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Essay on Farmers Suicide in India

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It is very sad but it is true that cases of suicide of farmers in India have increased in the last few years. There are many reasons behind these suicides, which include major irregular weather conditions, debt burden, family issues and changes in government policies from time to time. Farmer suicides in India have seen considerable increase in the period of time. The main reasons are the growing inequality in weather conditions, high debt, health issues, personal problems, government policies etc. Here we have to provide you various types of essays on the unfortunate incident of farmers' suicides in India. Here we provide some essays on Farmer Suicide in English language for students in 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 words.

Essay on Farmers Suicide in India 1 (200 words)

Many farmers in India commit suicides every year. As per the records issued by the National Crime Records Bureau of India, the cases of farmers' suicides in the country are more than any other business. Suicide cases are relatively high in Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states. Many factors are responsible for this. Some of the major causes of farmer suicides in India are as follows:

  • Inability to pay debt
  • Damage to crops due to irregular weather conditions like drought and flood.
  • Offensive Government Policies
  • Inability to meet family demands
  • Personal issues

The government has taken several initiatives to prevent this problem. Some of them include Agricultural Debt Discounts and Debt Relief Scheme 2008, Maharashtra Money Loans (Regulation) Act 2008, Relief Package 2006 and Diversity Income Tax Source Package 2013. Some states have formed groups to help farmers in crisis. Although most of these initiatives are focused on providing or repaying loans to farmers rather than increasing productivity and income, and thus the desired results have been received.

The government needs to look into this matter seriously and to overcome this problem, there is a need to take effective steps to eliminate the causes of farmers' suicides.

Essay 2 (300 words) on farmers' suicides in India

In India, the cases of suicides by farmers like other countries are far more than other businesses. Figures show that farmers are doing 11.2% of the total suicides in the country. Many factors contribute to farmers' suicides in India. Detailed information about these reasons has been given here, as well as information about the measures taken by the government for the help of farmers in crisis.

Why are the peasants taking this extreme step?

There are many reasons farmers are committing suicide in India. One of the main reasons is the irregular weather conditions in the country. Global warming has created extreme weather conditions like droughts and floods in most parts of the country. In such extreme conditions, crops are harmed and farmers have nothing left to eat. When the crop yield was not enough, the farmers were forced to take loans to meet their financial needs. Unable to repay the loan, many farmers usually take unfortunate steps to commit suicide.

Most farmers are the only earning people in the family. They have to constantly face pressure to meet the family's demands and responsibilities and due to the failure to fulfill them, the farmer who is often in tension takes the step of suicide. Other factors responsible for the growing number of cases of farmer suicides in India include reduced production costs, changes in government policies, poor irrigation facilities and alcohol addiction.
Measures to control farmer suicides

Some steps taken by the Indian government to control the cases of farmers' suicides in the country are as follows:

  • Relief Package 2006
  • Maharashtra Money Landing (Regulation) Act 2008
  • Agricultural Debt Discounts and Debt Relief Scheme 2008
  • Maharashtra Relief Package 2010
  • Kerala Relief Commission (Amendment) Bill 2012 for farmers
  • Income Source Package Package Diversity 2013
  • Monsanto's 70% reduction in royalties
  • Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme (Crop Insurance for Farmers)
  • Prime Minister's Agriculture Irrigation Scheme
  • Soil Health Card


It is a sad fact that farmers do commit suicide because they are unable to face financial and emotional turmoil in their lives. The government should take effective steps to control these cases.

Essay on Farmers Suicide in India 3 (400 words)

It is very unfortunate that in a country like India, where nearly 70% of the total population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture, cases of farmer suicides are increasing day by day. 11.2% of the total suicides in the country belong to the farmers who are committing suicide. There are many reasons for the suicides of farmers in India. However, the government has taken a lot of measures to control this problem. Some of the solutions given here can help reduce the cases of farmers suicide in India.

Problems related to agriculture in India

The government is taking initiatives to support farmers financially by reducing interest rates on loans and closing agricultural loans. Although the government did not get much help from these This is the time for the government to identify the root cause of the problem and to work on controlling cases of farmer suicides. Here are some issues that need urgent attention:

  • Agricultural activities should be organized in the country. Proper planning should be done for crop cultivation, irrigation and harvesting.
  • The government will have to see that the farmers get fixed purchase price.
  • Intermediaries should stop the exploitation of farmers. The government should make provision for farmers to sell the products directly to the market.
  • The government should ensure that the subsidies and schemes introduced have access to the farmers.
  • Real estate owners should stop selling fertile land.

Measures to control farmer suicides in India

Here are some tips which help the government to take steps to control the issue of farmers suicides in India:

  • The government will have to set up special agricultural zones where only agricultural activities should be allowed.
  • In order to help farmers increase agricultural productivity, initiatives should be taken to teach modern farming techniques.
  • Irrigation facilities should be improved.
  • National weather risk management system should be started to warn farmers about bad weather conditions.
  • The right type of crop insurance policy should be started.
  • Farmers should be encouraged for alternate sources of income. The government should help them acquire new skills.


This is the right time when the Indian government should start taking issue of farmers suicides seriously. The action taken so far is not able to solve these cases. This means that the re-evaluation of the strategies being followed and the need to implement them.

Essay on Farmers Suicide in India 4 (500 words)

In India, many cases of farmer suicides occur every year. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, cases of farmer suicides recorded in 2004 were 18,241 - which till date was the highest number recorded in one year. Statistics show that 11.2% of suicides in the country are committed by farmers. Many reasons such as dry and flood, high debt, unfavorable government policies, public mental health problems and poor irrigation facilities etc. are considered responsible for the increasing number of cases of suicides in India. This matter is serious and the government is working to control this problem.

Government initiatives to stop farmer suicides

Here are some of the steps taken by the Government of India to help farmers in crisis and prevent suicides:

Relief package 2006

In the year 2006, the Government of India identified 31 districts in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh and presented a unique rehabilitation package to reduce the problem of farmers. Farmers' suicides in these states are at a high rate.

Maharashtra Bill 2008

The Maharashtra government passed the Money Lending (Regulation) Act, 2008 to regulate private lending to farmers. It determines the maximum interest rate on loans given by private lenders to farmers, because the lending rate set by the Reserve Bank of India is slightly higher.

Agricultural debt relief and debt relief scheme

The Government of India started the Agricultural Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme in 2008, which has benefited more than 30.6 million farmers. Under this scheme, a total of 653 billion rupees had been spent to stop the outstanding loan principal and share of interest by the farmers.

Maharashtra Relief Package 2010

The Maharashtra Government made illegal licenses for illegal repayment of loans in 2010. Farmers were entitled to many other benefits under this package.

Kerala Relief Commission (Amendment) Bill 2012 for farmers

In 2012 Kerala had revised the Debt Relief Commission Act 2006 of the farmers of Kerala to provide loans to distressed farmers through 2011.

Income Source Package Diversity 2013

The government has introduced this package for farmer-suicide prone areas like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

States initiatives

Many state governments in India have made special efforts to stop farmer suicides. Groups have been dedicated to help farmers in crisis and have raised money to provide monetary support.

Recently, Modi Government has taken steps to tackle the issue of farmers' suicides in India. The government has cut Monsanto's royalties by 70%. Farmers have given relief in input subsidy and Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme (crop insurance for farmers) and Prime Minister Krishi Irrigation Scheme have been launched. The Government is also issuing Soil Health Cards, which include the cropwise recommendations of nutrients and fertilizers to help farmers increase agricultural productivity.


Farmer's suicide is a serious issue, though the government has initiated several types of packages to help the farmers in crisis, but farmers have not been able to completely eliminate suicidal cases. It is the right time that the Government of India recognizes the sensitivity of this issue and works towards it, which will end this problem soon.

Essay on Farmers Suicide in India 5 (600 words)

In India many cases of suicides of farmers are recorded every year. There are several factors that make the farmers compelled to take this drastic step. Some common factors that contribute to farmers' suicides in India include frequent drought, floods, economic crisis, debt, health issues, family responsibilities, changes in government policies, alcohol addiction, low production prices and poor irrigation There are facilities. Here is a detailed look at the statistics of farmers' suicide, and the reasons for this issue are discussed.

Farmer Suicides: Statistical Data

According to statistics, farmer suicides in India account for 11.2% of total suicides. In the period of 10 years between 2005 and 2015, the rate of farmer suicides in the country was between 1.4 and 1.8 / 100,000 population. In 2004, the highest number of suicides by farmers in India was witnessed. So far, 18,241 farmers have committed suicide during this year.

In 2010, the National Crime Records Bureau registered a total of 135,599 suicides, out of which 15,963 were suicidal cases. In 2011, there were 135,585 suicides in the country, of which 14,207 were farmers. In 2012, there were 11.2% farmers in total suicides, of which about one fourth were from the state of Maharashtra. In 2014, 5,650 farmer suicidal cases were registered. The highest rates of suicides among farmers in Maharashtra, Pondicherry and Kerala states.

Farmer Suicide - Global Statistics

The cases of farmer suicides have not only been seen in India, but this problem has taken a global look. Farmers of various countries including England, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka and USA are also facing similar problems. In countries like USA and UK, the rate of farmer suicides is higher in comparison to the people of other businesses.

Factors Responsible for Farmer Suicide

Here is a look at some of the major causes of farmers' suicides in India:


Inadequate rainfall is one of the main causes of crop failure. In areas where there is frequent drought, there is a large decline in crop yield. In such areas, cases of farmer suicides have been found more.


The more the farmers suffer from the drought as much as they are affected by the flood. Due to heavy rains the water gets more in the fields and the crop gets damaged.

High debt

Farmers usually have difficulty raising funds to cultivate land and often take huge loans for this purpose. Inability to pay these loans is another major reason for farmer suicides.

Government policies

The change in the macro-economic policy of the Indian government, which is known for the purpose of liberalization, privatization and globalization, is also considered the cause of farmer suicides. Although it is currently the issue of debate.

Genetically modified crops

It has been claimed that genetically modified crops such as Bt cotton are also the cause of suicides by farmers. The reason for this is that the cost of Bt cotton seeds is almost double the number of common seeds. Farmers are forced to take higher loans to grow these crops from private capitalists and later they are forced to sell cotton at a very low price compared to the market value, which is why the loans and financials between the farmers The crisis increases.

Family pressure

Inability to meet the family's expenses and demands creates mental strains, so that the farmers suffering from this problem are forced to commit suicide.


Although the government has taken a number of steps to help the farmers in crisis, cases of farmers' suicides in India are not ending. Instead of concentrating on the government's debt relief or exemption, the government needs to focus on the income and productivity of the farmer to ensure their prosperity.

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