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Essay on My Father

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Usually a child is most connected to his parents because he sees them first and knows them. Parents are also called the child's first school, generally the child considers his father a true hero and is the best friend of his life who shows him the right path. Here we are providing some essay in simple and different word boundaries on 'My Father', which can be selected by students for various school examinations or competitions according to their needs. Here you can find some of his father's essays in English Lanugae for the students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay on my father 1 (100 words)

'My father' is an ideal person in my life. He is my real hero and always my best friend he always helps me in any trouble. He is an internet marketing manager in a limited company in New Delhi. Because of his humility and humility, he is a very famous person in society as well as in his office. He is a very intelligent person and always helps him in the troubles of others, he is the head of our family and gives advice and instructions to all the family members. They help a lot of neighbors All my teachers-guardians take me to the meeting and talk to my teacher about my performance.

Essay 2 on my father (150 words)

'My father' is a very kind person and my real friend and best friend he always shares all his evil and good moments with me. He tells me that to give me experience, he discusses all the events of his life. , So that they can take the right steps, if they are not there they want to make me a good person in life and the most important is to follow all the etiquette, humanity and ethics, one Make successful people. He is a person who always helps the needy people in the society or on the road.

He teaches me how to become a healthy, healthy, happy and peaceful person throughout life is a good adviser for our family, whenever a family member has a problem, he advises them. He is the head of our family and while eating, he always sit on the first chair of the dining table.

Essay 3 on my father (200 words)

'My father' is a very cute and honest person I always learn from my life and experiences. They tell me about all the struggles and successes of my life; they are people who teach me about manners, humanity and morality. They help me get up early in the morning and get ready for school at the right time. My mother prepares my breakfast and lunch, while 'My father' helps me get ready, they come in every 6 o'clock in the office with great pleasure. She is a very agile person, so when she comes from the office, she starts playing badminton with me, she needs me to chocolates, crapes, fruits, beautiful toys, photo books, comedy books, clothes, shoes and study Stationery will bring.

To make our holidays a pleasant holiday, every Sunday morning in the park or at other favorite places we take everyone from home every Sunday, we have a humble, and the whole family is involved in a lot of activities. On a picnic or a famous roaming place, long time goes with all the family members. In my summer and winter vacation, 'all my parents' (I, my sister, mother and grandparents) take some places to relax or entertain at Hill Station, Beach and Hotel

Essay 4 on my father (250 words)

'My father' is the world's most beloved father. He is my real hero, my friend, my inspiration and the best person in my life. He is such a person who is very helpful in getting ready for school, getting up from bed in the morning and completing his homework well, they always take care of me and call my mother in the afternoon if I am the right time I'm at home or not. He is a very healthy, healthy, happy and timid person. He always goes to the office at the right time and teaches us to go to school at the right time. They teach us the values ​​of time of life and say that if someone waste their time, then the time destroys his life.

They are very good people and help their neighbors in their difficult times. They always love, care for them and respect my mother and never quarrel with them. They always cooperate with them and they help in the kitchen many times during their illness. They love my grandfather a lot and love and teach us to take care of them. They tell us that old people are like God, we should have their attention, respect and love. We should never ignore the old people in difficult times because these times comes in everyone's life. He tells us that according to his position, always the people of all age groups should always help. They talk about 15 minutes every day about good habits and morals.

Essay on my father 5 (300 words)

'My father' is the best friend and true hero of my life. I always call them dad He is the most special person in my life. He is a very good player and artist. They paint in their spare time and encourage us to do painting too. He says that we should be interested in music, singing, playing action, painting, dance, cartoon etc., because such extra activities keep our surviving time busy and help keep the whole life peaceful. He is an internet manager (a software engineer) in a limited company of New Delhi.

To help the needy people, they never go back and are always ready to help them, especially for the help of old people. He is my best friend and discusses all my problems. Whenever I'm troubled, they tell me very quietly and take me to the upper room, they sit next to me, keep my hand on my shoulders and share my life experiences. To make me realize, I make mistakes, including my mistakes and success, that I am doing what is right and wrong. They explain the ethics of life and explain the importance of elders. They teach us that we should not hurt any person throughout our life and always should help the needy people, especially the old men.

They always take care of my grandparents and say that elderly people are like the valuable property of the house without them, we are like children without water and water is like no fish. They always give very good examples to understand anything easily. On every holiday i.e. on Sunday, they take us to a picnic or park, where we all have lots of fun through external activities and games. We usually play carrom in the form of outdoor games badminton and home games.

Essay on my father 6 (400 words)

The person whom I always admire in my life is only my dear father. I still remember all my childhood moments with my father. They are the real reasons of my happiness and joy. Because of what I am, because my mother was always busy in the kitchen and other household works and these are 'my father' who celebrate with me and my sister. I think he is the world's most distinct father. I consider myself very blessed by having such a father in my life. I always thank God for giving me the opportunity to be born into such a good father's family.

He is a very humble and peaceful person. They never complain of me and take all my mistakes easily and make me feel all my mistakes with very humility. He is the head of our family and helps every family member in times of bad times. To tell me, they share the shortcomings and achievements of their lives. They have their own business of online marketing but still do not pressurize or attract them to move forward in the same area, instead they always promote me for whatever I want to be in my life. He is actually a good father, not because he helps me, but because of his knowledge, strength, helpful nature and especially handling the people correctly.

They always respect their parents, ie my grandparents and pay attention to them all the time. I still remember when I was young, my grandparents usually used to talk about my father's bad guys. They told me that your father is a very good person in his life, be like him. These are 'my father' who want to see everyone happy in the family and always ask whenever anyone is unhappy, they solve their problems. They love my mother very much and take care of her and advise them to rest when they get tired from domestic things. 'My father' is my inspiration, he is always ready to help me for my school work and also go to my PTM to discuss my behavior and performance in class.

'My father' was born in a very poor family, but due to his patience, hard work and helpful nature, he is currently one of the wealthy people of the city. My friends usually call me very fortunate when having such a father's son. I usually laugh at such comments and tell my father, they also laugh, they say that they do not tell the truth but the truth is that I am happy that I have a son like you. They tell me to be what you want and always believe in yourself.

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