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Essay on corruption (corruption essay)

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Getting some benefit from others using immoral methods is called corruption. This is a big factor in the development of the country and the individual. You can make your children aware about corruption in home and school with such essays.

Essay on corruption 1 (100 words)

Corruption is a poison that spreads to the minds of countrymen, sects, and the wrong people of society. It only destroys the resources of the common man for small will and improper advantage. It is related to the absence and misuse of its power and position by anyone, even if it is a government or non-government organization. The effect of this is on the nation as well as with the development of the person, and this is a major reason for disparity between society and communities. At the same time, it is also a hindrance to the progress and development of the nation in political, economic and social terms.

Essay 2 on corruption (150 words)

From corruption, the person uses the public property, power and power to get his self-satisfaction and personal self-interest. In this, attempts are made to get benefit by blowing up the rules of government rules. The root of corruption has become deeply entrenched in society and is constantly spreading. It is like a disease like cancer that will not end without treatment. It appears to be working as usual with money and gifts. Some people misuse others' money for their benefit. Workers in government and non-government offices are involved in corruption and can also go to any extent to fulfill their small needs.

Corruption Essay 3 (200 words)

We all are well aware of corruption and this is not new in our country. It has made its roots deep into the minds of the people. It has been a slow poison in the society since ancient times. It has been present since the time of the Mughal Empire and it is reaching its new height every day and on the scale of the masses, the mind of the people is dominating. In general, corruption in general is a greed that is corrupting the minds of the person and eliminating humanity and naturalism from the hearts of people.

There are many types of corruption that do not leave any area anymore, whether it is education, sports or politics. Because of this, people do not understand their responsibilities. Theft, dishonesty, waste of public property, exploitation, scandal, and immoral conduct etc. are all the same for corruption. Its root spreads in both developed and developing countries. For equality in society, there is a need to completely eradicate corruption from our country. We must be loyal to our responsibilities and not be caught in any kind of greed.

Essay 4 on corruption (250 words)

At present, 'corruption' has become like a disease spreading which appears on every side in the society. Those great leaders of India who have spent their entire lives in erasing corruption and social evils, but it is a shame that by ignoring the paths shown by them today, we run away from our responsibilities. Gradually, its penetration is increasing on the life of politics, business, government and the masses. Due to hunger of people's constant money, strength, rank and style of lifestyle, it is increasing day by day rather than decreasing.

For the sake of money we have forgotten our actual responsibility. We have to understand that money is not everything, and it does not even exist in one place. We can not keep it together for a lifetime, it will only give us greed and corruption. We should value our life based on value rather than based on money. It is true that a lot of money is needed to live a normal life, whereas this is not right for just selfishness and greed.

Essay on corruption (300 words)

As we all know that corruption is a very bad problem. This stops the development and progress of the country along with the person as well. It is a social evil that is playing with the human, social, economic and intellectual capacity. Because of the greed of terms, money and power, it is continuously deepening its roots. The power, power, position, and misuse of public resources for their personal satisfaction is corruption. According to sources, India's position in the case of corruption in the whole world is 85th.

Corruption is spread to the highest civil services, politics, business and other non-legal areas. India is famous for its democratic system in the world but it is harming it due to corruption. The most responsible for this is our politician who we vote with our expectations, during the elections, they also show us big dreams, but after the elections, they come in their true colors. We are sure that the day the politicians leave their greed, our country will be free from corruption on that day.

We should choose an honest and trustworthy leader like Patel and Shastri for our country because only those leaders have done the work of eliminating corruption in India. The youth of our country should also come forward to fight corruption and there is a need to take any concrete steps to curb rising corruption.

Essay on corruption 6 (400 words)

Corruption is a disease spreading in society, which has taken its roots in the minds of the evil people. Nobody is corrupted by birth, but gradually he gets accustomed to his wrong thinking and greed. If there is any problem, illness, etc., then we should face it with patience and trust and should not do bad things in the opposite circumstances also. Many lives are affected by one of the wrong steps. We are not alone on this earth, there are many more like us on this earth, so we should also think about others and should live with peace and happiness with positive thought.

In today's times, according to the rule-law, to bring awareness among the common man in the society with equality, the Indian government has provided many facilities for the poor. Whereas, government facilities are getting away from the reach of the poor because the officials are punching the facilities available to the poor by making alliances inside. To fill their pockets, they are cutting the belly of the poor.

There are many reasons for corruption in the society, in today's days, politicians make policy of their own benefits and not in national interest. They just want to make themselves famous, which will benefit them, they do not care about the interests and needs of the public. Today humanity is going to moral decline and social values ​​are getting worse. Corruption is spreading its power only due to this decline in trust and honesty.

The ability to bear corruption has increased among the general public. There is no strong public forum in the society to oppose it, illiteracy in rural areas, weak financial system, etc. are also responsible for corruption. The low pay scale of government employees leads them to corruption. The complex laws and procedures of the government take away people from government help. During the election, it is at its peak. Cunning leaders always get poor and illiterate in their cats and they get their votes after that.

Essay on corruption 7 (500 words)

Corruption is spreading not only in the country but also abroad. This is the fastest emerging issue in Indian society. Generally, its beginnings and propaganda starts with opportunity leaders who are hollowing the country for the sake of their personal interests. He is selling the country's property in the wrong hands, as well as the image of India in the foreign countries is getting tarnished.

It is destroying the old civilization and culture of India for its personal benefits. At present, those who follow good principles, the world considers them to be stupid and those who do wrong as well as make false promises are good for society. Whereas, the fact is that the maskers cheat straight, simple, and innocent people and dominate their mind too.

Corruption is increasing day by day because there is a nexus between officials, criminals and leaders who are weakening the country. India got independence in 1947 and it was gradually developing that in the meantime corruption spread in the middle and it stopped the growing India from being started. In India, one practice has become home to the minds of people that their work cannot be done without bribery in government and non-governmental organizations and due to this thinking the situation is going down.

The misconduct is everywhere, whether it is hospital, education, government office, no one is untouchable. Everything has been done. The money is being earned incorrectly. The educational institution is also in the waning of corruption, here money is taken to give students seats, whether their marks are worth it or not. Very poor students are also admitted to any college on the basis of money, due to this, good students are left behind and they have to be forced to read in the ordinary college.

In today's days, non-government jobs are proving better than government jobs. Private companies employ themselves on the basis of their ability, efficiency, technical knowledge and good marks, but for government jobs many bribes have to be given, such as for teachers, clerks, nurses, doctors etc. And the amount of bribe always increases on the basis of market value. So if you stay away from misconduct and live near virtue, then corruption will end automatically.

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