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Learn How To Use 7 Natural Bath Salts For Skin Rejuvenation

When you think of bath salts do you imagine languorous spas, with indulgence and pampering at a whole new level? What if we told you that you could create the same experience at home?


The use of bath salts can be traced back to thousands of years when it was treated as a cosmetic and health enhancer. Walk into any beauty store and you will find bath salts of many colours, sizes and textures. Natural bath salts are made from ocean salts, and can contain many minerals depending on where they come from. Smaller grains dissolve faster and offer quick relaxation, while larger grains take longer and release a heady aroma while doing so.

Today, many bath salts are produced commercially and their natural healing properties are often diminished. It is therefore important to choose the best quality bath salt for your use.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Using Bath Salts:

Bath salts work wonders on your skin and your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Some of the bath salts effects include:

#1 Glowing skin: Bath salts contain minerals and several other nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromide, and sodium, which wash off impurities and leave your skin soft and glowing.

#2 Lower blood pressure: Some bath salts are known to slow down blood circulation, relax and lower blood pressure

#3 Muscle soreness: Bath salts act on rigid muscles and can help treat muscle soreness.

#4 Insomnia: A relaxing bath with bath salts can help fight insomnia.

#5 Look younger: Bath salts can delay the signs of ageing by firming up the skin’s surface, reducing pores and minimising fine lines.

Learn how to use bath salts:

It is important to select the right kind of bath salt, depending on your need. Also make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in the bath salts.

#1 In the bath tub
Fill a bath tub halfway with water and throw in a handful of bath salts. Let the salts bubble up a bit and combine with the steam to fill the bathroom with a relaxing aroma. Sink in and let the salts work their magic.

#2 In the shower
Take some fine-grain bath salts and add a little water to make a paste. Gently run this over your body to release the aroma and to leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. Wash with a gentle cleanser like Olay White Radiance Brightening Foaming Cleanser.

#3 As a quick footbath
You can add Epsom salts to half a cup of water and wash your feet with them if your feet tend to smell. Not only will your feet feel refreshed but you will also avoid toenail fungus.

#4 Don’t linger
Overuse of bath salts can lead to skin dryness. Do not stay too long in the water just because it feels good. Between 15 minutes and half an hour is alright.

#5 Use colours as per your mood
Bath salts come in various colours. Keep an assortment at home and use them as per your mood. Blue bath salts can help relax you when you are anxious, while red, yellow and orange will fill you with energy 

#6 Don’t use bath salts with sores or while shaving
Avoid bath salts if you have open sores or wounds. Also, do not shave if you are using bath salts.

#7 Storing bath salts
Store bath salts in a cool and dry place, preferably not the bathroom.

How to make bath salts:

Now that you know how to use bath salts, how about trying to make some at home?

#1 Choose a salt: Pick a pure grade salt like Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, or Pacific Sea Salt.

#2 Select an aroma: Use an essential oil of your favourite fragrance.

#3 Food colouring: Use food colouring to bring in some hue.

#4: Mix the ingredients: Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl and transfer to an airtight container.

Make bath salts at home using this simple method and give yourself spa-like treatment at home.

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