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Essay on Female Feticide

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Female feticide is one of the most important topics in India, which can be given by school teachers to write a complete essay or one or two paragraphs during their exams. Essay writing and some paragraphs on female feticide were given here in India. All the essays and paragraphs given are available in very simple and different word boundaries. Which can be used by the student during any competing or school examination according to their need. Here you can find some essays on female Foeticide in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 words.

Essay on female feticide (100 words)

In the medical sector, in the medical sector, female feticide was promoted in India since the advent of technological advancement like parental determination. However, before this, in many parts of the country, the girls were killed immediately after birth. In Indian society, girls are considered as social and economic burdens, so they understand that it is better to kill them before birth. Nobody understands its negative aspect in the future. Female sex ratio is dropped at a large level compared to men (1 female on 8 men). Even in the next five years if we completely prohibit female feticide, it will not be easy to compensate.

Essay 2 on female feticide (150 words)

Only because the child born is a single girl, 18 months after pregnancy from the womb of pregnancy, removing the healthy bride's fetus is killing a female fetus. Parents and society consider a girl a burden on them and understand that girls are consumer while boys are productive. From ancient times, there are so many myths about girls that girls always take girls and boys always give. There have been many reasons for female feticide in society for years. However, it can be removed by a few steps taken in a regular manner:

There should be a strong policy regarding medical procedures.
Everyone should be in favor of removing gender tests and should be away from traditional education against girls in society.
Women should be empowered to deal with social evils like dowry practices.
All women should have a complaint registration system immediately.
To make the public aware, there should be a female feticide awareness awareness program.
After a definite interval, the status of women (in relation to women's death, sex ratio, illiteracy and participation in the economy) should be evaluated.

Essay 3 on female feticide (200 words)

Since ancient times, women are seen as a curse for their family and society in Indian society. For these reasons, the practice of female feticide has been going on for many years in India since the technological advancement. According to 2001 Census data, male and female ratio is 1000 to 927. A few years ago, almost all couples used gender determination checks to know the baby's penis before birth. And when a girl of sex was pregnant, it was definitely fixed.

In the early 1990's, the development of the center of gender determination was the development of ultrasound technology. People of Indian society were accustomed to continuously raising a child until the boy was killed by killing all the girls before the boy. In order to prevent population control and female feticide, the Indian government has made various rules and regulations against the practice of abortion after female feticide and gender determination check. The killing of girls by abortion is a crime in the whole country. If doctors are found to have sex test and abortion, especially if the girls are killed, then they will be criminals and their license is canceled. Spreading awareness about the importance of girls in society is a key weapon to get away with female feticide.

Essay 4 on female feticide (250 words)

What is female feticide?

After gender tests like ultrasound scan, the process of abortion is called female feticide in order to eliminate the fetus from the mother's womb before birth. Female fetus or any gender test is illegal in India. It is shameful for those parents who only want children, and for this, doctors also help in special abortion.

Due to female feticide

Female feticide has been going on for centuries, especially for families who want only boys. There is also a variety of religious, social, economic and emotional causes behind it. Now the time has changed so much though, various reasons and beliefs continue in some families today.

There are some main reasons for female feticide:

  • Usually parents avoid the girl because she has to pay a huge price in the form of dowry in the girl's marriage.
  • It is believed that girls are always consumer and boys are productive. The visitors understand that the boy will earn a lifetime for them and give them the attention, while the girl will get married and will go away.
  • It is a myth that in the future, the son will take the family name forward, while the girls move on to the husband's house.
  • Abhisavak and grandparents understand that having a son is the only honor, while being a girl is a matter of shame.
  • There is a pressure to give birth to a boy on the new daughter's family and for that reason, she is pressurized for gender tests and forcibly abortion is done as a girl.
  • One of the main reasons for understanding the burden of the girl is illiteracy, insecurity and poverty.
  • Technological advancement and significance in science has made it easier for parents.

Essay on female feticide 5 (300 words)


Due to being a girl, only female feticide is to be done to kill a female fetus in the womb before her time is over. According to the statistics, it has been found that in the year 1961, there were 100 females for 102.4 males, 100 females in 104.1 males, 100 females for 107.8 males in 2001, and 100 females for 108.8 males in 2011. It shows that the male ratio is growing regularly at all times.

With the advent of affordable ultrasound technology in India, female feticide had already begun in the early 1990's.

In India, the progress of ultrasound technology came in 1979, though its dispersion was very slow. But it started to spread widely in the year 2000. It has been estimated that since 1990, due to being a girl, more than 10 million female fetuses have been aborted. We can see that female feticide is being done by history and cultural background. In the past, people believe that the infant is superior to the child because he will also provide family labor in future as well as manual labor. The son is seen as the family property, whereas the daughter is considered as the responsibility.

Since ancient times, girls in Indian society are given less respect and respect than boys. In education, health, nutrition, sports, etc., they do not have access to like boys. To fight gender selective abortion, there is a lot of awareness among people. Satyamev Jayate, a well-known program run by Aamir Khan on TV, has done amazing work to increase awareness amongst the common people through its first part of "Daughters are precious". To address through the awareness program, there is a need for cultural intervention on this issue. In the context of girls rights, recent awareness programs such as Beti Bachao Beti Tekasan or Girls' Safety Campaign etc. have been created.

Essay on female feticide 6 (400 words)


Female feticide after pregnancy testing is done by female feticide. In order to fulfill the wishes of elderly members in the family to get only the first boy, the girl child is killed in the womb before birth. All these procedures are done by the family pressure, especially the people of the husband and in-laws. The general reason behind abortions is unplanned pregnancy, whereas female feticide is done by the family. In Indian society, the practice of killing unborn girls is centuries old.

People believe that the boys continue the family lineage, whereas they do not understand the simple fact that girls in the world can give birth to the child, boys are not.

The cause of female feticide

Due to some cultural and socio-economic policies, female feticide is an immoral act of old time. There are the following reasons for female feticide in Indian society:

  • The main reason for female feticide is the priority of the child on the girl child because the son is the main source of income while the girls are only in the form of a consumer. There is a misunderstanding in society that boys serve their favors while girls are non-alien money.
  • The old practice of dowry system is a major challenge in front of the parents in India, which is the main reason for girls to avoid being born.
  • The status of women in the male's Indian society is low.
  • The visitors believe that the son will lead his name in society while the girls are only meant to take over the house.
  • The second big reason in India for illegal gender testing and the end of girl child is the legal validity of abortion.
  • Technical advancement has also promoted female feticide.

Effective measures for control:

As we all know, female feticide is a crime and a social disaster for the future of women. We should pay attention to the reasons for female feticide in the Indian society and should be resolved by one by one on a regular basis. Due to gender discrimination, female feticide is mainly done. There should be legal screws to control it. All citizens of India should strictly adhere to the rules related to it. And if anyone is found wrong for this cruel crime, surely it should be punished. In case of the involvement of the physicians, they should cancel the license permanently. Prevention of illegal sex testing and abortion should specifically stop the marketing of medical equipment. Those parents who want to kill their daughter should be punished. Regular campaigns and seminars should be organized to make young couples aware. Women should be empowering so they can be more conscious of their rights.

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