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Essay on violence against women in India

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In reference to the violence against women in India, we have provided some essays for students in different word boundaries here. Often students are asked to write essays and articles on this subject on their school or any other subject. Students can choose the essence of the word class according to their choice. All the essays have been written according to the requirement of the students. Here you can find essay on violence against women in India in English lanugage in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 word.

Essay on violence against women in India (100 words)

In the 21st Century, India, both technological progress and violence against women are continuing together. There is a different kind of violence against women and women, at any place like home, public place or office, this violence can be victimized. This violence against women has now become a big issue and now it can not be ignored because women represent half the population of our country. Since ancient times, women were considered to be the means of entertainment whether it was a case of domestic life or organizing a public function, by women everywhere women were humiliated, exploited, tortured, tortured .

Essay on violence against women in India (150 words)

Since the beginning of social life in India, many centuries come and go, time has changed in both thinking and environment, but there is no shortage of violence in women. Time is the right witness of violence on women. In times, unbearable and helpless women have to go through different grief (gender discrimination, physical abuse, harassment, tampering, insults). This is an Indian society where women are worshiped like goddesses, while women feel helpless and helpless. In the Vedas, the woman is called the mother, which means that the person who gives birth also brings nutrition. The only mother believes that the main thinking society in this person has been suppressed.

Women are constantly being victim of violence. In this violence there are many forms like domestic violence, violence in public place, physical violence, mental violence etc. Fear of violence in women has become so popular that they are not participating openly in their favorite areas. This cruelty towards women has had a profound effect on their hearts and minds. It seems that even if the violence completely eliminated from society, it can be difficult to eliminate violence by the voice of women.

Essay on violence against women in India (200 words)

Indian society has always dominated men, where since ancient times women have faced various types of violence. On one hand, the technological field continues to grow in the world, the level of prosperity is increasing, unnatural sex and abuse of women has increased.

Nowadays the rape and killing of women by women has become a common occurrence. In today's Indian society, women are being attacked, harassed, forced series or other jewelry, it has become a part of daily routine. Such incidents are promoting violence in society by killing dowry, burning alive, killing and going out of the house. The oppression of women in independent India has been widely circulated. Increasing violence against women has adversely affected social, economic, political and cultural development.

In the trend of raising dowry practice in our society, it is very clear that violence against women can never end. It has become a complex problem, in which there are many aspects of violence. Dowry practice has reduced the status and status of minor girls in the society. It is often seen that if the dowry is not given at the time of marriage, then the bride is given daily rape, tampering and misuse, every day thousands of girls are becoming victims of this social monster.

Essay on violence against women in India (250 words)

Due to being male-dominant Indian society, women are facing many atrocities. Generally, double problems by women, which have been reduced to two-fourths, death of dowry, sexual harassment, robbery from women, tampering with minor girls and so on. According to the Indian Penal Code, rape, abduction or molestation, physical or mental abuse, dowry, rape, sexual harassment etc. are participating in the crime category for serious crimes. In cases related to the violence of women, there has been a steady increase and now they are increasing rapidly.

Violence is physically hurt or harm to a person, it is also a form of violence, verbally verbally giving mental harassment to someone physically does not hurt, but a deep trauma on the heart and mind reaches is. Rape, murder, abduction, etc. are counted in the category of criminal violence, and for the dowry or dowry in the house, incidents of sexual harassment, rape, molestation and misbehavior are examples of domestic violence. Under pressure on girls, work for embryo wounds, pressure to follow the sati to widow woman comes under social violence. All these incidents are affecting large sections of women and society.

Violence against women is increasing steadily and now it has become a worrisome topic. Dealing with Women's Violence, with a headache for social workers, is also a big responsibility for them. However, women should not be dependent on others themselves and take responsibility for themselves and are aware of their rights and facilities.

Essay on violence against women in India (300 words)

Violence against women in India is a very old social problem whose roots are now as strong as social rules and economic dependence. Violence against women has been exposed in the form of incidents of barbaric gang rape, sexual harassment in the office, acid throwing. The latest example is December 16, 2012 in the Capital Delhi gang-rape case. The gang rape carried out by a 23-year-old girl has shocked the country. Consequently, on the roads demanding a change on a large scale, they came down on the streets. Due to such incidents of such incidents, it is impossible for women to change social norms. Despite the increase in people's education level, this problem has become serious and complicated for the Indian society. The main reason behind violence against women is men's strength, weak law, men's dominance in the political structure and inadequate judicial system.

According to a research, women are considered to be the first victim of violence in their home state in their initial state. Especially in rural areas, women are tortured by their families, male relatives and neighbors.

The situation of women in India is different because of the traditions of culture, customs and people. The situation of women in the states of North Eastern States and South India is very good for the rest of the states. According to the 2011 census in India, due to the spread of female discrimination, there were only 9 40 girls in 1000 boys, behind such girls, due to embryonic killing, girls in childhood and ignore gender tests before birth.

According to the National Criminal Record Bureau, women are not safe in their in laws. Women have to be killed by cruelty acid, rape, honor killer, murder, kidnapping of dowry, husband or in-laws etc.

Essay on violence against women in India (400 words)

Women in India are victims of violence in all social, religious and cultural environments. Women have to face all kinds of cruelty given by Indian society whether it is domestic or physical, social, mental and financial. Violence against women in India can be clearly seen in the pages of history on a large scale. The condition of women in Vedic times was very pleasant compared to today, but after the change of time, there has been a lot of change in the situation of women. As a result, due to the increase in violence, women also lost opportunities for participation in social, political and cultural festivals with their education.

Due to the increased atrocities on women, they were not given enough food, they were not allowed to wear their favorite clothes, they were forced to marry, they were kept in slavery, Vishveshwati was pushed. Men were thinking of making women limited and obedient, men used to see women as objects, so that they could get the job of their choice. In Indian society, it is often believed that every woman's husband is equal to God for her, she should fast for her husband's long life and for everything she should rely on her husband. In the olden times, the widow's marriage was again banned and she was pressured to follow the custom of Sati. Men have defeated women as women's rights as women's rights. Violence against women is accelerated when minor girls are kept in the temple as a maid. It gave birth to Vaishavat under the guise of religious life.

In the Middle Ages, the conflict between Islam and Hinduism encouraged violence against women. Younger girls had been married at an early age and strict instructions were asked to stay in the curtains all the time. For this reason it was impossible for women to leave their husbands and family and establish some kind of contact with the outside world. At the same time, multiracial society was born, for which women had the need to share their husbands with other women. An example of big violence on the killing of brides, female devotion and dowry practices is on women. Apart from this, women should not have adequate food, lack of proper health facilities, lack of education opportunities, minor sexual harassment of minor girls, burning of brides, wife's assault, neglect of elderly woman in the family etc. Problems being used by women

In order to reduce the increase in cases related to the violence of women in India, the Indian government has brought the Child Justice (Protection and Care of children) Bill in 2015. Its purpose was to change the Indian Kishore Law of 2000 due to this law, the accused accused in the case of the case of the case of a fearless case was not severely punished. After the arrival of this law, between 16 and 18 years, there is a provision of strict punishment under the Indian law for juveniles, which is involved in serious crimes.

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