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Essay on National Integration

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'National Integration' is a way to make people aware about the power of unity among people living in one country. It makes people aware about the need for national unity by bringing equality among people of different culture, race, caste and religion. We are making an essay on national integration in different age boundaries for children of different age groups and class students going to school here. They can use it in any school exam and other competitions. Here you can find essays on National Integration in easy English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 words.

Essay on National Integration 1 (100 words)

National integration is also called National Integration Day. Along with inequality among the people of the country, it is a positive aspect to reduce the discrimination of social culture and economics. It promotes unity among the people, community, community and people of the whole country to bring national unity in the country. This is not a single pressure by any power, but it urges people to make India a developed country. It is possible only by the unity and harmony of people. To increase their emotional connection, they should share their thoughts, values ​​and other issues. People should live and feel unity within diversity and identify their nation as a supreme power.

Essay 2 on National Integration (150 words)

National integration in India is of great importance to increase individual level development in this country and makes it a strong country. National Awakening Day and National Integration Week (i.e. Quami Ekta Week) from November 19 to November 25, to make people fully aware of this.

On 19th November (Birthday of India's first woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi) is celebrated every year as a program. The realization of the integration is to add different parts to make one.

India is a country where people of different religions, region, culture, tradition, race, caste, color and creed are together. Therefore, to create national integration, integration of people in India is necessary. If people of different religions and culture live together by unity, there will be no social or developmental problems. In India it is known as unity in diversity, although it is not correct but we (the youth of the country) make it possible.


Essay 3 on National Integration (200 words)

In India, on November 19th every year National Integration Day is seen as a very important social program. To spread awareness among the people about national integration, an entire week's program has also been implemented by the Indian government for annual viewing as National Integration Week from 19th to 25th November. India is a country known for its various cultures, traditions, races, religions, caste and creed but it can not be ignored that due to the diversity of people living here they still come to developing countries is. People living here think differently according to their culture and religion, which are a major reason to stop the development of individual and country.

India is famous for its unity in its diversity, but it is not right because people are not ready to accept another's idea for development. All here believe that their religion is the best and whatever they do is the best one. To prove itself good only for the sake of its own self, people of different races living here fight each other through physical, emotional, debate and discussion. Together with their country they never think together. He never thinks that the development of our country is possible only with personal growth and development.

Essay 4 on National Integration (250 words)

National integration is a process for bringing unity among people of different religions to create an identity of India in the form of "unity of the people". With the strength of co-ordination and unity, it is the only way to remove inequality and other social issues like diversity, racial discrimination etc. in the society. India is a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual country where people of different castes live together and speak different languages. They practice their practice and tradition according to their religion. There is not only diversity among the people of India, only religion, caste, creed, color and culture, but there is a diversity in thinking that is a big topic of unfair development in India.

There is a high degree of separation among the Indian people, which makes a bad scenario here with communal and other problems. Due to separation in India, we have faced many social problems like the partition of India in 1947, the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, riots among Hindus and Muslims etc. Obstacles to untouchability, obstruction of language, barrier to social status and other social barriers are taking us back. Many rules and regulations have been enforced by the Indian government to bring unity in diversity, although it is only human mind that can bring natural harmony among people.

Due to lack of national integration all social problems are emerging here. We all should understand the real meaning, purpose and need of this national integration. We should stay together and think together with the Indian government for all the laws and regulations of our country for the main development.


Essay 5 on National Integration (300 words)

India is a land where there are anti-people who believe in their unique culture and a diverse lifestyle. It is very clear that we need to understand the meaning of national integration in our lives and will have to accept everything to give our country an identity. People in India belong to different religions, caste, community, race and cultural group and have been living together for years. The cultural heritage of India has been enriched by diverse religion, caste and creed, which has put a mixed culture in front of it, although it is very clear that there is always lack of political unity in India.

Once in India, political unity was seen only when all of them together were compelled to leave the British in 1947. The British adopted a policy of sharing and rule here in many ways, however, in that it had failed later. National integration in India is encouraged by some points such as cultural unity, defensive continuity, constitution, art, literature, national economic problems, national flags, national anthem, national celebration and national symbol.

Despite being a different religion and caste, we must recognize that we are all one to build a strong and prosperous nation. We should understand the real meaning of unity in diversity in India. It does not mean that the nature of integrity should be here because of racial and cultural similarities. Rather it means that there is unity in spite of such a difference. India is counted as the second most populous nation in the world, where 1652 languages ​​are spoken and people of all major religions of the world live together here. In spite of all the differences, we should remain with each other in peace without any political and social contradictions. We should take the joy of unity in this great country where there is all variety to meet the purpose of national integration.

Essay on National Integration 6 (400 words)

There is a country of diversity in people, caste, religion, language, race etc. In India, however, unity is seen too often under the influence of common areas, history and freedom of struggle for freedom from the British rule. To rule India, the British adopted a policy of sharing and rule over here for many years. However, despite the different religions, caste, race, the unity of Indians has driven the British from here. But after Independence, separation took place, which divided India into India and Pakistan.

India is a land of various religious communities like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and Parsis. Here, national integration is possible only when all communities live together peacefully, appreciate each other's community, love and respect each other's culture and tradition. Every community should look peacefully on their fairs, festivals and other good days. With the help of each other, each community should share the happiness of religious lovers. Any religious community should not do anything bad that hurts another religion or prohibit it in that religion.

People of different religions speak different languages ​​like Hindi, English, Urdu, Uriya, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi etc. There should be equality between all religions and equal facilities for all caste students. National integration in India is an urgent need in modern times to bring equal equality and growth of all the communities in the country's development and equality among people of all breeds. The Indian government has formed a council of national integration in this hope that people living here will be able to cooperate with the objectives of all its programs.

An integral group of all the people living in the nation to make an identity is a national integration. National integration is a special mood that connects the nation with equal attention to religion, caste, language or background without paying attention. We should recognize Khad as an Indian, not as a person of a particular religion or caste. It is a rich country with heritage, although we can not say that there is absolutely unity in the people here. This will only be possible by spreading awareness among the youth of the country. As a youth, we are the future of the country, so we should understand our duties towards the country and take all necessary steps for national integration.

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