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Essay on Cultural State Vs. Political National State

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In an editorial written in the national newspaper "Watch, He is silent" in the last days, in the national newspaper, a very important thing about Raj Thackeray's unrest in Mumbai was that the people of Raj Thackeray's economic capital in India, whom he The news of this neetu was printed in the newspapers of every language appearing in the whole country.

The pictures of beating were generally displayed on every TV news channel, but both the Congress and the BJP were not reacting to it, they were silent. And these are the two parties which are the only All India Parties in the country, they never leave the opportunity to shout at the roof to talk about country's unity and nationalism. But they were silent. Why?

In response to this question, everyone is free to give their reasons as this freedom is also available to us, so there is no harm in telling us what we are seeing. The great country known by India, which is not known in our old history texts, is called Bharat Varsha, has been a nation for thousands of years, but the nature of changing it as a state has begun for some centuries. is .

Like this country, in this country of India, or in the last few years, India, which is progressing slowly, is good and evil in this country and state and both are very good. We can never agree with those great men who are bad only in this country, and there is no question of agreeing with those intellectuals who have nothing but good and superiority in this country.

Why is this Mahabharam and why these administrators do not understand us as sensible and at the national level such as the Congress and the BJP, who have been caught nationally known on such fake occasions in front of the country, they have to understand.

Let's take a look at this country. If you cross the border of Rajasthan and reach Gujarat, you will find that suddenly you have come to a new and different area, as it has come in a different country. As you go from Gujarat to Maharashtra, you will feel like again if you come again in a new country, where food is different, dress is different, language is completely new, idioms have changed, good luck and blessings Methods have changed.

If you are politically a bit more cautious and sensitive, you will not be too late to understand that while reorganizing the linguistic states of India, Gujarat and Maharashtra were kept in a big province in a province called Bombay, An introduction was given to ignorance, to separate the two states from each other, Bombay was called a victim of a fierce and violent protest. Eventually, in two separate areas S namely, Gujarat suffered positive and definitive steps to identify different states of Maharashtra.

Undoubtedly, an attempt has been made to woo India always to spread the lies of alleged Dravidism, Parriar and his disciples, but now the country has understood that each other in southern India, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu and Kerala Different from the different There are different regional identities like North-West, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Sindh, Rajputana, Punjab, Kashmir and Haryana and in East, Orissa, Bengal, Assam etc.

Identify this when the Naga leader Muiba is talking about his unique Naga culture, then his request for his identification was done in any Bundelkhand, some Rakhkhkhandi, any Jharkhand or any Uttarakhand as the request of his identical, unique identity is.

These are all natural identities of India's rich land, which we can call modern political vocabulary as well as in sub-nations. These regional regional identities are an integral part of the continent called 'India', which is part of the body given to India, as in Swami Ramititi with his wonderful vocabulary

But they survive only after becoming part of a body with the soul of India, as long as they will enjoy their identity, their existence and their happiness. Where this happiness touches them, where they felt that they had lost their name by merging into the Maha Sammund called India, then the stream flowing in them started, instead of going into sea and enriching them, from strange and strange aspirations Flows back in its coastal borders

If Congress and BJP were silent on Raj Thackeray's stain, then everyone knows their inherent political interests. But what is happening in front of them that these two parties did not know that they had to answer, what to give, what language to give?

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