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Essay on Globalization

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Nowadays, the subject given for writing essay in essay competition in schools and colleges for students is globalization or globalization. We are providing essays on Globalization (Globalization) for students in different word boundaries here. All globilization essays are written using very simple words. Dear students, you can choose any globalization or globalization essay according to your needs and requirements. Here you can find essays on globalization in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 350, and 500 words.

Essay 1 on Globalization (Globalization) (100 words)

Globalization or globalization is the process in which business, services or technologies are developed, developed and expanded throughout the world. It is to expand various businesses or businesses into the world market of the world. There is a need for international investment at a very large level for economic insensitivity across the world, to develop a large multinational business. For this, the interaction of businesses in the global market and internal self-sufficiency must also be increased. Over the last few decades, globalization or globalization has taken the form of technological advancement, which has resulted in easier travel, communication and business at the international level. On one hand, where globilization (globalization) has made people's access to technology easier, on the other hand, it has reduced competition opportunities by increasing the competition.

Essay 2 on Globilization (Globalization) (150 words)


Through globalization or globalization, the intensity of the markets is to create the availability of business and technology all over the world. Globalization has made a lot of changes in this whole world, where people are looking for good opportunities in other countries from other countries. For globalization of business or business, the company or business needs to change its business strategy. They have to do this kind of business without keeping a business in mind, so that they can be able to work in many countries.

Effects of globalization or globalization

Globalization affects a business and business in many ways. Globalization or globalization impacts on the world market is divided into two categories; Globalization or production globalization. Under the globalization of the market, its products or services are sold in other countries' markets, on the other hand, those products are sold at higher prices in the domestic market. To make our success easier for a company or business, it is very important that globalization of products or services in the international market be made very effective. Under the globalization of production, factories are established locally in a number of countries by a factory or company, and at the lower cost, work is done from the local people of the same country, which would make much profit compared to their home country. is.


Essay 3 on Globalization (Globalization) (200 words)

Globalization is to spread anything to the whole world. However, it is usually a globalization of products, business, technical, philosophy, business, business, company etc. It produces a successful internal contact in the market without country-boundary or time-limit. The most common and obvious example of globalization or globalization is the expansion of MacDonald's hotels all over the world. It is very successful because of its effective strategy in the markets all over the world, because it involves items in accordance with the likes of the people of that country in their description in each country. It can also be called internationalization, which is a mix of globalization or globalization and localization.

It is very difficult to ensure that globalization or globalization is beneficial for humanity or harmful. It is a matter of great confusion today. Even so, it is very difficult to ignore that globalization has created great opportunities for people all over the world. It has made a big difference in the life-style and level of people in the society. It provides many opportunities for developing countries or nations, which is very essential for such countries. If we look at it from a positivist perspective, it has eradicated regional diversity and established a well-known culture throughout the world. It is supported by communication technology and shows interactions and contacts between businesses, companies, government and people of different countries. Globalization (globalization) affects the traditions, culture, political system, economic development, lifestyle, prosperity etc. positively and negatively.

Essay 4 on Globalization (Globalization) (250 words)

Over the last few decades, globalization or globalization has been very fast, which has resulted in the increase in the economic, social, political and cultural reciprocity worldwide through the advancement of technical, telecommunication, traffic etc. It has affected human life both positive and negative. There is a need to improve its negative effects from time to time. Globalization (GLOBALIZATION) has affected the world economy in many positive ways. The incredible advancement of science and technology has provided amazing opportunities for business or business to easily expand to all safe borders.

Due to globalization (globilization), there has been an increase in the large scale of companies or factories. They have become more productive than ever and thus, creating a more competitive world. Competition in the quality of products, services, etc. is increasing. Successful companies of developed countries are establishing branches of their companies overseas, so that they get localization benefits through cheap labor and low wages. Such business activities are employed in developed countries or people of poor countries. Thus, they get an opportunity to move forward.

Along with the positive dimensions of globalization (Globalization), its negative effects are also not forgettable. The risk of having diseases of fatal diseases and contagious diseases has increased by means of transport from one country to another. In order to prevent the bad effects of globalization on human life, governments of all countries should have full control over globalization or globalization.

Essay 5 on Globalization (Globalization) (350 words)

Globalization or globalization is the process of spreading science, technology, business, etc. through the medium of traffic, communication and business in the whole world. Globalization (globilization) Almost all countries like in many ways; Social, economic, political and psychological influences too. Globalization or globalization is a type that indicates the fast and continuous reciprocity and integrity of countries in the field of business, business and technology. The effect of globalization (globalization) can be seen in tradition, environment, culture, security, lifestyles and ideas. There are many elements that affect globalization (Globilization) affecting and quick (very fast) all over the world.

The reason for the increase in globalization or globalization is the demand of people, free trade activities, acceptance of markets around the world, the inclusion of new technologies, the inclusion of new technologies in the field of science, research in science, etc. Globalization or globalization has many negative implications on the environment and produces many environmental issues; Such as water pollution, wild bloom, air pollution, soil pollution, pollution of water resources, changes in weather, loss of biodiversity etc. All the growing environmental issues need to be resolved through international efforts on an immediate basis, otherwise they can eliminate the existence of life on Earth in the future.

In order to prevent environmental harm, there is a need to spread globalization or globalization of environmental technologies and environmental awareness among people at large. In order to counter the negative effects of globalization, companies or factories need to adopt a technology that develop greenery, which can change the current environmental condition. Nevertheless, globalization (globalization) has helped to improve the environment in many ways (by reducing adverse effects on the environment, such as the use of mixed hybrid cars which use less oil) and education. There is a lot of help in promoting positive.

Apple's brand aims to create environmentally friendly products to reduce the negative effects of globalization or globalization and promote positive impact. The demand for ever increasing population is leading to Vanolmoolan which is the biggest environmental issue. So far, more than half the profitable forests or forests have been cut in the past years. Therefore, there is a need to create globalization (globalization) in order to control the negative effects of globalization (globalization).

Essay 6 (500 words) on Globalization (Globalization)


Globalization (Globalization) is the way to increase business for international players at international level, technological advancement, improve economy, etc. In this way, the producers or producers can sell their products or items without any obstacles all over the world. It provides profits to businessmen or traders because they get laborers in poor countries easily through poor globalization (globalization). It gives companies large-scale opportunities in the global market. It facilitates any country to invest in partnership, setting up of mixed factories, investing in equities, selling products or services of any country.

How Globalization or Globalization Works ?

Globalization helps to market the entire world as a market. Merchants grow the business area by treating the world as a global village. Prior to the 1990s, there was a restriction on import of certain products in India, which were already manufactured in India; Such as agricultural products, engineering goods, food items etc. However, in the 1990s, there was pressure for wealthy countries to spread their business in poor and developing countries on the World Trade Organization, World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Liberalization and globalization in India was started by the Federal Finance Minister (Manmohan Singh) in 1991.

After many years, due to globalization, major revolutions came in the Indian market, when many multinational brands, such as PepsiCo, KFC, Mac-Donald, IBM, Nokia, etc in India Sales of various wide quality products at affordable cost. All lead brands have demonstrated the real revolution of globalization or globalization, which has resulted in an increase in the increase in the industrialization and economy. Due to the throat cut competition in the market, cost of quality products reduced.

Globalization, globalization and liberalization of businesses in the Indian market has flooded quality foreign products, however, it has greatly influenced the local Indian market. As a result, poor and illiterate Indian workers got jobs Globalization is very beneficial for all consumers, however, it is very harmful for small scale Indian producers.

Positive Effects of Globalization

  • Globalization or globalization has linked Indian students and education sector to foreign universities through Indian universities, due to which there has been a major revolution in education sector.
  • Through the globalization or globalization, the health sector has also been affected, due to which general medicines, regular electrical health machines, etc. are available.
  • Globalization or globalization has affected the production in large part by bringing varieties of different varieties in the agricultural sector. However, it is not good for poor Indian farmers due to costly seeds and agricultural techniques.
  • It also includes business in the employment sector, such as; Small scale industries, arm factories, corpettes, jewelery and glass business etc. have brought revolution, at large scale.


Globalization (Globalization) has brought various quality products at affordable price and provided employment to developed countries as well as large population. However, it has increased competition, crime, anti-national activities, terrorism etc. Therefore, it brings some sorrow along with happiness.

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