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Essay on Children's Day

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On Chacha Nararu's birthday, on the children's day, Nehru's love for children shows. Every year on 14th November, this program is organized on essay writing competition outside schools or schools. Keeping this in mind, we are making essays available to students in various word boundaries with very easy words. Which can be useful for your children on various occasions. Here you can find some essay in the English language for children in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words in Hindi language.

Essay 1 on Child Day (100 words)

Every year on 14th November, children's day is celebrated with excitement in India. It is celebrated with full passion and curiosity by teachers and students in schools and colleges. In it, children are participating in many programs and activities. The school building is decorated with different colors, balloons and other decorative items. On 14th November, Children's Day is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as he loved children very much. To remember the great works of Neighborhood of Uncle, for the country, children participate in activities like dance, song, poetry lessons in Hindi or English, and speech etc.

Essay 2 on Child Day (150 words)

Every year on November 14, it is celebrated as Children's Day. This day is important because Pandit has become Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday on this day. He was the first Prime Minister of Independent India. He was very affectionate and affectionate for the children, he loved children very much, and he liked playing with children and things. The uncle used to call Nehru to express respect and affection for the children.

On 14th November, to celebrate this festival and pay tribute to Pandit Nehru, people (including cabinet ministers and high officials) gathered near their statue (where their funeral was organized). After offering flowers of flowers on their tomb, prayers and hymns are done by the authorities. The children participate in various activities in schools to remember their dedication and contribution in the country, the achievement of international politics and peace efforts. Cultural programs such as patriotic songs, music, speeches, plays etc. are organized.

Children's Day Essay 3 (200 words)

November 14 is very important and it is celebrated every year in India on a Children's day. November 14, Pandit is Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday (India's first Prime Minister). The children used to call them Chacha Nehru love because they respected them and loved them. Uncle had great love for Nehru's children and he always liked them to live in them. On this day people pay homage to this great leader of India, their graves gathered on the site. The Pulpamla is presented by the Prime Minister, the President, the Cabinet Minister and the High officials, and later the children are prayed and worshiped. People will remember their contribution in this country, achievement in international politics and remembering them for peace efforts. Celebrate.

Various cultural programs are organized by the children in their schools and colleges, to celebrate it with full enthusiasm and joy. In this, drama, patriotic songs etc. are also presented. The second program is organized in three statues (where Pandit Nehru lived) and Parliament. To be like them, the children walk on the path shown by them.

Children's Day Essay 4 (250 words)

As we all know, children are a bright future for the country. They should be well promoted and behaved with love and affection. Children's Day is celebrated on 14th November to fulfill this requirement in the context of children. This is celebrated for the honor and respect of Pandit Nehru. He was the true Prime Minister of India and also the first Prime Minister of India. He was very attached to the children and he always kept them close to the heart. Generally by the children, they were called Chacha Nehru

Despite her busy life as an Indian Prime Minister, she was very attached to the children. In order to pay homage to Chacha Navaru, he has been celebrating Balwinder's birthday from 1956 as Bal Day. Nehru used to say that the child is the future of the nation, that is why they are required to give love and attention so that they can stand on their feet. Children's Day is an invitation form for everyone to protect the country and children's bright future and to avoid any harm. Children in our country are forced to work hard on very low income. They do not receive modern education, so they need to be behind, we need to take them forward, which is possible when all Indians understand their responsibilities. Children are the future of the country and very precious, it is our hope for tomorrow. Children's Day celebration is a good step in the context of their future.

Essay on Children's Day 5 (300 words)


Children's Day is celebrated on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. According to him, children are the future of the country. He knew very well that the bright future of the country will depend on the future of the children. He used to say that if no country is weak, poor and properly developed, then no country can ever grow well. When he thought that the child was the future of the country, he decided to celebrate his birthday as a child, who should pay attention to the children of the country and improve their condition. It is celebrated every year on 14th November every year from all over India.

Why it is necessary:

In order to improve the bright future of the children, to make children's future aware about the importance of children every year, it is important to celebrate the future of children, because they are the future of the country. Children's Day festival provides opportunities for everyone, especially for the neglected children of India. By comparing their duties and responsibilities towards children, they force them to think about the future of their children. This makes people aware about the situation of children in the country and what is their right condition for the country's bright future. This is possible only when everyone understands the responsibilities of their children seriously

How it is celebrated:

It is celebrated everywhere in the country with various activities (related to those children who make them ideal citizen) Every aspect such as ethical, physical and mental, many competitions related to the health of children in schools are maintained. People of this day will swear that they will never neglect their children. On this day, children are given new clothes, good food and books.


Children's day is celebrated to make children aware because children are the real future of the country. Therefore, everyone should understand the responsibility of the child and understand the child's day festival.

Essay on Children's Day 6 (400 words)

To remember the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister is celebrated on 14th November throughout the children's day. Every year on 14th November every year with great enthusiasm and joy is celebrated on a child's day. It is celebrated to pay homage to the great leader of India and to improve the condition of children in the whole country. Due to deep depth and love for Nehru's children, children call them Chacha Nehru. Because of their love and passion for children, their birthday is celebrated as Children's Day in honor of Children's Day. At the national level, almost all schools and colleges are remembered annually.

Children's Day is celebrated in schools to focus on children and give them happiness. Despite being a national leader and a famous celebrity, he loved children very much and used to spend a lot of time with them, it is celebrated very well in educational institutions and schools across India, so that it should be marked as a great celebration. Could School is open on this day so that children will have to go to school and participate in more activities and programs. Cultural programs are organized by teachers for students, speeches, songs, music, art, dance, poetry lessons, fancy dress competition etc.

The winning students are awarded on behalf of the school. Organizing programs on this occasion is not only the responsibility of the school but also of the social and joint institutions. Students are very happy this day because they can wear any other colorful clothes. After the celebration ends, sweet students are distributed with delicious lunch in the afternoon. Teachers also participate in many cultural programs for their beloved students, such as drama, dance etc. The teachers of this day have also taken the children on a picnic. On this day, special programs are run by TV and radio media for the respect of children because they have a future for the country.

Children are the only important property of the nation and tomorrow is the only hope for every aspect, to focus on the condition of children, Chacha Neru declared his birthday as a child day, thereby improving the future of every child in India. Will happen.

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