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Essay on caste system

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Caste system is a social evil which has existed in the Indian society since ancient times. People have been criticizing it for years but still the caste system has strengthened its hold on the social and political system of our country. There has been some social evil in Indian society for centuries and caste system is one of them. However, in the concept of caste system there have been some changes during this period and its faith was not the first conservative, but despite this, it still affects the religious, social and political life of the people. Country. Here there are some simple but informative essays of different word boundaries on the topic of caste system in India, so that you can perform better in your class. Here you can find some essays on cast system in easy English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay on caste system in India (100 words)

Caste system in India is prevalent since ancient times and its concept has been developed in various ways by people sitting in power from the century. In particular, major changes were made in this system during the Mughal rule and British rule. Despite this, people still behave differently in the society on the basis of caste. Characters and Castes - There are two different concepts in the basic form of social order.

Character four broad social divisions- Brahmin (teacher / priest), Kshatriyya (king / warrior), Vaishya (business class) and Shudra (laborers / servants) are gradually born in an incomplete state and say on the basis of birth , Caste separated. Generally it was decided according to the business or community of the people, but today it has become hereditary.

Essay 2 on caste system in India (150 words)

India has been trapped in the net of the caste system for centuries. These systems have been collected since ancient times, however, the situation has changed over time. The rulers of medieval, pre-modern and modern India strengthened it according to their convenience, given the respect of high castes and low caste people, they have been treated with a sense of contempt.

In today's times, caste system has become the basis for reservation to get education in India and get a job.

In India there are two different concepts, castes and castes in social order. According to the character system, there are four class castes - Brahmin, Kshatriyya, Vaishya and Shudra caste are determined by the birth of a person from the other side. Castes come in thousands, which are usually determined by the traditional profession of a community.

Essay on caste system in India 3 (200 words)

Caste system has begun in India since ancient times. There are two different views of the origins of caste system in the country. These are mainly based on either socio-economic factors or conceptual factors.

According to the first approach, caste system was divided into four characters. This perspective was particularly prevalent in British colonial era scholars centuries ago. This idea system divides people into four classes Brahmin (teacher / priest), Kshatriya (king / warrior), Vaishya (businessman) and Shudra (workers / workers) on the basis of their class.

According to the second thinking methodology, this division was based on socio-economic factors and this system lies in the history of India's political, economic and objective. This approach was prevalent among scholars of the colonial era. According to this thought method, people's race was determined according to the traditional functions of their community.

Overall, caste system has a strong hold in India, which is still similar today. Today, this system has become the basis for reservation in education and jobs. For political reasons, castes play their role in the formation of a vote bank for different parties; At the same time, the reservation system on the basis of caste in the country is still intact.

Essay on caste system in India 4 (250 words)

Caste system in India divided the people into four separate categories - Brahmin, Kshatriyya, Vaishya and Shudra It is believed that according to Hindu religion, these groups came into being through the Creator Lord Brahma of the universe. Priests, intellectuals and teachers come under the category of Brahmins and they are at the top in this arrangement and it is believed that they came from Brahma's head. After this, there are Kshatriyas in the next line, who are rulers and warriors and it is believed that they came from the hands of Brahma. The traders and the farmer come into the Vaish class and it is said that they come from their thighs and working class, who are called Shudras, are in the fourth category and they come from the feet of Brahma, which is considered according to the character system

Apart from this, there is another class which has been added later, which is called dalit or untouchable. These include cleaner street cleaning or cleansing of others in the cleaner class, this class was supposed to be excluded from the caste.

These main categories are further divided into their 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub castes according to their different occupations.

According to Manusmriti, which is the most important treatise of Hindu law, the character system came into existence in order to establish order and regularity in society. This concept is called 3000 years old and it divides people into different categories on the basis of their religion (karma) and karma (work).

Due to the caste system, for centuries the social and religious life of the people has been affected in the country and the process continues today, whose political parties are misusing their interests.

Essay on caste system in India 5 (300 words)

Caste system is prevalent in our country since ancient times and is also able to maintain its strong hold on the social and political system. People have been divided into four different categories - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. It is historically believed that this social system came into existence in 1500 BC with the arrival of the Aryans in the country. It is said that the Aryans started this system to control the local population at this time. To organize everyone, he fixed his main roles and handed him over to groups of people. However, in the 20th century it was rejected by saying that the Aryans did not attack the country, this principle was rejected.

According to Hindu theologians, it is said that this system came into existence with the Hindu Brahmin, which is known as the Creator of the universe in the Hindus. According to this principle, priests and teachers of the society come from the head of Brahma and those from second class come from the Kshatriya Lord's arms. People of third class, i.e., were told about the traders that they came from the feet of God's thighs and farmers and laborers Brahma.

The genesis of caste system is not known till now. Manusmriti is an ancient treatise of Hinduism and has been cited in this system in 1000 BC. In ancient times, all communities strictly adhered to this class system. In this system, people of upper class have availed of many privileges and on the other hand the lower classes have been deprived of many benefits. Although today's situation is not as harsh as the first time, but today even discrimination is done on the basis of caste.

Essay on caste system in India 6 (400 words)

India has been trapped in the clutches of caste system since ancient times. However, accurate information about the origin of this system is not available and due to the different principles, which are based on different stories, according to the prevailing character system, people were divided into roughly four different categories . Here people are being told about these categories. The people who come under each of these categories are as follows:

1. Brahmins - priests, teachers and scholars
2. Kshatriya - ruler and warrior
3. Vaishyas - farmers, traders
4. Shudra - worker

Caste system was later replaced in the caste system and set the 3,000 castes and communities based on the rise in society, which was further divided into 25,000 sub-castes.

According to one theory, after the advent of Aryans in the country about 1500 BC, character system was introduced in the country. It is said that the Aryans had started the system to control people and run more procedures systematically. He handed different roles to different groups of people. According to Hindu theologians, this system started with Lord Brahma, which is known as the creator of the universe

As soon as the character system started in the caste system, discrimination began on the basis of caste. People of higher castes were considered great and treated with respect and they also had many privileges. On the other hand, the people of the lower classes were humiliated on a step-by-step and were deprived of many things. Internal marriage was strictly forbidden

In urban India, thinking about caste system has come down quite a lot today. However, people of the lower classes are still getting equal levels in the society, while the government is giving them many benefits. Caste has become the basis for reservation in the country. A reserved quota is also provided in the areas of education and government jobs for the people of the following sections.

After going to the British, the Indian Constitution banned discrimination on the basis of caste system. After that, the quota system was started for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes. B.R. Ambedkar, who wrote the Constitution of India, himself a Dalit, and the concept of social justice was considered to be a major step in protecting the interests of other communities on Dalits and lower societies in Indian history, although now different political parties have narrow political Due to the reasons being misused

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