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Essay on Dowry Practice

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The arrangement of brides, ornaments, furniture, property and other precious items, etc., during the marriage by the bride's family is called dowry system. It has been popular in India for centuries. Dowry system is one of the prevailing evils in society. This human civilization is old and it is spread in many parts of the world. We have given different lengthy essays on the dowry system to help you with this topic in your exams. The language used in the essay of the dowry system is very simple. You can choose any essay on the dowry system as per your requirement. Here you can find some essays on dowry practice in English Lanugage for Students 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 words.

Essay on dowry practice - 1 (200 words)

In the practice of dowry, as a condition of marriage at the time of marriage by the parents of the bride, the groom's family has to pay large amounts of cash, jewelery and other gifts. In India, due to some reason the system started and that a few decades ago, the girl had no rights on the property of parents and other immovable properties, and instead it was like property of cash, jewelery and other things Was given. With gradual travel, it has turned into a poor social practice.

Parents of wealth and property intend to donate their daughter in the form of dowry so that they do not have trouble at the new place, unfortunately in most cases the bride's family has captured it. Apart from this, it was a voluntary decision of the bride's parents, and this time it has become a compulsion for them.

In order to bring enough dowry to the bride, many cases of physical nature and emotional abuse were highlighted. In many cases, the bride pleads with her family to fulfill the demands of her in-laws while other women choose her life . It is the right time that the Indian government should take strict action against this bad behavior.

Essay on dowry practice - 2 (300 words)

In dowry practice, in which the bride's family is included in giving gifts to the bride's family as gifts and giving valuable things, it is largely condemned by the society, but some people also argue that its own Importance and people are still following it and it is benefitting the bride in many ways

Is there any benefit to the dowry system?

Many couples choose to live independently these days and mostly include cash, furniture, cars and other properties in dowry that work as financial aid for them and help them start their new life. . . At the time of marriage, both the bride and the bride start her career and they are not financially so good that they can spend so many expenses at a time. But is this a valid reason? If this is the case, instead of putting a full burden on the bride's family, both families should invest in their settlement. Apart from this, it may also be that if both families provide non-financial support to newly-married couple.

Many people also argue that girls who do not like to marry the bride's financial demands and see after marrying. It is unfortunate that girls are seen as burdens, and as soon as they cross the age of twenty years, the priority of their parents is that they marry them. In such cases, heavy dowry and bad behavior are like boons for those who are capable of buying brides for their daughters. Although now there is a time when such thinking should be changed.

It is also believed by the supporters of the dowry practice that in the event of providing huge amounts of gifts to the bride and her family, her family's respect towards society increases. However, statistics show that in most cases she has worked against girls.


Supporters of dowry practice can support many inappropriate reasons to support it, but the fact is that it completely damages the society.

Essay on dowry practice - 3 (400 words)

Dowry system that started as a decent process to help the girls financially, because they start their lives with renewed, gradually become the worst practice of the society. Like child marriage, child labor, caste discrimination, gender inequality, dowry system etc. is also one of the worst social practices which needs eradication to enrich society. Although unfortunately, despite the efforts made by the government and various social groups, this notorious practice still remains a part of the society.

Why is the dowry system still persistent?

The question is: After declaring dowry as a punishable crime, and after spreading awareness about the effect of this practice through many campaigns, why are people following it? Here are some of the main reasons why the dowry system remains intact despite the public condemnation:

On the name of the tradition

The bride's family status is estimated by giving gifts to the groom and his family in the form of jewelry, cash, clothing, property, furniture and other assets. This trend has been prevalent for decades. It has been given the name of tradition in different parts of the country and when there is a chance like marriage, people can not dare to ignore this tradition. People are following this tradition indiscriminately, though it has proved to be a burden for the bride's family in most cases.

Status symbol

Dowry practice is more than a social symbol for some people. People believe that the people who give a large car and the maximum amount of cash to the groom's family, the image of their family is well made in society. So even though many families can not tolerate these expenses but they manage to get married and give many gifts to the groom and his relatives. It has become like a contest these days where everyone wants to beat the other.

The absence of strict laws

Although the government has made dowry a punishable offense, the law related to it has not been strictly enforced. There is no restriction on exchange of gifts and dowry during marriage. These flaws are one of the main reasons why this bad practice still exists.

Apart from these, gender inequality and illiteracy are also major contributors to this fierce social practice.


It is painful that even after understanding the side effects of the dowry system in India, it continues. It is the right time that we should raise our voice in order to end this problem in the country.


Essay on dowry practice - 4 (500 words)

Since ancient times, the dowry system is prevalent in our society as well as in many other societies of the world. It started in the form of helping daughters to become independent and economically independent because they start their life in new ways in new place after marriage, but with the passage of time it is a disgusting practice rather than helping women Turned into

Is a curse for the dowry society

Dowry is a tradition of giving gifts to the groom and his family by the bride's family in the form of cash, property and other properties which can actually be called curse for women, especially the brides. Dowry has given rise to many crimes against women. Here is a look at the various problems that arise from this practice for the bride and her family members:

Financial burden on family

Every girl's parents start saving for her marriage since her birth. They save for many years for marriage because the responsibility of marriage is entirely on their own shoulders from decoration to catering. Apart from this, they need to give huge gifts to the groom, his family and his relatives. Some people borrow money from their relatives and friends while others take credit from the bank to fulfill these demands.

Reduce the standard of living

The bride's parents spend so much on the wedding of their daughter that they often reduce their standard of living. Many people spend their entire lives stuck in bank debt and pay for it.

To support corruption

There is no substitute for dowry in the person's house in which the daughter is born and to avoid organizing a decent marriage ceremony. They have to deposit money for their girl's marriage and for this, people start operating some business activities through many corrupt methods such as taking bribes, tax evasion, or improper means.

Emotional stress for the girl

Mother-father-in-law often compared the gifts brought by her daughter-in-law to the gifts brought by other brides around her and make them sarcastic comments while feeling low. Girls often feel emotionally stressed due to this and suffer from mental depression.

Physical abuse

Where some in-laws have made a habit of mistreating their daughter-in-law and never leave a chance to humiliate him, some in-laws do not stay behind in exploiting their daughter-in-law. Many cases are highlighted from time to time to kill and burn women due to their inability to fulfill the heavy demand of dowry.

Female foeticide

A girl is always seen as a burden for the family. This is the dowry system which has given birth to female feticide. Many couples have also opposed female feticide. In India, cases of abandoning a newborn girl have also been exposed in general.


Dowry system is strongly condemned. The government has passed the law by making dowry a punishable offense, but in most parts of the country it is still being followed that girls and their families are having difficulty living.


Essay on dowry practice - 5 (600 words)

Dowry system has been a major part of Indian society. In many places it is known for being inherent in Indian culture and at those places it is more than tradition. The parents of the bride started this unfair tradition as a help to give cash and expensive gifts to her daughters during marriage because they had to start their new life completely after the marriage. In the beginning, the bride was given cash, jewelery and other such gifts, but the only purpose of this practice changed with the passing of time and now the gifts are given to the bridegroom, her parents and relatives. Jewelry, cash and other items given to the bride are also kept by the in-laws. This practice has given rise to many factors like absoluteness, gender inequality and lack of strict laws.

Law against dowry system

Dowry system is one of the most heinous social systems in Indian society. It has given rise to many issues such as female feticide, abandoning the girl, financial problems in the girl's family, using improper means to earn money, emotional and physical exploitation of daughter-in-law. To prevent this problem, the government has enacted legislation while making dowry a punishable act. Here's a detailed look at these laws:

Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961

A legal system was implemented to monitor dowry and procurement through this act. According to this act, penalties can be imposed in the case of dowry transactions. The sentence includes imprisonment of at least 5 years and a minimum penalty of Rs 15,000 or the amount of dowry. Dowry demand is punishable. Any direct or indirect demand for dowry can be imprisoned for 6 months and fine of Rs. 10,000.

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005

Many women are emotionally and physically abused to meet the demands of their in-laws' dowry. This law has been implemented to empower women against such abuse. It protects women from domestic violence. All types of abuse, including physical, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual, are punishable under this law. Different types of punishment and the severity of abuse are different.

Possible ways to end the dowry system

Despite the laws made by the government, the dowry system still has a strong hold in the society. Here are some solutions to end this problem:


Lack of education is one of the main contributors to social practices like dowry system, caste discrimination and child labor. People should be educated to promote logical and appropriate thinking to get rid of such belief systems which give rise to such bad practices.

Empowerment of women

Rather than investing in all its savings in looking for a well-groomed groom for daughter and investing all the savings in daughter's marriage, people should spend money on their daughter's education and she should rely on herself on her own. Women should continue to work even after their marriage and focus their energy on their work rather than bending towards the sarcastic remarks of in-laws. Women should be made aware of their rights, and how they can use them to protect themselves from abuse.

Gender equality

Gender inequality originally present in our society is one of the main causes of the dowry system. It should be taught to children from a very early age that both men and women have equal rights and no one is better or less than each other.

Apart from this, different types of campaigns should be organized to make this issue sensitive and the laws set by the government should be made more stringent.


Dowry system is the cause of pain for the girl and her family. To get rid of this malady, the solutions mentioned here should be taken seriously and should be included in the law. The government and the general public need to stand up to end this system. Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @

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