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Essay on Talent Migration

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Talent migration is the term used for educating and talented individuals leaving their country and going to another country for better facilities. This happens in countries like India, where employment opportunities are not equal for the educated youth of the nation.

Talent escape is a saying or idiom that describes the leaving of highly educated and talented people. This is mainly the result of lack of good employment opportunities within a country. Whenever you need any articles related to talent migration, to help you with this topic, we have to provide essays on the talent migration of various lengths here. You can find here essay on talent migration in English language in different words limit like 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 words.

Essay on talent migration - 1 (200 words)

Going from one country to another, educated and talented people, leaving their country is known as Pratibha Palian. This is due to better job prospects in other countries than in your country. Apart from this, the situation of talent drain can also be seen at industrial or organizational levels, when there is a large scale escape from a company or industry, because other companies provide better pay and other benefits than other companies. Talent migration is a loss to the country, organization and industry because it takes away talented people.

The word talent migration is often used to describe the emigration of scientists, doctors, engineers and other high profile professionals such as the banking and finance sector. Leaving their country has a negative impact on the original place. In the case of geographical migration, in addition to the loss of expertise, consumer expenditure also has to be borne heavily in the country. Therefore, it can be a major loss to the country's economy.

Where geographical talent drain is due to better financial prospects and the standard of living in other countries, organizational talent drain is due to poor leadership, improper work pressure, low pay package and lack of professional development.


Essay on talent migration - 2 (300 words)


Talent escape refers to the large scale departure of experienced and talented people from a country, organization or industry. This causes a major problem for their place of origin because of this there is loss of talent, which has an impact on their financial condition. Due to various factors, many countries and organizations around the world are battling this serious issue.

Origin of the word talent escape

The word talent escape came into existence by the Royal Society. After the war, it was initially coined to refer to the large scale departure of scientists and technologists from North America from Europe. However, according to another source the word was first emerged in the United Kingdom and it came in reference to the arrival of Indian engineers and scientists. The genius of genius and the circulation of talent are other similar words.

Initially, the term was used for the employees of technology coming from another country, but over time it has become a general term that can be used by the talented and skilled persons of a country, industry or organization to sign up on a large scale , Is done for high standards of looking for jobs and living.

Talent migration is a common occurrence of developed countries

While some first world countries like the UK have experienced great talent, this phenomenon is common in developing countries like India and China. There are many factors that are responsible for the talent migration in these countries. Higher pay, better medical facilities, access to advanced technology, better standards and more stable political conditions are some that attract professionals towards developed countries.


Many countries around the world are facing the problem of talent migration and the governments of these countries are also taking measures to control it but the problem still remains. There is a need to make better plans to control this issue.

Essay on talent migration - 3 (400 words)


Talent migration is a broad term that is used to describe the settlement of talented and skilled persons from one country to another. The term is used for the large scale departure of skilled professionals from an industry or organization so that they get better pay and other benefits.

Types of talent migration

As the talent escape has been described above it occurs at three levels - geographical, organizational and industrial. Explore these different types of talent here in detail:

Geographical talent migration

In search of better pay jobs, highly talented and skilled people go to other countries to get away from the geographical talent. It has a negative impact on the economy and overall development of their country.

Organizational talent migration

The involvement of the highly talented, skilled and constructive employees of an organization by migrating to a large extent is called organizational talent migration. This makes the organization weak and competitiveness rises.

Industrial talent migration
It is the departure of an industry employee in search of better jobs in other industries. It distorts the balance of the work of industries where talent drains.

Factors of talent migration

There are various factors that cause talent migration at different levels. However these factors are almost the same. Here's a look at these categories:

Geographical talent migration

This usually happens due to the following reasons:

  • The unstable political conditions of a country
  • Reservation system (in India) which fails to give good job to qualified candidates and provides good job to most non-qualified people.
  • Less convenience
  • Lack of good job opportunities
  • Lack of good medical facilities
  • Organizational talent migration

This usually happens due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of good leadership and management in the organization
  • Scarcity of development
  • Less salary than market standards
  • Lack of promotion
  • Do not appreciate work
  • Work several hours continuously
  • Improper work pressure
  • People may have to find a job somewhere else due to rehabilitation at remote locations
  • Industrial talent migration

This usually happens due to the following reasons:

  • Low pay package
  • Low growth prospects
  • Inappropriate work load
  • Health related risks related to industries


The factors responsible for the escalation of talent have been clearly identified. Anything that needs to be done is to control them to overcome this issue. In addition to other things, there is a need to create a healthy work environment in order to create better job opportunities in the market, offering a pay package equal to one's skill and to avoid this issue.

Essay on talent migration - 4 (500 words)


Talent migration in search of better job prospects and increasing living standards is the process of talented individuals from other countries to other countries. These problems have increased very much these days. This is a disadvantage for the country because knowing of talented individuals has a negative impact on the economy. In many countries around the world, talented individuals can be seen from one country to another.

Countries suffering from talent migration

Where many countries of the world are suffering from the issue of talent extinction, the developed countries are also not safe from this. Here's a look at countries with key talent migration:

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom attracts many attractive immigrants each year with the proper package and high levels of life. Here the effect of talent migration can be seen clearly. For university degrees, many people have left their native country Britain in search of jobs in other parts of the world.


India's education system is considered very strong and produces extremely talented and intelligent young people. Whose demands are in the corner of the world. Indians get good packages with good levels of life in foreign countries and thus they leave their country.


Greece has recently been included in the list of countries dealing with the problem of talent migration. In 2008 the crisis of credit increased the issue rapidly. Most people of Greece travel to Germany every year.


Iran is known for religious dictatorship and political repression and has forced more than 4 million Iranian people to move to other countries. Research has shown that approximately 15,000 educated people leave Iran every year to settle in other parts of the world.


Civil war in Nigeria is one of the main reasons for talent migration in Nigeria. A large number of Nigerians are transferred to America every year in search of better job prospects and better quality of life.


Malaysia is also facing the problem of talent exodus because its neighboring country offers better salaries by examining Singapore talent.

Other countries like China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico and Jamaica also suffer from the problem of talent migration.

Impact of place of origin

Talent escapes are not only geographical, but transfers of large number of talented individuals from one organization to the other or from one industry to another is also known as talent migration. When a group of highly talented and skilled individuals leaves their country, organization or industry and transfers to someone else in search of better prospects, then this is a clear loss for their place of origin because it will affect the work is. In the case of geographical brilliance, going to doctors and engineers has a negative effect on the society completely.


Countries and organizations facing the problem of talent migration should analyze the factors responsible for this and work on improving the plans to avoid this problem. This will help in promoting your native place financially.

Essay on talent migration - 5 (600 words)


When a group of educated and talented professionals, especially doctors, engineers and financial sector, leave home and go to other countries to explore better employment opportunities, it is known as talent migration. This problem is quite common in developing countries like India. To join a company or industry from one another, the large scale exodus of employees is called talent migration.

India is very much affected by talent migration

Indians are illuminating the country by achieving excellence in different sectors and high-paid jobs in different parts of the world. They are known for being excellent in business and technology, and according to many reports, a large part of the United States's technology industry is Indian. Thus Indians have contributed primarily to the creation of American technology and have changed the economy too. If he had contributed half of it to India's development then the present state of the country would have been better.

The problem of talent migration in India is serious because the opportunities available here are not consistent with the quality of education. Some of the other factors include inappropriate reservation systems, high taxes and low levels of life.

Ways to control talent migration

It is also hard to deal with the talent migration that is happening at the geographical level as well as at the organizational level. So why not find ways to avoid this? Here are some ways to overcome the problem of geographic and organizational talent migration:

Reservation practice is closed

Talented young people in countries like India are suffering from quota system. Many ineligible people in the reserved category get high-paid jobs while the eligible candidates have to be satisfied with low-paid jobs. It is so natural for qualified individuals to move in different countries to find a job similar to their talents. It is the right time that the Government of India should end this biased quota system.

Merit became the only solution

In addition to the quota system, people are given priority even on the basis of their creed, caste and other things which have nothing to do with their job. Many people give jobs to people related to their community or city. All this should be stopped and a person should get a job based on his ability and ability.

Proper promotion

Many bosses prefer some of their employees to others. Many times it is seen that if an employee is working hard and doing a job well, he is not kept in mind while promoting him and the person who is interested in the boss gets promoted easily. Of course, But does not come true This causes dissatisfaction between employees and they seek better opportunities.

Leadership improvement

It is said that the employee does not leave the company, but he leaves his boss. Due to lack of good bosses and managers, the company has to suffer loss of many talented employees. People should be encouraged and rewarded for their work, and if it does not happen at the right time, they become frustrated and seek opportunities outside.

Pay package

The organization should be fair to decide salary packages, there should not be much change while talking about the salaries package of workers working at the same level. Apart from this, the salary package should be equivalent to the market standards, otherwise the employees will leave the job and go to the place where they will get a suitable package.


The way to promote the economy of developing countries like India is to control the problem of talent migration. People should take methods to control this problem seriously and should be implemented by government and organizations.

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