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Essay on Intolerance

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To help the students, we are making available some essay below on the intolerance of the various words. Today the essay and paragraph writing are used in schools and colleges as a general strategy by teachers. Those teachers help in enhancing the skills and knowledge of the student about any subject. All the essays available here are written in very simple and simple sentences. From which students can choose from the essays given below as per their need and requirement. Here you can find below some essays on Intolerance in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 words.

Essay on intolerance 1 (100 words)

Intolerance is reluctance to accept the beliefs, practices and practices of a person related to any other caste, religion and tradition. It gives rise to hatred, crime and discrimination at a higher level in the society. It gives birth to the right to refuse any person's heart and mind. It does not allow people to live unity, without discrimination, freedom and other social rights. In the society, intolerance is born through caste, culture, sex, religion and other unmanageable works.

Essay 2 on intolerance (150 words)

Intolerance is to refuse to acknowledge, admire and respect people's beliefs, practices or ideas of any other religion, race or group of traditions. Jews and Filipinos of Israel are the best example of high level intolerance due to various issues of their identity, self-determination, security, separate state etc. Intolerance between them has steadily turned into violence. On the other hand, tolerance is those qualities which promote unity in society even after diversity. These believe in the principles of jee and jeevan ji, even if the person is not supposed to follow any religion, caste or custom.

Intolerance does not allow any person other than their religion, race or nationality to believe, imitate and promote another religion, race or nationality. According to William Yuri's article, "Tolerance not only allows one to live with each other or is indifferent in the case of injustice, but shows honor and necessary humanity for every person."

Essay on intolerance 3 (200 words)

Tolerance is considered to be a good quality of a person and it is also very necessary for the creation of a society. Whereas, intolerance leads to destruction of a person or society towards destruction. If we look at history and mythology, then we will look at the terrible acts of asynchronousness. People can not tolerate the importance of their closeness in the eyes of an ordinary person like an effective person, which encourages the feeling of irritation. The work of another historical intolerance was done by Aurangzeb, who killed many Hindu people under the feet of elephants, by which they developed intolerance against Hindutva etc. Some people fight each other because they can not tolerate each other's behaviors, beliefs and practices. An intolerant person is unable to make the right decision for a person because he does not listen to anyone else's ideas because of being intolerant.

Intolerance is a misdemeanor, which leads a person, society, or country towards growth (escalation). On the other hand, the tolerant person lives in equality with the people of different caste, religion, ideas and practices. Tolerance is the power that makes the person eligible for justice by listening and understanding of different thoughts of others. Democratic countries keep tolerance as an essential quality. Being tolerant, it helps in tolerating bad conditions in the surrounding areas. The habit of tolerance is the personal culture of every citizen of India. Tolerance is an essential quality of painless life. India is a democratic and developing country, where the habit of tolerance develops through the guidance of its elders from its infancy, it is rare to see intolerance in India.

Essay 4 on intolerance (250 words)


Intolerance is usually the condition in which no other religion, caste or culture is different from its religions and practices, and does not accept the practices and beliefs. Participants participating in the Multiculturalism Conference held in the United Nations were asked, "How do we become tolerant for those who are intolerant to us?" Tolerance in certain circumstances is not correct, however, it does not mean that any one of the worst situations Build environments of intolerance Tolerance is an integral quality of those people who are connected with each other respectfully and wisely, despite the different groups. These people help different groups to solve their differences.

What is intolerance in India?

We can not say that there are intolerance in India, these countries are the most accurate examples of "unity in diversity". These are their unique qualities that are rapidly developing nations due to the unity of diversity. These are the countries where people of different caste, creed, religion, custom, culture, tradition and custom are living without any discrimination from the years. They celebrate their festivals and fairs without any other group interference with great enthusiasm. They are the religions, customs, beliefs of each other. Keep the right understanding of belief and practice. Citizens of India possess the qualities of tolerance, which gives them the ability to live and live.

A statement by Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan, was very amazed at everyone for the growing environment of intolerance in India because they made very serious comments on an unfortunate event. India is a country where no one can blame that people are encouraging intolerance because they have full understanding of each other's religions and practices.

How do intolerance affect society?

Intolerance (mainly religious intolerance) separates people living in society and acts as dividing the nation. They create disparity between the people of different castes, religions, beliefs and practices in the society. By making an unbelief against each other, the neighbor turns against the neighbor.

Essay 5 on intolerance (300 words)


The intolerance situation is found in people of different groups due to economic slowdown and changes in the political situation. In this situation, people feel tired to bear these changes around them. They harm all of them badly, especially the nation. The countries in which intolerance exists, they are home to discrimination, oppression, inhumanity and violence.
What is intolerance?

There is separation from intolerance unity which creates the status of disputes between dislikes, denials and people. At the same time tolerance promotes unity in diversity (India is the most appropriate example). Tolerance is the ability which develops a positive attitude towards those people who have different religions, practices, opinions and nationalism in the minds of people. Intolerance is a condition of failure that inspires people to dislike the beliefs, beliefs and traditions of people related to the other group. For example, a high level of intolerance exists between the Jews and the Palestinians in Israel. In intolerance society, inter-group gives birth to violence.

Due to intolerance in Indian society

Intolerance in society is born for many reasons. Generally religious intolerance is born in society, which divides the nation. This creates the condition of neighbors' mutual war against neighbors. Intolerance can arise due to the absence of their own experiences generated among individuals. Generally, they make their opinions based on each other's beliefs, which are very easily influenced by the positive and negative beliefs of their closest or most influential people.

Personal attitudes towards another person in different groups can also be influenced very easily by his / her images in the media. Bad teaching system based on myths also creates barbarians against other culture instead of motivating students to various religions living in the society. Tolerance is those qualities that inspire people to live happily and obey the principle of letting Gezi and others live.

Essay on intolerance 6 (400 words)


Intolerance is a situation that refuses to accept the views, beliefs, beliefs and practices of any other religion, community people. Increasing intolerance in society forces the different groups to separate apart by creating a sense of denial. The best example of intolerance in society is the separation between Black and White South Africa in South Africa. Between these two groups there is a lot of social distance, which gives birth to discontent and hostility.

About intolerance

Intolerance is terrible and rejected properties which must be suppressed for the upliftment of society. It destroys the people of various groups against each other and the ability to develop the country. People living in an intolerant society can also launch a deadly attack to demonstrate their rejection of the ideas, behaviors, practices and beliefs of people related to other communities. Intolerance can be religious, ethnic or any other type, however, in every way hinders the growth and development of the nation. These are an international problem due to differences in religious, cultural, traditions, customs and people's views. This is the main reason for the war between people or nations. The better education system, the development of tolerance and better use of agreements etc. can be solved to a great extent.

Intolerant people can never accept anyone who has been the main issue in the whole world since ancient times. Intolerance makes people angry and violent against each other (people of various religions and castes). Good education methods teach them to control intolerance. Tolerance should be taught to take into account the children's school life. They should also teach to accept diversity in the society.

Effects of intolerance

Intolerance is a matter of concern for the people, society and the nation because it gives rise to violence among people of different communities. This leads to the boycott of the society for those people who are related to different communities, such as Muslims in the non-Muslim community are boycotted and vice versa. Intolerance narrowens the mind of a person and prevents him from accepting the positive reforms needed for the development of society and the nation. They possess a very high level of destructive power and it is very dangerous for the nation in which it exists. Therefore, it should be prevented from growing in any country, society and community.

How to compromise with intolerance?

Should tolerate tolerance among people and discourage intolerance. Tolerance should be promoted through several experiments. Intimate inter-group contacts increase personal experience of each other and reduce intolerance. Intimate inter-group contact should be continued to make contact effective and useful. The negotiation mechanism can also be effective for increasing communication on both sides. It helps people to express their needs and interests. Media should also select positive images to promote tolerance and understanding of cultural sensitivity. Education is the best way to promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence in society. Students should be given a tolerant atmosphere in school so that they can respect different cultures and understand them. Students can develop a better cultural understanding in a tolerant environment.

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