work of eating. By which the body is strong athletic, sexual arousal increases. The massage of this oil also improves the pain of injury.
88. After impotence and impairment of impotence, impregnation of 60 grams of garlic in the ghee by eating it daily, impotence ends.
89. Cooking a gourd of garlic with ghee and roast it with honey and increase the sexual arousal.
90. Daily consumption of 4-5 garlic buds with milk is useful in impotence for about 20 days daily.
91. In the juice of onion mix ghee and honey together and remove impotence. Take 10 to 20 ml of onion juice every morning and evening.
92. The powder of part of the onions yielded 20 grams of milk from 10 grams, with milk in the morning and evening, there is an increase in sexual arousal.
93. Applying on the penis musk penis i.e. sexual intercourse gives more joy. But this does not result in conception.
94. If the old st 1 to 2 drop is added to the pan, it becomes marketed and the impotency is removed.
95. Eat small cardamom powder for spoilage, eat almost half to two grams in the morning or evening, or eat with hot milk in the morning before sleeping with hot milk.
96. By grinding 10 grams seeds of kavit motha, the mother gets mixed with hot cow's milk and drinking it every evening, impotence is removed.
97. Drinking comfortably with milk in milk and mixing it daily at night, it is beneficial to remove impotence.
98. Cooking the root of gram (karjani) in 2 grams milk and eating it in the night before the meal is full benefit. All defects related to semen are removed.
99. Pulverizing part of the part of the seeds of kewanch (Kapikuchu) is beneficial for drinking 2 to 6 grams per day with the help of the Egyptian milk, while sleeping at night.
100. Eating seeds with high milk from 4 to 8 grams in the evening in the morning, with the hot milk found in the milk, there is full benefit in impotence.
101. Applying the olive oil on the pen is beneficial.
102. To remove impotence, powder of seeds of Talamkhana, with the seeds of 2 to 4 grams of kewacha, it is beneficial to get mixed with freshly drained milk in the morning and evening.
103. Eating of 20 to 40 ml of Vishnukanta juice or decoction from 40 to 80 ml in the morning and evening helps to remove pyemeha, Venus Meh, weakness (weakness) etc..
104. Taking the seeds of Vanululasi seeds from 3 to 7 grams, it is beneficial to take the milk of the cow from the cow's milk.
105. Increase the weight of malebirth by eating 20 to 30 drops of bread (banyan) by pouring it on the table or pouring sugar on it. To remove impotence, 5 to 10 drops of milk in the mouth are beneficial in the morning and evening.
106. Grind the banyan tree and bark of the sycamore tree 3 - 3 grams and 6 grams of Egyptian gram, make all the pulp and take it 3 times in the mouth and drink 250 milliliters of milk from the top. Eating up to 40 days increases semen and increases strength by sexual intercourse.
107. The amount of 20 to 40 ml juice of Siris flowers will benefit from eating in the morning with milk mixed with milk and it will also benefit in premature ejaculation.
108. The powder of Siris seed powder is mixed with 1 to 2 grams of milk mixed with milk in the morning and evening and the semen is thicker.
109. Mix powder of Siris bark with sugar in 3 to 6 gms of ghee and eat it twice with hot milk. If the floral juice, the powder of the seed and the powder of the bark together with the milk mixed with milk, then the weakness of the body is removed.
110. Grind some seeds of vinegar dry and grind. In this, eating 3 grams of powders in the morning and evening together helps in gaining.
111. Eating impure semen with impotent person increases semen.
112. Eating half a gram of amber in impotence brings benefits in the morning and evening with milk mixed with milk.
113. The seeds of uttangan, which are flattened and flabby, become very flabbergasted in water. It is very beneficial for them to take mixed with hot hot milk in the evening in the evening, along with asparagus, conch beach powder, etc..
114. Pouring of root of white white or brown rice, mixing 3 to 6 grams of milk in the morning and in the evening, eats aphrodisiac with hot milk.
115. The juice of brahmandini increases between 10 to 20 ml in the morning and evening with honey and increases maternal strength.
116. Eating impaired from 3 to 6 grams of kadad powder of Sawv Misri is eaten in the morning and evening.
117. Mixing 2 or 4 grams of Powder of Harmal seed mixed with hot milk can be beneficial in the morning and evening.
118. Drying of 5 grams of mango, drying it with milk, increases the strength of work.
119. Drinking juice of 2 to 3 months gives strength. The body's weakness goes away and the body is fat. From this, the Vata Institute (Nervus System) is also cured.
120. Eating 100 grams of sweet pomegranate daily in the afternoon increases the intercourse power by eating it.
121. Pipali, Urad, Red Rice, Barley, Wheat. Grind flour with 100 grams of 100 grams, and after making it puri in the country ghee, eat 3 puris daily for 40 days. Drink milk from above. It improves impotence.
122. Take a spoon of amla juice and mix one spoon of amla powder in it. Mix a little sugar (sugar) and honey and eat it with ghee in the morning and evening.
123. Arand seeds 5 grams, 10 grams of old jaggery, 5 grams of sesame seeds, 5 grams of Binole, 2 grams of nutmeg, 2 grams of nutmeg, 2 gram of javitti and 2 grams of Aankarra. Put them in a clean cloth and make them into a cloth and boil it in goat's milk. When the milk is cooked well, then cool it and drink it for 5 days.

124. Muthooti, ​​Vidyarikand, Taj, Lakhar, Bunkru, Giloy and Moussli Grind all the grams in 10 - 10 grams of grams and make the powder. Take half a spoonful powder of this for 40 days daily.
125. Nagauri fragrances and widara Take both 250-250 grams of gram and grind it and make the powder. Take 2 spoons of this powder with desi ghee or honey.
126. Salam Egypti, Todari White, Meiji of Kaanchi seeds, Tal Makhan, Seedal seeds, White and black muesli, Shatavar and Bahman Lal. Take all the 10-10 grams of powder into the powder and make the powder. By eating 2 teaspoons of milk daily equal to 40 days, it has the full benefit.
127. Coconut is aphrodisiac. Condensate semen.
128. 15 Chologozes daily eat impotence away.
129. Mixing honey and milk together removes the lack of semen (semen). The body is strong.
130. Eat sprouted wheat without baking it. You can eat jag or raisins together for taste. Vitamin 'E' is found in these sprouted wheat. It is beneficial in impotence and infertility.
131. Vitamin 'E' in pistachio is very much. Vitamin 'E' increases semen.
132. Grind the root of the white kennel bark and grind it into the juice of bhaktaiya and leave it 21 days after leaving the supari, and accelerates it.
133. Keep a cloth soaked for 24 hours in the milk of Aakau, then remove it after drying. Then wrap the ghee on it and make 2 lamps and put it on the iron straw. Put a bronze plate below and burn the lights, which will fall on the plate down the oil. Leave her almond on the penis and keep her on the whole. For half an hour, after wrapping the anace leaf, bind the thread from the top. It removes the blame for masturbation.
134. Mix 8 grams of cloves, nutmeg 12 grams, opium net 16 grams, musk about half gram, grind them and mix them in honey and make half a half grams of pills. 1 pellet bunglow put in a pan and it is a pillar. If the column becomes more, then eat the sour and then eat the sour. Ejaculation will occur.
135. Mix juice of jasmine leaves in equal quantity of sesame oil and cook on fire. When the water flies and only oil remains, then this oil should be done daily on the massage penis daily in the evening. It destroys impotence and premature ejaculation.
136. Drinking the decoction of the roots of Dhaka root twice a day by drinking it twice a day, keeping the mass of the seed oil on the pen is useful in a few days.
137. Grinding the asafoetida with honey and coating on the penis or penis, semen stops for a long time and gets pleasure in sexual intercourse.
138. Apply the oil of the oil on the leaf of the plateau and sleeping on the shisha (penis) at night and taking 2 grams of seeds with milk kheer will benefit from morning and evening.
139. Remove the kernels inside the knives and fill them with milk, then cook the dough over them, grind the dough and grate the knives, make peas powder, drink at night 1 to 2 and drink milk. It is a column from.
140. Boil 20 grams of dry root with 500 grams of milk powder by boiling the yogurt, prepare the ghee by mixing it, it will remove the taste.
141. Keep the milk of the asafoetic milk and cow's ghee, fill it in the bottle and keep it in the vial 4-5 hours, massage it slowly by saving the suture of the intestine and the betel nut, and bake the food leaf and arrow from the top, Thus, massage for seven days. Then after 15 days of re-massage, all the lips of the penis are beneficial.
142. Milk honey mixed with 10 grams of powdered gram, ghee and honey and lactation by drinking hot hot milk obtained from the Egyptian and above is useful in impotence.
143. Jatamansi, Sod, Nutmeg and cloves. Grind all together in equal amounts. Eat 1 - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.
144. With a cup of fine powder of half a spoon Kakadasinghi kosher, one cup of milk will give full benefit to impotence in a few weeks after consuming it in the morning and evening.
145. The disease will be removed from the massage of Kalanuji oil regularly on the penis and waist for a few weeks in the morning and evening.
146. Grind 10 grams of white kinar and cook in 20 grams of vegetable ghee. After cooling and frying it, it provides relief in impotence by applying morning and evening on the penis.
147. By imposing leaflets on the patient's penis and taking 10 drops of cardamom oil on the leaves of the leaf, impotency is removed by eating it for 2 to 3 times a day. Continue to consume more quantity of milk, ghee during this experiment.
148. Due to chewing betel leaves and binding on the patient's penis, it is beneficial in flag-breaking disease.
149. Rub the camphor in the ghee and massage it on top of the penis. Use it daily for a few weeks.

Note: Do not eat sour and foul Do more using milk and ghee with medicines.
Keep in mind: Make sure to consult with ayurvedic doctor.

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