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Essay on Mother (Mom, Ma)

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Nobody can be considered better than mother, love and care. Let's give your children some writing or lectures about their mother in school. These essays and speeches are written in very simple terms for your school going children. Here you can find some essays in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay on mother (100 words)

In the life of every one the mother is in the form of a valuable person, which can not be denied by words. It is said that God can not live with everyone, so he made mother, though there are some important moments with mother. It can be described that a mother is a beautiful person who takes care of every small need of our life. He takes care of every moment for our personal needs without any need for us. In the morning, he loves us so much and sleeps at night that he sleeps listening to stories with a beautiful dream. Our mother helps us to get ready to go to school and also makes breakfast and lunch for us, she stands at the afternoon door and waits for our return from school and also helps in our school homework. is.

Essay on mother (150 words)

In our lives, the role of the mother is always different and it is precious for others involved in life. Of course, Mother's whole day passes to meet our needs, she does not want to return anything to her children, but she loves them with an open heart. Being a child, we also love mother and focus on her, but her love can not be compared to her love. As a living God, in every person's life, the mother is the most different in this world, who takes all the sorrows of her children and gives them love and protection.

Mother is a person who awakens night and night in their children's bad days and diseases. They are involved in every happiness and understand their every likes and dislikes. He always guides his children to go on the right track and inspires them to do the right things in life. He is our first teacher who gives us a new lesson in every step of life and tells us the difference of right wrong that he always adheres to discipline, behaves well and our responsibility for the country, society, family and Tells the role.

Essay on mother (200 words)

The most important person in our life is our mother who always loves us as a real nature. He always lives with us and takes care of us every moment, by keeping very sad and painful, he keeps us in our womb in our real life, he is always happy to think about us. Without any complaint, she gives birth to us. Throughout my life, we can not compare our true love and upbringing with others, so we should always love and respect him. Everyone who has his mother, is the most attractive person in the world and has received many blessings from God.

A mother is a very ordinary woman who does not understand her happiness before her children's happiness He always shows interest in every activity and laughter; he is selfless soul and is a kind person with love and responsibility. She is a woman who is filled with self-power, who learn to face the most difficult challenge in life. Grows with all the difficulties of life; He always inspires us to get good things in our life; he is the first teacher of all life, whose education has proved valuable and beneficial throughout his life.

Essay on mother 4 (250 words)

In any one's life a mother is first, best and best and important because no one can be as real and real as she is. He is the only one who always lives together in our good and bad times. More than others in our life, he always takes care of us and loves us as much as we are not capable of. He gives us first priority in our life and gives us glimpse of hope in the bad times. The day we are born is the mother who really gets very happy. He knows the reason of our every pleasure and pain and tries we always be happy.

There is a special bond between mother and children, which can never end. No mother ever reduces her love and upbringing to her child, and always loves her every child equally, but in our old age, we can not even give a little love to her. Despite this he never mistaken us and always forgives like a small child. She understands everything we do and we can not fool her.

She does not want us to get into trouble with others and learn how to behave with others. Mother's Day is celebrated on 5th May every year for giving thanks to Mother and respect. There can be no one in our life as a mother. We also always take care of our mother throughout our life.


Essay on mother 5 (300 words)

In every one's life, the mother is the only one who can not take place in our heart. It is like nature which is always known to give us, without returning anything in return, we return. We see it from the very first moment of our life when we open our eyes in this world. When we begin to speak then our first word is mother. On this earth, he is our first love, first teacher and first friend. When we are born we do not know anything and are not worth doing anything, even though it is mother who raises us in our lap. He makes us capable to understand the world and can do anything.

He is always available to us, like us God raises us. If there is a God on this earth, then he is our mother. Nobody can love us and raise us like mother and nobody can sacrifice us for everything like her. She is the best woman in our life, whose place can not be changed in the future by anyone. Despite being very tired, he is always ready to do anything like ours without tiredness. He raises us with great love in the morning, prepares breakfast and gives lunch and drink bottle as usual.

After finishing all the work in the afternoon, he waits for us at the door. For us, he prepares dinner for the night and always takes care of our likes and dislikes. She also helps in our project and school homework. Just as an ocean can not be without water, the mother also does not tire of doing so much love and care. She is unique and is the only one in the whole universe that can not be changed from anyone. That is the real solution to all our small and big problems. She is the only one who never says bad things to her children and always takes her side.

Essay on mother 6 (400 words)

Anything in this world can not be weighed with mother's true love and upbringing. She is the only woman in our life who gives little loving upbringing to her child of any intention. The child is everything for a mother. When we are compelled, he always inspires us to do any hard work in life. She is a good listener and hears all our good and bad things that we say. He never stops us and does not bind us at any level. He teaches us to differentiate between good and evil.

The second name of true love is mother who can only be a mother. From that time when we come in his womb, are born and come to this world and live with him throughout his life. He gives us love and upbringing. There is nothing precious from mother who is blessed by God, so we should be grateful to God. It is the incarnation of true love, upbringing and sacrifice. It is such a thing which gives birth to the house and transforms the house into a sweet house.

She is the one who starts our school for the first time at home only to be the first and dear teacher of our lives. He teaches us the true philosophy and way of life. As soon as our life begins in this world, he loves us and gives us the attention that means coming to his womb for his life till his life. He gives birth to us through a lot of suffering and pain but in return, he always gives us love. There is no love in this world which is very strong, always selfless, pure and devoted. He fills the light by removing darkness in your life.

Every night he tells mythological stories, stories of gods and goddesses and stories of other kings and queens. He is always very concerned about our safety with our health, education, future and strangers. He always leads us towards right direction in life and most importantly, he spreads happiness in our life. He makes us mentally, physically, socially and intellectual, with a small and disabled child. He always pleases our side and prays to God for our health and good fortune throughout the whole life even though we sometimes make him sad. But there is always a pain behind her smiling face which we need to understand needs to be kept in mind.

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