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Essay on Mother's Day

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As we all know, there is a special place for mother in the heart of the children. And why not, she is capable in it. A mother takes care of her child for every moment. To celebrate Mother's Day this year, the competition writing essay on this topic tells the importance of your mother to your children. Here we are providing some essay in mother tongue with very simple and easy words. Which will be meaningful to your children. Here you can find essays on Mother's days in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay 1 on Mother's Day (100 words)

Mother's Day is a very memorable and happy day of the year for every child and student. Mother's day is a special day dedicated to all mothers of India. Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May this year 2015, it was celebrated on 10th May (second Sunday) with complete joy. Children are very happy on this day and to celebrate them to respect their mother in school or home.

Essay 2 on Mother's Day (150 words)

Every year Mother's Day is celebrated to honor mother and motherhood. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year to celebrate this day, in particular the mother is invited to her children's schools. With many programs, teachers have prepared a lot for Mother's Day. Some students prepare poems in Hindi and English, prepare a few lines of speeches in essay writing, Hindi and English, on this day the mother goes to her children's school and is involved in this festival.

It is celebrated in different ways and days in different countries for teachers and students to decorate classes to welcome mothers, although in India it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. The children invite their mother to a special card (made by children herself) at the right time, and her mother is surprised by giving unexpected gifts to the children.

Essay 3 on Mother's Day (200 words)

Mother's Day is one day that celebrates every child for his mother, especially in the form of an important festival on the second Sunday of May every year. This is the practice of celebrating Mother's Day with children in schools. Receive mother greeting cards, special cards and other special gifts from your children. On this day, family members go out and take delightful dishes and celebrate their happiness. Mother also gives great love and gifts and takes care of her dear children.

To attend school, children are specially invited by their mother, where teachers, children and mothers celebrate Mother's Day very well. Mother makes some special dishes like macron, chomins, desserts, biscuits, etc. according to her choice for her children. To celebrate this day with full joy, both mothers and children participate in activities like dance, singing, speech etc. Children participate in programs related to Mother's Day such as singing, dance, speech, poetry lecture, essay writing and oral conversations etc. The culmination of the festival culminates in culinary teachers and students. All eat it together and enjoy it.

Essay 4 on Mother's Day (250 words)

A mother is the best friend of every one because she takes care of everyone who wants us. Therefore, thanks to them and respect, one day of the year has been dedicated, which we celebrate every year as Mother's Day. We can not live without the love and care of our mother. He takes great care of us, when we laugh and when we are crying, then he becomes very sad. Mother in this world is the only person who does not leave us alone, Mother is completely loyal to her children

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year in India. To celebrate this day everyone at home is together and enjoys fun dishes by going out of the house or outside. All the members of the family give gifts to mother and many congratulations. Mother is present everywhere for us everywhere. By our birth, she carries us as a young child till our last moment. We can not count their contribution in our life even if we can not count activities from our morning to night.

Mother has many responsibilities, she constantly keeps her busy and tired. He is the only person whose job is free of unlimited time and work. We can not return anything to them instead of their contribution, although we can call them a huge thanks and keep in mind with respect. We should love and respect our mother and follow all her things.

Essay 5 on Mother's Day (300 words)

Mother's Day is a very special day of the year for both the child and mother, in India it is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May of several months. Mothers are celebrated by the teachers and students in the school by invitation. Students participate in many cultural programs to please their mother, mothers are specially invited by their children on the order of school teacher and headmaster. On this day, mother gets great love and gifts from her children. Children prepare special poetry lectures or dialogues in Hindi or English for their mother.

Mother's Day is celebrated in different countries on different days to show Mother's contribution in our everyday life. Mothers play an important role in the lives of their children, giving birth to them to make them a better person. It is only a mother who gives shape to her child's character and whole life. All mothers play an important role in the development and development of their child. He cared for everything that his child needs, after rising in the morning of morning sleep, he considers himself completely responsible for his child.

Our mother wakes up in the morning, helps in brushing and bathing, preparing lunch for breakfast and school, going to PTM, helping in the work of home, giving milk on time, giving milk and giving fruits, sick Being helps provide medicines at the right time and many dishes, washing and ironing, play football at home or in the ground, sleeping at the right time at night, cooking well at night and all of them The Aryon we make a success of your life. In fact we can not calculate our mother's daily activities, she does unlimited work for us all day. It is only responsible for all the tasks of all the members of the family, so we can easily say that mother is great.

Essay on Mother's Day 6 (400 words)

Our mother is like a protective shield for us because she protects us from all the troubles. He never pays attention to his problems and he listens for us all the time. To honor Mother, every year is celebrated on the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day. These programs are very important for us and our mother. On this day we should please our mother and she should not be unhappy. We must obey our every commandment and work properly. He always wants us to be a good person in life

To celebrate this together, a big event is organized every year on Mother's Day in our school. Our teachers help a lot to prepare for this day to celebrate this festival, we prepare many poems, poems, essays, speeches, talks etc. With God's blessing, we have got a loving and caring mother, without mother our life is nothing. We are very fortunate that we have mother, we all give great gifts to our mother and she loves us very much and cares for us. To celebrate the festival, our teacher gives us an invitation card to get our mother to go to school.

For our happiness, mother participates in many different activities like dance, singing, poetry lessons, speech etc. in classes. In front of our mother and teacher, we participate in this festival (like poetry lessons, essay writing, speech, singing, dance etc.) and show their talent. Our mother brings a very tasty dish with her in school. At the conclusion of the celebration, she enjoys those delicious dishes with her mother and teacher. We can eat many dishes through our mother.

Our mother is very special, despite being tired she always smiles for us while sleeping, she tells us many poems and stories. Mother helps a lot during the work, projects and examinations of our home. He takes care of our school's costume, he teaches us that hand should be washed thoroughly with soap before eating. He teaches us good manners, courtesy, ethics, humanity and always help others. She takes care of our father, grandparents and little sisters, we all love them very much and take them out every week.

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