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Essay on Money

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Money is a very important source of life in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life, although it can not be compared with love and care. Both have their own importance and advantage. We are providing essays on money to participate in essay writing competition in simple and simple words here. Here we are making essay on money in simple Hindi language for the students so that any student of any class can easily understand them.

Essay on money 

Find various money essays in English language in different words limit (150, 200, 250, 300, 350, and 450 words).

Essay on wealth 1 (150 words)

Money is the most basic need of life, without which no one can meet the basic needs of its daily life. We can never compare the importance of wealth to the importance of love and care. When someone needs money, it can not be fulfilled with love and if someone needs love, then he can not be fulfilled with money. Both have great need for a healthy life, but both have different significance in life. We both have an urgent need, so we can not measure both of them at the same scale. We require all the resources of food, like - for eating food, drinking water or milk, watching TV, buying a newspaper, wearing clothes, to enter school, to get education Etc., to meet other requirements.

Essay 2 on wealth (200 words)

Money is the basic necessity of life, without which no one can imagine the life of a healthy and peaceful life. We need money to meet our smallest requirement. In modern times, when civilization is growing rapidly and following western culture, at such a time we need more money due to the rising value of things. In the first time, there was a custom in practice which was called the exchange system, in which in exchange for one object one received another object, however, now only the need for money to buy every item or thing in this modern world it occurs.

Importance of wealth is increasing day by day, because our lifestyle has become very expensive. In the importance of wealth, there has been a large increase in the area of ​​production, consumption, exchange, distribution, public revenue etc. It plays a very important role in determining income, employment, income-corporation, general value level, etc. If the scenario of the present time is seen, there is no doubt that, who has wealth, it is considered to be more civilized in the world. So wealth has displayed its importance in every aspect of life.


Essay 3 on wealth (250 words)

In such competitive society and the world, none of us can survive without money. We require funding to meet our basic needs, such as buying food, and other basic necessities of life, which are absolutely impossible to buy without money. Those people who are wealthy and have wealth in society, are considered respected and respected in the society, however, a poor person is seen with a view of hatred of no good spirit.

Money enhances man's dignity in the society and creates a good image of it. We all want to be rich by earning more money through all business, good jobs, good business, etc., so that we can meet the growing needs of modern times. However, very few people get the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming millionaires. Therefore, wealth is an object that holds significance throughout life. Money is needed for everyone, whether it is poor or rich and urban, or rural areas. People living in urban areas earn more money than people living in rural areas because people of urban areas are very easy to access the technology and they have more sources, which increase their ability to earn money. Due to this, people of rural areas are lagging behind in development and urban areas become more developed.

Essay on wealth 4 (300 words)

Money is a very important thing in life, however, it can not buy things like time, love and true care. It can only fulfill the external needs of one person, not the internal requirements like love. Nowadays, everything has become expensive but buying them is very essential for living a normal life. If we do not have money then how will our situation, no one can even imagine this truth? In the absence of money, the death of a person is certain and if his life is saved then he has to face many hardships. Money enables us to buy all the necessary things and helps us throughout our life. If we understand the importance of money in life then we will never spend or destroy wealth without any purpose. We can not compare wealth and love, because to live a successful life, we have a different need for both money and love.

In this competitive world, every person wants to do good studies with higher education from a well-known college or university to earn money by getting a good job. To meet the needs of all members of the family, a person needs to earn more money, especially for the person who is the only earning earner in the family. A person needs money for the needs of all the members of his family to eat, wear, and live. Rich persons have a special identity and fame in the society, however, poor people spend their lives in getting food for only two times in a day. All these changes and differences are only due to money.


Essay on wealth 5 (350 words)

Money is a very important thing for a human being to live satisfactorily in his life. Just as trees and animals are found in all places, we also need money everywhere. To live in society, we need money to maintain our position and status in society. We need a lot of money to eat or drink water, to wear clothes, to take school, to take medicine or to get treatment in the hospital or for other activities. Now the question arises, how can this essential money be obtained? For this, we have to do high-level studies and hard work so that we can get a good job or we open our own business, for which we need more skill and confidence.

First, due to more pressure of the rich people, poor conditions were very miserable. They did not help poor people and used them on very low wages just like their servants. However, now due to the implementation of new rules and regulations of the government, there has been some improvement in the situation of the poor, because the government has implemented equality rights to improve the condition of the poor. Now everyone gets equal opportunity to get higher education and get a good job. Many people think that money generates evil in the minds of people, though, I do not think so, because thinking is a verb of the human body, not money.

I understand and agree that wealth is a very important key to happiness, which has been given to us by God. It depends on the human brain, in what way does it take it? Some people use it only to satisfy their physical needs and they never take it with heart, although some people consider wealth as their own and they are willing to do anything to get the money. To get it, they can do any criminal act like murder, theft, robbery, corruption, bribe etc.

Essay on wealth 6 (400 words)

There is no doubt that money is very essential for our essential healthy life. Money is almost everything for us. To maintain high rank in society, it is very important. It is only money that can meet all the initial needs of our life, comforts and needs. If someone has wealth, then he can fulfill all his desires in his life, which will improve his personality, improve self confidence, increase credibility, increase qualifications, increase capacity and grow at a very large level in courage helps to. Without money, we feel unaffected and alone in this world, where no one is there to help and support us. In this present physical world, money is very important and powerful thing, without which no one can survive.

Nowadays, wrong people earn money by making bad money, corruption, bribery, illegal work, kidnapping, mischief of the rich people of society, etc., which deprive all the moral values ​​and ideals of humanity. The lazy people use the wrong methods of getting money because they feel that these are the easiest and easy ways to make money, although this is not true. In these ways, a person can get money in less time and effort, but not too long. Surely one day he will be destroyed in the coming time because he was walking on a wrong and weak path. Those people who earn money by following all the laws of humanity earn less money but, that money is used for a long time and they become highly respected people of the society.

Corrupt people hide their wealth in other countries, in the form of black money to hide from the general public, and put the money in to enhance those evil deeds or their physical comfort. Although, the common people of the society respect the people who make money through wrong methods because they are afraid of them. At the same time, they have a little bit of greed that if they flatter the people, they will also get some money. Such people are usually called brothers, brothers, grandfathers or donors. Money can neither buy nor stop time, nor can buy true love and care together, yet it is demanded by all, so that life can be pursued on the right path. It can not give time and love, although happiness, self-confidence, satisfaction, physical and mental peace certainly provide. Due to which there is ease in living life and every difficult problem can be solved.

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