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Essay on Our Pet Dog

Feed by sandy Cat- Essay

We are making a lot of essay on the dog, in various word boundaries for the purpose of helping the students here. Nowadays, the essay writing and paragraph writing strategy is usually used by teachers to teach students about the knowledge and skills of students in school or college. All the essays available here are written by professional writers using simple words and easy sentences to meet the needs and needs of students in different word boundaries. Therefore, students can choose essay on any of these dogs. Here you can find the essay on dog in English language in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 words.

Essay on dog 1 (100 words)

The dog's scientific name is Canis Lupus Familiis. This is a domestic animal. It comes in the category of mammals because it gives birth to a puppy and breastfeeding like other mammals. Originally dogs are of breed of wolves. This is considered to be the first animal created by man. There are many breeds of dogs, which are used by humans as pets. Their nature is very helpful and it is considered as the best friend of man. These have proved to be loyal years before the human years. They understand the manner and nature of the person's speech (well). These can eat meat, vegetables, biscuits, milk, and other prepared food which are specially prepared for dogs. They follow their duties very well, this is the reason that these fire dogs, police dogs, assistant dogs, army dogs, hound dogs, messenger dogs, rescue dogs, shepherd dogs, etc. Used in


Essay 2 on dog (150 words)

The dog is a pet and has proved to be a very useful and obedient animal for humanity. It is found in many breeds all over the world. It is very cautious animal and very honestly fulfills its duties. It keeps sharp minds and shiny eyes It is an omnivorous animal that can eat the food produced by both plants and animals. It keeps pointy tooth for tearing flesh, even eating bones.

They can be easily taught and controlled through proper training. According to various breeds of dogs, some dogs have very large hair (fur) on the whole body or only on the neck. Typically, the dog's tail is teddy, spindle or bent and hairy. They are different in color, size, and weight. This is a very loyal animal and never cheats your boss. It takes care of the thieves 24 hours of your master's house. It is very friendly, however, being crazy becomes very dangerous.


Essay on dog 3 (200 words)

The dog is a famous domestic animal. It is very loyal and is also the most loyal friend of man. Wild dogs are very dangerous, although pet dogs are very friendly. They fulfill their duties very loyally, this is the reason why humans like it very much. People love its services very much. It is available in a variety of ways: some of them are Gray Hondo, Bull Dog, Blood Hands, Lap Dog, etc. It eats meat, however, it also eats from the plants generated from the plants, which is why it is called carnivorous as well as omnivorous. Its teeth are very sharp and sharp, which help in breaking the flesh. Some dogs keep a long tail, though some have a tail smaller.

Its thin and strong stitches help in running fast. Dogs usually vary in size, height, weight, color and behavior. Dogs eat a lot of things (mainly meat), however, a domestic and trained poultry can eat meat and live with vegetarian diet. European and wild dogs are very fond of eating meat and survive on meat. A pet dog can also eat common bread, bread, rice, and milk. Dogs are very useful in many areas; Like - in guard (security), police, army etc. Children like to play in the playground with dogs. Domestic dogs live as family members with families because they are very soon attached to all the members of the family due to their loyalty. Trained dogs are very loyal to their owner and do amazing things.

Essay on dog 4 (250 words)

The dog is a pet and is considered to be the best friend of man. A trained dog living with the family becomes the friend of everyone. It oversees the home, offices, and the person all day without asking anything. It is respected by its owner and can guess its presence with its smell. Dogs are of many types; Like - Bull Dog, Blood Hands, Gray Hoondes, Lap Dogg, etc. A dog has sharp and sharp teeth, so that it can eat meat very easily. It has four legs, two ears, two eyes, ank the tail, a mouth, and a nose. It is a very clever animal and has proved to be very useful in catching thieves and criminals. It is able to do so, because its hearing and sniffing ability are very powerful. People love this because of its great service.

Wild dogs are carnivores, although pet dogs can be omnivorous because they eat roti, rice, fish, meat etc. It is very intelligent and very loyal to your boss. Due to its intelligence, the police is used by the army to sniff the criminals and other investigations. Dogs can catch thieves and bandits very easily through smell (sniffing). A pet dog is treated like a family member and he is very loved. The pet dog has proved to be a very good friend and investigator. These are used by the Investigation Department as security agents to solve the problems. This is called a very clever animal because it can learn anything easily through proper training.


Essay on dog 5 (300 words)

The dog's scientific name is Canis Lupus familiris. It is found all over the world and is considered as the main animal and is kept as a domestic animal in the houses. Dogs can also be wild and are found in forests of Africa, Asia and Australia. Some dogs who are not petals and roam around in the street, they are called street dogs. Wild dogs are very rare in India; Like - Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, etc. and are like fox and wolves. The place where the dog lives, it is called the canal. Its child is called pappi, pop or pup. Dogs vary in colors, sizes, weight, and habits, depending on their type. Although it is a four-legged non-vegetarian animal, pet dog can also be omnivorous.

Some dogs are also found in cold regions like Greenland, Siberia. A female dog can give 3-6 puppies at one time. The female dog drinks milk to the puppies and takes care of it till it becomes self-sufficient. The life span of a dog is 12 to 15 years. The dog sleeps in the day, however, the night is active, that is why it is said to be the night beast. It removes a lot of sounds, which reflects its different fungi, such as screaming (hooves), gurana, barking etc. It runs very fast, due to which it is fully capable of catching thieves and criminals. Dogs are known as digitized animals, because they use their feet thumb while walking or running. They have their fully grown canine teeth to eat meat. Their sniffing and hearing ability are very good, due to which they are used to identify criminals in the police and the army. Its vision and power of understanding are intensified, thus it is called an intelligent animal. The sweet glands are found in its tongue, which helps keep itself cool by the gasping process.

Essay on dog 6 (400 words)

The dog is considered to be a pet and man's best friend. It gives a person full of love and honesty. It loves his boss very much and honors him and can go everywhere with him. It shows his love for the owner by shaking the tail in front of him and licking his hands or mouth. It helps your boss in many ways throughout life. It removes people's loneliness by giving them friendly support. It does not allow any unknown person to enter inside his house or touch any of the owner's touch. Whenever a stranger comes to the house, it starts to bark loudly.

Whenever a stranger or a thief ignores his bark or someone does mischief, he can also cut it. Some people are easily scared of it, though some are never afraid of it. Some people who keep a sheep sheep have dogs, because they are very useful to take care of sheep. They do not allow any wolf or fox near the sheep or attack. It is a very caring animal and can catch strangers, thieves and criminals, even if they are hidden anywhere. Dogs use their sniffing ability to find hidden thieves or criminals. Due to its self-consciousness and intelligence, its most used is to capture the blood and criminals by the police, army or other investigators department. It takes the policeman to the place where the murderer or the criminal is hidden.

It never leaves its owner, whether it is poor, beggar or wealthy. It very honestly follows all the orders of your boss. It is always careful in the service of your master, whether it is day or night. That is why, it is called a very lively animal. Its nature is very cautious and he takes action very quickly after listening to a very slow voice at night. It feels from the very distance through the presence of his master through his smell and gets ready to welcome his house. The dog's life span is very short, however, it lasts 12 to 15 years. The life span of the dog is different according to their size, like - the life of small dogs and the short life of the big dogs.

A female dog gives birth to puppies and drinks its milk, which is why dogs are kept in the mammals category. The dog is called a pop, pappi or pup and its house is called the canal. People in cold countries use dogs to draw sledge. Dogs are classified according to the service of the people; Such as guard dogs, herding dogs, hunting dogs, police dogs, traps dogs, search dogs etc.

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