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Essay on Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

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Women are a very important part of society and on page, they participate equally in every aspect of life. However, due to atrocities against women in India, there has been a decline in the gender ratio of women, which is causing women's fears to be born. Therefore, in order to protect the gender ratio of women in India, it is very essential to save the girl. This is a very important topic of social awareness in Indian society which Indian youth should know. To enhance the knowledge and writing skills of the students, teachers can give a full essay on the class or article or topic during the exam or during the event of competition. The following essays are specially written on the topic of Save the Children for students. They can save any daughter to essay as per their need and requirement. Here you can find some essay on save children in English, 100, 150, 200, 400, 450 and 500 words for the students.

Save Daughter Essay 1 (100 words)

In order to maintain social balance, girls in society are also important as boys. A few years ago, there was a sharp decline in the number of women compared to men. This was due to the increase in crimes against women: murder for women's discrimination, dowry, rape, poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination etc. To be equal to the number of women in the society, people should be aware of saving the girl. On a large scale, the Government of India has taken some positive steps in relation to the safety of girls: Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act of 2005, Prevention of child sexual abuse, immoral trafficking (Prevention) Act, proper education, gender equality etc.

Save the Daughter Essay 2 (150 words)

To improve the overall social and economic level of women, focus on caring for the children of India on 'Beti Bachao'. The Center or the State Government introduced some of the following initiatives regarding daughter Bachao:

  • In order to save the girl, the Delhi and Haryana government implemented the Ladli scheme in 2008. The aim of this scheme was to improve the condition of girls in the form of education, gender equality and prevention of women's discrimination.
  • For the purpose of empowering girls through education, the Ministry of Women and Child Development launched the Sabla scheme in 2011.
  • After birth, registration and vaccination, in 2008, the Ministry of Women and Child Development initiated the Dhanalekshmi Scheme, under which cash transfers could be provided to the girl's family.
  • For the purpose of improving the nutrition and health status of the teenager, the Ministry of Women and Child Development initiated the Kishori Shakti Yojana.
  • The Sukanya Samriddhi scheme was started to ensure the equal share of a girl in the family.
  • Read daughter's studies (i.e. teaching girls and teaching girls) This scheme started in 2015 for the welfare of women.

Save daughter essay 3 (200 words)

Nowadays, the topic of saving daughter girls across the country is a matter of very important social awareness. Several effective measures have been taken to save girls so that they can be saved to a great extent. There is a large part of poverty in society, which is a major cause of illiteracy and gender inequality in Indian society. In addition to reducing education, poverty and gender discrimination, there is an important element in improving the status of girls and women in Indian society. According to statistics, it has been found that female literacy in Orissa is continuously falling, where there is no equal access to girls education and other activities.

Education is deeply linked to employment. Less education means less employment which leads to poverty and gender inequality in society. Education is a very effective step to improve the condition of women because it makes them financially self-sufficient. In order to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women in the society, the government has taken the girl child action. Bollywood actress (Parineeti Chopra) has been made the official brand ambassador of Prime Minister's latest scheme "Beti Bachao" (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao).

Save the Daughter Essay 4 (400 words)


For years girls are suffering from various types of crimes in India. The most horrific crime is female discrimination, in which girls are killed in pregnancy after ultrasound through gender tests. To prevent gender-selective abortions of women's fetus and other crimes against girls, the daughter-in-law campaign has been started by the government.

Infant ratio of female feticide: Impact on infant ratio

Female feticide by abortion is a very dangerous act after being sexually transmitted in hospital (hospitals). This has evolved among the people of India due to more desire than boys in boys. In India, the female child sex ratio has decreased substantially. This is possible only due to ultrasound technology in the country. Due to gender discrimination and inequality for girls, it has taken the form of a big monster (monster). After the 1991 National Census, there was significant reduction in female sex ratio. After this, after the 2001 census it was declared as a deteriorating problem of society. However, the reduction in female population continued even till 2011. Later on, this practice was strictly prohibited by the government to control the proportion of female infants. In 2001, this ratio was 932 girls / 1000 boys in Madhya Pradesh, although in 2011 there was a decrease of 912/1000. This means that it is still in progress and by 2021 it can be reduced to 900/1000.

Role of Beti Bachao Dutta Awareness Campaign

Save the daughter, teach the daughter is a plan, which means saving the girl and educating her. This scheme was started on January 22, 2015 by the Government of India to create awareness for girl child and to improve the welfare of women. These campaigns were launched to make more people aware of society by organizing some activities like big campaigns, wall writing, TV ads, billboards, short animations, video films, essay writing, debates, etc. These campaigns are supported by many government and non-governmental organizations in India. This scheme will improve the level of girls in Indian society, as well as play an important role in spreading awareness about girl safety in the country.


All the people of India and every citizen should follow the rules and laws of saving the girl child and improving their level of society. Girls should behave as boys by their parents and they should provide equal opportunities in all areas.

Save the Daughter Essay 5 (450 words)


The status of girls in Indian society has long been a subject of controversy. Usually since ancient times, it is believed that girls are involved in cooking and playing with doll while boys are involved in education and other physical activities. Such old beliefs of the people prompted them to do violence against women, so that they gradually reduced the number of girls in society. Therefore, there is a great need to save girls to ensure the development of the country, while the gender ratio of both (women and men) is assessed.

Take effective steps in relation to girls or girls save

Several effective steps have been taken in the context of Beti Bachao:

  • In Indian society, due to the desire for the birth of a boy by the parents, in many years, the situation of women has lagged behind. It creates gender inequality in society and is very important to remove gender equality and to remove it.
  • Abundant extreme poverty in society has given rise to a social evil such as the dowry system, which has made women worse than the situation (very bad). Generally parents think that girls only spend rupees, due to which they give girls many methods (births for pre-birth or childbirth, killing for killing, killing for killing) to save girls or women. Problems need to be eliminated from society soon
  • Illiteracy is another issue which can be overcome by giving proper education to both sexes (boys and girls).
  • Empowerment of women is a very effective tool to save the lives of girls.
  • In respect of saving daughters, people should be educated through some influential campaign.
  • A girl is inherent in her mother's womb as well as outdoors. During life, she is fearful through many mothers who gave birth to them. The person who gave birth to it governs the person who is very humorous and embarrassing for us. Education is the biggest revolution in saving girls and building their respect.
  • A girl should have equal access and opportunity in each area.
  • Girls should be protected and protected in all public places.
  • A girl's family member may have a better goal to make the Girl Child campaign successful.


Beti Bachao Abhiyan should not take people as a subject, it is a social awareness problem which should be taken seriously. People should save and respect girls because they have the power to create the whole world. This is equally important for the development and development of any country.

Save daughter essay 6 (500 words)


Humanity's existence on earth is impossible without the equal participation of both man and woman. Both are equally responsible for the development of any country, along with the existence of mankind on earth. However, there is no doubt that women are more important than men, because without them we can not think about the continuity of mankind as it gives birth to a man. The girl should not be killed, she should follow the security, honor and equal opportunities. It is a source of help and creativity in the creation of the fate of civilization. However, women are suffering from female feticide, rape, sexual harassment, dowry etc. for their pregnant civilization. How embarrassing it is!

Why the doughter saves the campaign

In society, a child should be saved for various reasons:

  • He is less capable than boys in any field and gives his best.
  • Female discrimination is an illegal offense since 1961 and has been banned to prevent abortion after the election of gender tests. People should strictly follow all the rules to save girls.
  • Girls have proved to be more obedient, less violent and arrogant than boys
  • He has proved to be more responsible for his family, job, society or country.
  • He is more concerned about his parents and his actions.
  • A woman is a mother, wife, daughter, sister etc. Everyone should think that his wife is the daughter of another person and in the future his daughter will be someone else's wife. That's why everyone should respect every kind of women.
  • A girl is loyal to her responsibilities as well as her professional responsibilities, which makes it more special than boys.
  • Girls are the ultimate cause of human existence

Steps taken by the government to save girls

Several steps have been taken by the government to save and educate girls. The most recent initiative about this is BT Bachi Beti Techa, which is very actively supported by the government, NGOs, corporate groups and human rights activists and NGOs. With the construction of toilets in women's schools, many social organizations have helped in the campaign. Crime against girls and women in the way of development and development in India is a major obstacle. However, in government hospitals, the government has set up gender determination, scan testing, amnion, etc., to prevent people from imposing ultrasound in order to tell people that there is no crime in girls society, female feticide, major issues One of them, though God has given them a beautiful gift


A daughter should not be hated, killed or humiliated. They should be respected and loved for society and for the good of the country. He is equally a partner in the development of the country like boys.

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