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Essay on My Family

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To stay safe and to move forward, 'family' is the most important requirement for everyone in this world. There are many important roles in the life of any of the family, in school examinations or in different competitions, students are often given essay to write on topics related to 'family', so that we can use simple and easy language with different word boundaries Presenting the essay. Students studying in different classes can use the given essay as per their requirement. Here you can find some essay on the English language in Hindi, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words for the students.

Essay on my family 1 (100 words)

According to the number of members in the family, the family can be small according to the number of members in the family, two or three or more people living together in the family, due to the family of the family, the family of the big family, or the family of the joint family family. Between blood, marriage, adoption etc. can be due to various relationships. A new born child needs a positive family relationship for all its development and good in society. Healthy family relationships help in promoting good habits, culture and tradition in children. A family plays an important role in preparing new generation children for the entire life of the community. Everyone needs a healthy family, especially for a child and old people.

Essay 2 on my family (150 words)

In this world, no family member is incomplete because the family is an integral part of everyone's life. In the group called family, mankind is seen as a social creature. Family plays an important role throughout the family. A family can be a small family, a small child, a big family, or a joint family. There can be many relationships in the family such as grandparents, parents, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncle, aunt etc. A positive family provides many benefits to all its members, where all families take equal responsibility. . Family members are emotionally related to each other's happiness and sadness. They help each other in their bad times who feel security. A family provides love, enthusiasm and protection to all its members throughout life, making it a whole family. A good and healthy family produces a good society, and a good society is possible to make a good country.

Essay 3 on my family (200 words)

My family is a small child belonging to middle class family. There are four members in my family, like a father, a mother, me and my younger sister, like other Indian families, our families are not big, we live in Ghaziabad city, though my grandparents live in rural areas. My grandfather becomes my family with a small joint family. My family is a perfect, positive and happy family, which provides a lot of love, excitement and security to me and my sister. I am very happy in my family because he takes care of me and catches all my needs. A happy family gives the following characteristics to his members:

  • The family develops a human being and develops into a complete human race.
  • It provides a safe and romantic atmosphere that helps in sharing our happiness and problems.
  • It makes the person social and intellectual
  • The person who lives in the family is more happy than a person living alone
  • It provides protection against external protests
  • Provides a family society, and happy, active, sharp education and a better new generation for the country.
  • A family makes emotionally and physically powerful, honest and confident person individually.

Essay 4 on my family (250 words)

My family is a big joint family, although there is a happy family. My entire family lives in Varanasi, my family has many grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunt, my cousins ​​and sisters like my sisters. There are three big children in my joint family, each of which has a grandparent and three parents and many children. There are many benefits and disadvantages of the joint family which I am mentioning here.

Some benefits of joint family:

  • These provide a better way of living which contribute significantly for proper growth.
  • The joint family adheres to the principle of equitable economy and learns to share the burden of quality discipline and other members.
  • The members of the joint family understand the reciprocal compatibility.
  • In a large joint family, children get good atmosphere and friends of the same environment, because of this, the new generation of family achieves good success without any interruption in studies, sports and other activities.
  • Children who develop in a joint family have a sense of affection, which means they are friendly and free from any discrimination.
  • In relation to the head of the family, members of the joint family are responsible and disciplined.

There are some disadvantages of living in a joint family, which are being told here:

  • Due to the lack of proper rules in the joint family, some members become slack and sometimes become habituated to eating on their second earnings. They start exploiting other good and direct members of the family.
  • In some cases, generally the members of the joint family's high status and earning more money insult the members of low status and less money.
  • Many times, people earning more money teach their children in good and expensive schools, while never sharing the burden of children of low-income members, so there is a feeling of discrimination between the children of the joint family.
  • The possibility of separation in the joint family is more due to the feeling of generosity, the emotional love and the imbalance of the feeling of loneliness.

Essay on my family 5 (300 words)

A small family with a parent and two children is called the original family. A family is called a great parent with a parent and three or more children. A family is called a joint family with many parents and many of their children. The type of family of my family is a big family, in which there is a family of 6 members with mother, father, two brothers and two sisters. I live with my family and are very happy. The people of the family take great care of me and provide reasonable direction in time to time. My grandparents live in my village's house where we go to our summer vacations and have lots of fun. My grandparents take care of all the children in the house. They usually tell a lovely story at night, which we enjoy very much. We enjoy all the moments with them and capture those memories in our mobile.

My parents love my grandparents and always take care of their needs. Whenever we go to the village, we give them many things of their needs. My parents talk with my grandparents almost every day on mobile. I am very fortunate and I am very happy to have such dear and thoughtful members in the family. When I return home, I miss my grandparents very much.

My mother is very sweet and we all love and care. They give us delicious snacks and meals every day. My parents take great care of each other. To give new generation, my mother tells us about Indian culture and tradition. We gladly celebrate all festivals and festivals in our village with grandparents and give gifts to each other. We live in cities in a modern lifestyle, although the rural life style is also very popular in the village. My parents both help me in homework. We spend some time with each other at dinner and in the field.

Essay on my family 6 (400 words)

My family is the most lovable family in the world and is an important unit of society. A small and big family is very important for its members and is seen as a strong unit of society because many families together make a good society. A family becomes the first school for children where they learn all the culture, traditions and most essential basic family values. The family plays a key role in teaching children good behavior and habits in the family. It helps in creating a better character person in society. I am really fortunate enough to be born into a small dear family where I learn everything in my childhood.

In fact, I belong to the middle family of 6 members (mother, father, grandparents, me and my sister). We all follow the matter of our grandparents because they are the head of the family. We really respect their prime position in the family and take rejoicing. He is a great man because he has done many exciting works in his time. They always think about our good and make the right decisions for us. Their decision is final in all family matters. They sit on the main chair of the dining table. My grandparents are very calm and friendly, although none of us tries to go against them. They are very influential people, they win the hearts of everyone with lovely conversations. They are very old yet they help our homework because they were teachers. He learned about many ways to succeed in life, such as discipline, punctuality, cleanliness, ethics, hard work and continuity.

My grandmother is also a lovely lady and she tells good stories to us every night. My father is a school teacher and disciplined person. He is very timid, intelligent and self-reliant. They have also taught us that when you make a bad time, one day time will ruin you, so do not waste your time anytime and use it properly. My mother is very sweet and very ordinary housewife. He gives attention to all the members of the family and maintains a pleasant atmosphere every day in the family. He takes special care of grandparents and children as well as always helps poor and needy people in the society. Since childhood, we have been taught to love and love the elders in our family and to help the needy people on the road. My lovely little family really is full of love, care, peace, prosperity and discipline.

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