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How to become a free corruption free India : essay on corruption free India

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From ancient times, India was given the nickname like gold-fox, world-master, but in the changing times itself, due to the moral decline of the character of the people, the corruption of corruption in our country is the development of corruption. Corruption / Corruption is such a word that when a person comes in front of us, there is a framework that does not say anything like our justice, law, governmental Going against the arrangement, only people can go to any extent to fulfill their selfishness that can not be imagined.

What is Corruption?

Corruption Free / Corruption Free for India First of all, we need to understand what is this confusions when one wants to fulfill his own rules by keeping the rules established by law for personal benefits, If you want to benefit, then the same corruption is called corruption.

Corruption means that corrupt behavior means that bad behavior done by evil or wrong actions is called corruption. Whenever there is corruption in a country, the development of that country stops and the moral decline of the conduct of people also ends. .

How to Start Corruption?

Often we get news of corruption in newspapers, TV news, that used to be a time when people used to corruption for so little money, but whenever any corruption happens, we ourselves see with great interest that corruption There are rupees in it, how many more zeroes are connected, that means that the form of corruption has become terrible over time and it is so common that it seems like it is so Has become a common part.

But just think about how this corruption is the beginning of corruption, it can be understood in a very simple way. As we get any thing for free in our conduct, we feel very happy and feel that our work will also be done and we will not have to pay anything for the work. As often as we all travel, it is mandatory to travel in accordance with the rules for travel, otherwise the penalty is on hold. All of us know well, nevertheless, taking the ticket of the train we travel every day, we feel against our pride and we all also travel without fear and let's go and believe that when we are caught, it will be seen. All of us start promoting corruption by this and on the day we are caught then offer money directly to hide their mistake and money is needed in today's era. Of it seems to us much more is should be much more then good that officer also with foster corruption with your means becomes a small business beginning.

And sometimes it happens that in a hurry we can not take tickets for fear of getting out of the train and we also accept our mistake and agree to the invoice if we get caught. In the past, the officer, who is already in corruption, is ready to take some money without any invoice, and also gives you permission to travel without ticket, by doing so, he can directly access your money Instead goes into his pocket. That's all corruption, whatever can be started in any form, for that much more than all of the government machinery is responsible, we all are also responsible.

How to Stop Corruption?

In today's time, every sincere person is troubled by the sting of corruption, people who are sincere, want to get all their work on the strength of hard work. But when someone goes ahead untimely in front of you, its repulsion also affects the person's mind. So this is the question that comes out of everyone's mouth, how to stop this corruption?

So it is a straightforward answer, it can start with itself. If every person has a mind in mind that from now on, he will never have any wrong way and wrongdoing for personal work and personal gain, then surely this corrupt monster can win the truth.

1 - In any country there are three important components in the formation of society: they are mother, father and teacher. The higher the level of education in the country, the more people will be highly educated and the beginning of this education starts with parents and teachers in our house. It is a natural process that the child will get education like this. Often, in the smallest book, by parents, it is unknowingly lied to the person who also learns to speak the same child. Again, the same child begins to laugh according to their convenience. It starts with the beginning of corruption. If parents and teachers advise not to lie in any circumstance, then surely the child will speak the truth to us which proves to be very effective in preventing corruption.

2- If we ignore the small mistakes of children through moral character creation, this child's mistake becomes one of their habit. Sometimes it happens that the children think of eating something but they can not speak freely on the fear of parents, or refuse to give them by the parent, after which the child gets the thing like a theft Start by resorting to the worst road, and as soon as they are successful, this path seems to be easy, and then in future, to make life easier for their work, resort to theft, deceit Sector must not be contained on the bad roads such as corruption, should be noted in good character building for children from starting if such.

3- The easy way is the path of life on which everyone wants to walk. Everyone wants it to get everything without much effort. In such a case, every person wants it to find an easy way to get something, for which it is also striving so that it does not have to work harder in life, but if people understand that there is no shortcut to success, then surely on corruption Can be overcome.

4- Economic inequality also promotes corruption in our country very much. The person who is rich is becoming more affluent and the poor who are poor are getting worse every day due to poverty and inflation. If our country's governments bring a plan for the welfare of everybody in which everyone gets equal financial freedom, then surely the gap between the rich poor will be reduced, then the poor and the rich will be sincere to their work honestly, then surely control corruption. can be found.

5 - Laws are required to run any country and the more lawful the country system, the more people can take advantage of the system made by their governments. If the right people of the system established by the government and everyone sincerely do their work, then surely corruption will not be the beginning, then the country will be happy and everybody will remain honest towards their national duties.

Apart from this, corruption can be overcome by many measures. It is just that every person is sincerely alert to his work.

If we really are all corruption free India. If the dream of Corruption Free India is to come true, then from now on we will be able to do all the situation, we will not leave the path of honesty and at the level of corruption will never promote corruption. If we have a bike without helmets, without bike papers, we will never run a bike, will not travel without ticket, like many things we will not do ourselves and others also understand Of course, it can definitely be small as an effort, but if by introducing such small small tasks can overcome corruption and make India a corruption free India and as we all know, no work is difficult It is necessary to try one, then you also try one thing.

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