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10 Must-Have Summer Accessories For A Chic Summer

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Take your look from dull to dazzling with these white hot accessories


Summer is the perfect time to give black clothing and leather accessories a rest. Break out the lightweight fabrics and prints and have fun. From floral to nautical, from tropical to tribal, adding patterned bags, shoes and belts is textbook for turning your clothing staples into warm weather show-stoppers. Our suggestions for summer accessories will carry you from the boardroom to the beach. And beyond!

10 Must Have Summer Accessories For Every Occasion!

  1. Vintage Sunglasses: We love the good vibrations of summer but not the strong rays of the sun. For a fresh take on eye protection, invest in a pair of vintage cat eye glasses that have been retro fitted with lenses that block 100% of UVB and UVA rays. 
  2. Classic Espadrilles: The wedge espadrille is a classic for summer. They can be worn with any length skirt, capris and jeans. For cutoff shorts, choose a low-healed flat version of this timeless Spanish shoe.
  3. Trainers or Walking Shoes: Lightweight trainers or walking shoes are a must for outdoor activities. Although white footwear is fine for indoor gatherings, it’s not practical for rigorous outdoor activities. You don’t want to spend time cleaning shoes when you can be enjoying the warm weather.
  4. Statement Necklaces: Bold necklaces are still a strong fashion statement heading into summer, including at the beach. Choose a necklace that coordinates with your urban outfits as well as your swimsuit or coverup.
  5. Crossbody carry-all bags: Put away your heavy leather handbag in summer. A better choice is a lightweight fabric crossbody bag with this season’s embellishment: fringe. A crossbody will keep your hands free as you tow beach chairs to the seashore or simply run errands in style.
  6. Floppy Hats: We’re not suggesting you go outside completely incognito but a wide-brimmed hat protects your face and neck from summer sun. We prefer a hat with a chinstrap that prevents it from blowing away as you enjoy outdoor activities.
  7. Tell Time on Trend: Mobile phones are not the only way to make time count. Large, chunky watches are a runaway hit this year, while a classic white ceramic watch will glow against your suntanned skin.
  8. Rain Protection: We never like to be the bearer of bad news but it does rain in summer. There’s a unique umbrella that features a finger hole grip that enables women’s thumbs to remain free for pushing a carriage or walking a dog in the rain. It’s the perfect accessory for the everyday woman who is on the go and wants to look good—no matter how wet and windy the weather.
  9. No Sweat: For women who sweat more than average, summer can be a tricky time. Look for deodorant products that don’t stain clothes. Cotton shows stains more than knit fabrics so a summer knit sweater is a good accessory if you have this problem.
  10. Avoid Skin Chafing: For some, baring legs during the summer can cause thigh chafing as there is no longer fabric between the legs. Try using thigh bands to protect inner thighs from chafing. The wide, stretchy lace provides a stylish and sexy upper-thigh wrap for wearing under skirts and long shorts.

Tip for Happy Feet: Your feet get a lot of exposure in the summer months. Feet and toes need to be presentable. Although you can’t buy it in a department store, a pedicure is a must-have accessory for summer sandals and open toe shoes.

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