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Essay on Role in Women's Society

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Based on the empowerment of women, in this essay, we have discussed the role of women in society. Today it is a very popular topic today. Here we provide some essays in the limits of different words on the role of women in the society, according to all your wishes, from which you want the word to choose. Each essay has been written in simple sentences and the word has been done keeping the limit in mind. Here you can find some essay on the role of women in the society in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words here.

Essay on the role of women in society (100 words)

In our society, women play an important role from birth to death. In today's modern era, despite showing all the talents in all roles, the woman appears standing behind that man. In a male-dominated society, men's ability is less visible than men.

Although many programs run by the government have spread awareness, the life of a woman has become very complicated with the life of a person. Keeping the attention of the whole family, the woman has to take care of her life. He plays his daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother whole life honestly. Despite all these relationships, she works with full power to make herself, her family, and make the future of the country bright.

Essay on the role of women in society (150 words)

In the mythological society, Goddess Lakshmi was considered to be an avatar, but it is also true that the situation is quite contradictory today. They behave in a dishonest way, they are considered frustrated, it is not enough to accept them only as a Goddess from the upper mind until they try to improve their condition. It is extremely important for the upliftment of women that men come forward and try to bring positive change in society.

We all have a very important role in women's lives. Without them, we can not even imagine our existence. It is very important to maintain the continuity of women. Before that, he only understood that he could do the household chores, take care of the broom, drinking but now it is not so. Women are showing their talent in the outer world as well as the household chores.

Essay on the role of women in society (200 words)

The way women work, the way of thinking, behavior is different from all men. If these facts are to be believed, then we can say that women are not physically and mentally equal to men. But women are not behind men too. Take care of children as an example. In India, a lantern line has been created in the society for a long time. It is almost impossible to cross for them There have been no changes in these traditions for many years. In today's modern age, it gives us a sense of backward social life. Here the question arises that, who is responsible for women's backwardness, women are thinking about themselves or men, or increase the family responsibilities for women.

In the 21st century society, even today, women have not got the right to their rights. Even today, many of them are treated poorly, trying to dominate them. This forces us to think that despite the spread of such social awareness programs why do not worry women everywhere, why suffer mental pain, why are they getting rid of all the obstacles? In the first period, women were forced to work at home. Like men, they were not allowed to go out and be part of social work. But the atmosphere is changing now. Women have become self-aware and are participating in the upliftment of every social festival.

Essay on the role of women in society (250 words)

If we compare the situation of women with the status of mythological society, then it clearly shows that there has been some improvement in the situation. Women have started working, contributing to household expenses In many areas, women have carried men ahead, girls of every day are making such a record, which is not only proud of the entire country or the whole country. Is doing, but the whole country

The Government of India is not far behind in the upliftment of women. In the last few years, several schemes have been initiated by the government, which is helping women break social holes and encourages them to move ahead as well. The government has stopped legal restrictions on the old times as well. The main people include child marriage, feticide, dowry practice, child labor, domestic violence etc. After making all these legal, the legal status of women in society has improved greatly. The woman works for the good of others by binding herself in different relationships throughout her life.

We have seen women in different forms like sisters, mother, wife, daughter etc., who is ready to increase respect for the family at all times. Even in urban areas, the situation is not so bad, but the situation of women in rural areas is worrisome. Due to the lack of proper education system, the situation of women has become pathetic: A woman gives birth to a child and plays his entire responsibility towards that child throughout life. In return, she does not ask anything and completely fulfills her role without tolerance with logic.

Essay on the role of women in society (300 words)

Today, if the situation of women is compared to hundreds of years ago, it seems that women are fulfilling their dreams at a much faster pace than before. But in actual perception, the development of women does not appear in all directions, especially in rural areas. Even after standing on their feet, women still have to go a long way in breaking the fairs of society. Even today, it is impossible for women to avoid discrimination for women. It seems that it can take a lot of time to fill this gap between a man and a woman

It has been seen on many occasions that women are treated with low status and they refuse to give too much responsibility in their offices. Many women accept this peace with themselves and accept their fate and do their livelihood with what is happening to them. But this is not the case with everyone. There are many examples of women in the society which are the motivation for young girls, there are girls from whom their family was not ready to go with them, but they changed the ideology of their own society.

The only reason for female backwardness in rural areas is not due to proper education management. In the village, man also believes that the only goal of his life is to make a combination of two times the bread. It is useless to expect men to empower men in such an environment. Women need it to recognize their potential and try to play their role in the development of the country and society with their families. Government should also make more and more schemes for women's development. This change is possible only when all communities stand together and work positively.

Essay on the role of women in society (400 words)

Women play an important role in the development and progress of society. Without them, a developed and prosperous society can not be imagined. Brig Young said to be famous that if you are educating a man, then you are educating only one person, but if you are educating a woman, then you are educating the entire generation. '. It is extremely important for the development of society that girls should not be given any kind of education as they will have to give a new direction to the society in the coming times with the boys. If a person is considered to be true, then according to him, if a person is educated then he will be able to develop himself, but if a woman gets proper education, then she has the power to change the entire society with her. 

Without women, human life can not be imagined. It will be said in the form of insanity that their talent can only be neglected on the argument that they are less powerful and less religious than men. About half of the women's population represents India, if their capacity is not taken care of, then it has a clear meaning that half of the country's population will not be uneducated and if women are not educated then that nation Will not be able to progress. We must understand that if a woman becomes illiterate, even if a woman becomes illiterate, then the society and the country will be handled well to the well-read women.

Women make family, family builds home, home becomes society, and society creates a nation. Its direct meaning is that women's contribution is everywhere, it is useless to imagine society by ignoring the capacities of women. Without education and women's empowerment, there can be no development of family, society and country. The woman knows how and how to deal with her problems. If necessary, just give your dream freedom.

Previously, the situation of women compared to slaves was worse if a woman gave birth to a girl, she was either killed or beaten by members of the house. It was considered a sin to give birth to a girl. They expected that only boys would have to give birth. But with the changing times, things changed. Now people are more aware than ever and women have started coming forward for help. There is still a lot to be done in this direction.

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