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The Indian Army

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Indian military system is one of the best in the world, in which the ability to win by limited resources is present. There are so many opportunities that when Indian soldiers do not care about their lives, they give a great introduction to their patriotism.

Blessed are the mothers of this country who gave birth to such heroic sons. Who offered his life for the country in his youth and offered his country's devotion to devotion. India-China war or India-Pakistan war, Kargil war, or cross-border warfare.

Essay on Indian Army

In all, Indian soldiers presented miracles of bravery. They are also limited by resources. This gives Indian Army the status of the best army in the world. If the resources are discussed and the army of the countries of Europe can be compared with the Indian Army's resources, then our Navy Army lacks state-of-the-art resources.

But even after the lack of resources, the Indian Army is superior in combating any army in the world, which is only possible on the strength of the amazing courage of the Indian Army. All this is possible, even on their patience, who have been away from home and away from home and abroad and have not been able to do so.

It is a mischief of the Indian Army's discipline. The executives of this country should consider the seriousness of Indian soldiers and understand the pain of Indian soldiers, how painful it is to stay away from family and friends. Any concrete step should be taken to resolve this serious problem so that Indian soldiers do not have to suffer the pain of staying away from the family. Indian soldiers are true servants of the country and patriots who take hundreds of hardships to keep this country safe.

They safeguard the country's protectors, they protect the dignity of the country, they safeguard the limits of this country, they keep the citizens of this country safe, they protect the youth power of this country They safeguard the intellectuals of this country, but what all those people give in return to the soldiers of this country.

No one has ever thought about it, all these people can not be secured to the military families of the country. One, the soldiers who keep all this country safe, and on the other hand, all those citizens who live within the boundaries of this country can not even secure those military families whose jabab brave protects the whole country. It can be said to be lacking in the system or the will power of citizens.

Here the Indian system is guilty, and even after three and a half years of independence, it has been unable to provide special facilities for Indian soldiers. In making such arrangements for those who have been unable to show that Indian soldiers are shown to be the border of the country and not the border of their home family.

Every soldier should be given a system to keep a family on the border when the Indian military officers can live with their family everywhere. So why are not Indian soldiers? Even in this era of modernity, when the technology is at its highest peak, Indian soldiers are very fond of high tech and are only performing their duties on the strength of their patience and courage.

Otherwise, the picture of the Indian Army would be something else, for which the Indian system, which is guilty, can not provide adequate technical facilities to its defenders. Apart from this, the facilities which should be provided to the families of Indian soldiers, so that the soldiers can realize themselves separately from the civil families.

The fundamental facilities are not being realized by the Sainik families as the result is that if some exceptions are left in the present time, then no youth is taking interest in recruiting the army. This is the reason that in present time the army There is a shortage of thousands of officers and millions of soldiers.

After which the dazzling life of the private sector and good pay package is also preventing youth from joining the army. In this race of modernity young people are reading the lesson of love and are reading the text of wealth love. That's why the youth's inclination is not in recruitment to the army.

If this is the case then there will be a great reduction of officers and soldiers in the army. For which the Indian system, which is somewhat guilty, has failed to attract youth towards the army. The ability of qualified and talented youth is not against the army, but on the dazzle of the private sector, one is the attractive salary package, the other physical pleasure facilities, the Indian Preventing the youth from going to the army.

If the Indian strategist thinks of this serious matter, he will surely find a solution to the problem. When the Indian youth will not see any difference in the comfort of the army and the private sector and they will understand the importance of the army.

At the same time, Indian soldiers will get specific status in the society and the country, then there will definitely be a change in the attitude of Indian youth and changes in attitude towards the recruitment of Indian youth in the Indian Army will further strengthen the importance of the Indian Army.

The Indian Army is one of the best forces in the world and there is no need to tell this superiority because when the Indian Army has the opportunity to prove its superiority, it is the lack of resources or the lack of modern weapons or the lack of wages Without provocation, he proved his superiority, which proves that the Indian army is capable of winning the battle in the opposite circumstances. Sir has come.

When the Indian Army introduced its courage and bravery to dust the enemy, whether it be an enemy who has strong hold on the hills of Kargil, or occupied the holy place of our holy place, whom the Indian army has destroyed in its indomitable By introducing courage and bravery, the head of the whole of India proudly elevated.

The patriotism which is found in Indian soldiers who see discipline is rarely in the army of any country in the world. When Indian soldiers wear uniforms of the army, a different kind of spirit is awakened inside it, which says that unless this uniform remains on its body, it will not leave any stone unturned to eliminate the enemies of your country.

For this, even if he has to put a stake in his life, he will not be left behind by fighting his life. This is the fate of Indian soldiers for our country to offer life. Only then are we part of the Indian Army's power, and we undoubtedly say that the Indian Army is one of the best forces in the world.

Indian soldiers barely spend a month or two with their families and spend ten to eleven months to protect their homeland. There is hardly any army in the world who could spend so much time away from their family.

If you talk about the discipline of Indian soldiers, you will not get any exception, when any Indian soldier disciplined discipline, all these qualities prove the superiority of the Indian Army, then only in India, the private sector of retired soldiers and other government departments There is a lot of inventory which is due to the superiority of Indian soldiers, otherwise why would anyone ask a good person for the retired person?

Indian soldiers are considered as ideal for courage, bravery and honesty and discipline for all Indian citizens. Nobody can question the integrity of Indian soldiers. If there are some exceptions left in respect to Indian Army officers.

Which is the morale of the Indian Army, which are exceptions, in which the Indian Army officers violate the ideals by exaggerating their ideals and tarnish the Indian Army due to greed. Whether it is dry land or Mumbai's Ideal Sesi scam, in which the names of Indian military officers came in, the stains of the Indian Army have been stained, which can hardly be washed away even after the reports came true.

Because the Indian army is being spotless for the present time, but some occasions came when Indian soldiers proudly lifted the heads of foreign countries proudly, but Indian army officers became disillusioned by the Indian army, not only Indian army but also embarrassed this country. Otherwise, the image of the Indian Army is unmistakable.

It has been an example for other countries of the world that the Indian who is a country of different beings and different cultures, where the effect of regionalism is seen in the politics of this, even then till today, India is seen as an unbreakable country in front of the world While in neighboring countries, the influence of the army is seen in the politics of that country.

From time to time, the commanders of the army have established a military rule by overthrowing democratic governments, but India is the only country in the world where most disciplined army is present. It has nothing to do with Indian politics; otherwise, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar is a country where the military officers influence politics there and keep on striving to capture the power of the country itself. It is not that there is no political ambition of military officers in India.

Indian military officers also have political ambitions, but Indian political situations are not conducive to those military officers who hold political ambitions during service in the army. Yes, it is certain that Indian Army officers fulfill their political ambitions after the retirement of the army, this system is enough to discipline the Indian Army.

At that time, the Indian army did not have any excuse for its demands till three and a half years of independence. How much wages they get, how many amenities they get, no one has mentioned it. Because the Indian soldier dresses uniformly in the uniform of patriotism, and does not have the feeling that how much money he gets, how much facilities he gets.

He only acts as a disciplined soldier, who is taking advantage of his loyalty to his country. Only after the thirty years of independence of the Indian soldiers, there are facilities which should have been received three and a half years from now, when the executives of the Indian system take advantage of the discipline of the Indian Army. For which the culprit is the architect of the Indian system which only looks towards them, so that they have to take something or they ask for their rights which they have to give them firmly.

Because the Indian strategists know that the Indian army is a disciplined army and it does not matter whether you give it or not, because it is in the category of indiscipline for the Indian Army, and the advantage of this ideality raises the image of the Indian system. In the meantime, even today after three and a half years, Indian soldiers are missing out on the technical pleasure facilities and other physical amenities, which are much earlier than today. Second was the soldiers should get.

But unfortunately, this country's fault has been proved by Indian architects of the Indian system that even today, in the absence of modern technological facilities, Indian Army has proved its superiority, which indicates that Indian soldiers are now able to perform best in the absence, only then many On the occasions, the Indian Army has strengthened its superiority.

The questionable question here is for the executives of the Indian system, how long will the Indian military system continue to run on the old scale. To improve, we need to seriously think about how we make the Indian Army the modern army of the world and stop the Indian youthful talent towards the private sector and strengthen the Indian military capability so that we can Can prove the status of the best army in the world.

Now the time has come when the executives of the Indian system have to seriously consider the modernization of the Indian Army, then it will be good for the Indian soldiers and the good of the Indian soldiers will be good for the Indian Army.

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