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Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayanan

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Many warriors, monks, politicians and social reformers have taken birth in Bharat land. But in India there were so many Saint-mahatmas, there were no other places in the world. Lokayayak Jayaprakash Narayan was one of them. They fall under the category of Mahatma Gandhi and Sant Vinoba Bhave.

His Birth and Education:

Jaiprakash Nayak was born on October 11, 1902 in a village in Chhapra district of Bihar. He was born on Vijay Dashami on the occasion. In entire India this day is celebrated with great joy in the memory of the victory of good over evil. That is why he was given the name of Jay Prakash (the victory of light on the darkness).

His early education was in the village. In 1919, he passed matriculation examination from Patna. For further studies, he got admitted to a college. But in the meantime he jumped into India's independence struggle and he had to stop his studies in the middle. To continue further studies, moved to San Francisco in 1922 AD.

Staying there they continued to work harder for their livelihood along with studies. In this way he passed the same degree examination. He was a young man with a strong mind. The flame of patriotism was flowing in his heart. By doing so, he gained various types of experience. In 1929, he returned to India to serve India.

His services towards the country:

Their mind was engrossed with the spirit of nation service. In the year 1921, he had decided to give up his whole life on the country. In 1930, he dedicated his life to the ongoing struggle for independence of the country. In 1934 became the Secretary of the Socialist Party of Congress

He had a very clear idea about Sanjavas. In 1946, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave him membership of the Congress Working Committee, but Jay Prakash refused. After some time, after re-requesting Pandit Nehru, he accepted the membership of the Congress executive with Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia.

This sympathy did not last long, and both of them discarded the Congress executive. Later, in 1948, the Samajwadi Dal separated from the Congress. Shri Jay Prakash Narayan became the new Chief Minister of this new Samajwadi Party. Unfortunately, in 1952 elections, this party had to face defeat of Congress.

His opposition to the Government of Indira:

Due to the increasing incidents of chaos in the country, they turned against the government of Indira. They re-assembled in the work of Janjargon. Their efforts brought awareness into the country. The political atmosphere of the country has become disturbed. There were huge rallies in place of opposition to the government.

The government of India got frightened. He decided to pressurize the movement of Jayaprakash strictly. On June 25, 1975, Mrs Gandhi announced an emergency. The government closed all the opposition leaders, including Jayaprakash, in jail.

All the leaders of the opposition continued to suffer various tortures in the jails for 18 months. After the announcement of Mrs. Gandhi to hold General Elections in the country, she was released from jail once in December, 1975. Jayaprakash Narayan also came out of jail. His health in jail was very bad.

Establishment of Janata Pati:

After being released from jail, Jayaprakash Narayan tried to establish unity among opposition parties. On his suggestion, the country accepted the merger of five major parties in one and decided that it would fight the Congress in the form of a party in the coming elections. This party was named Janata Party

Jayprakash played an admirable role in bringing the opposition parties on one platform. This party made wide publicity of the corruption and misrule of the Congress rule and gave defeat to the Congress. Despite his poor interest, Jayprakash has addressed many election gatherings. The victory of the Janata Party was the victory of Jayaprakash.


Jayprakash was a great loyalist, worker and solitary worker. After Independence, Pandit Nehru wanted to give him a minister, but he did not accept it. He was a true follower of Gandhiji's teachings. They had no greed for post and power.

He was the king of Beataj in the heart of the people. The victory of the Janata Party made him the star of all eyes. He gave every kind of Quran to the country, but in return he did not want anything. They were the lighting pillars of the Janata Party government

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