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Essay on Friendship

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Even when there is no friendship, there is a connection between a married person who can be with anyone of any age, but it is possible to have deep friendships in others besides any other. For the small children and students going to school to explain the importance and depth of friendship, we are providing essays in different word boundaries along with some straightforward and simple language. Students can use it in any school examinations or competitions. Here you can find some essays on Friendship in Egnlish language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 words.

Essay on friendship 1 (100 words)

Friendship between two or more people living anywhere in the world is a trustworthy and loyal relationship. We can not live our whole life alone and need a trusted companion to live happily, whom we call friends. Friendship is an intimate relationship that can be trusted forever. It is not limited to the age, gender, and individual post, i.e. friendship can be between the man of any age group, the woman's woman or the person's animal. However, it is generally possible to discriminate between people of one age group without gender and position. Friendship can develop with one or more different passions, feelings or thoughts.

Essay 2 on friendship (150 words)

Despite having very important things in life, friendship is a very valuable relationship in the life of a person. No one can survive completely satisfying life if he does not have trustworthy friendships. Everyone needs a good and loyal friend to share the good memories of life, unbearable events and moments of happiness. Everyone needs a good and balanced human interaction to live.

Good friends share each other's feelings and emotions that bring a sense of well-being and mental satisfaction. A friend is a person who can know deeply, can always be loved and trusted. Despite having some identities in the nature of the two persons involved in friendship, they have some different characteristics, but they need each other without changing the uniqueness of each other. Generally, friends without criticism inspire each other, but at times, friends also make the worst of their second friend to bring some positive changes.


Essay 3 on friendship (200 words)

A true friendship in the life of the person involved is the most precious gift. The person who receives a true friend in his life is said to be very fortunate. True friendship gives a variety of memorable, sweet and happy experiences in life. Friendship is one of the most valuable assets in someone's life, which nobody would ever want to lose. In the pursuit of success without any failure in life, two or more people involved in this leads to true friendship. The quest for a good friend is not easy, because of misunderstanding one another, we are successful and many times unsuccessful.

Friendship is a dedicated feeling of love, so that we can share anything about our life and always take care of each other. A friend is someone who understands and appreciates others without any hesitation. True friends are never greedy for one another, they want to give each other something better in their life. There is no wall or age discrimination, caste, race, religion or sex between friendships. They know each other's truth and satisfactorily help each other.

Human is a social creature and can not live alone; Anybody needs someone to share their sorrows. Generally, a successful friendship is between an equal age, character, and background. Friends are loyal supporters for each other who helps a friend in the worst time of life without any goal.


Essay 4 on friendship (250 words)

Friendship between two or more people is a divine relationship. The second name of friendship is to be remembered and helped. This is based on understanding, trust, and understanding of each other. This is a very simple and loyal relationship between two or more social people. Those who make true friendship, take care of another friend without any kind of greed and help. Day-to-day friendship with care and confidence begins to grow stronger.

The friends who show their power and strength without each other trust and help each other. They have a sense of justice in their minds and know that at any time, anyone may need meditation and help. To maintain friendship for a long time, there is a lot of need for dedication and trust. Due to a lot of demands and lack of satisfaction, some people are unable to maintain friendship for long periods of time. Some people make friends only to fulfill their needs and desires.

Finding a good friend in a large crowd is like finding a diamond in a coal mine. True friends are not there only available on good occasions, but they are also standing in bad situations. We should be careful to choose our best friends because we can deceive anyone. Finding a good companion in life is a very difficult task, and if someone gets a true companion then it is the true grace of the Lord. A good friend always helps her in bad times and shows advice on walking on the right path.


Essay on friendship 5 (300 words)

After hard work, giving everything to a particular person is a true friendship, true friendship is a true relationship between two or more people, where there is no faith in any demand. Someone is always ready in true friendship to give care, help and other things. Friends are very important in everyone's life because they play a major role in raising a needy person by giving love, care and emotional support. Friendship can be between two or more people without any age, class, sex, post, race or caste. However, generally friendship is among the ages.

Some people successfully carry the friendship of their childhood throughout their life, while some end up in the middle of some misunderstanding, lack of time or other reasons. Some people have a lot of friends in their kindergarden or primary level, but no one or maybe anyone does not move forward in later life. Some people have only one or two friends who carry it very well in the later days of their old age. A friend can be outside the family or even a member of the house (one of the family members) (neighbors, relatives etc.).

Friends can be both good and bad, good friends take on a good path while bad friends take on the wrong path, so we should be careful while choosing friends in life. Bad friends can prove to be very bad for us because they are enough to completely destroy our lives. To share our emotions (happiness and sadness) we should be special in life, to talk to someone to eradicate our loneliness, to laugh at someone to get rid of others etc. With good friends of our friends, we are motivated to do any hard work in life and it becomes easier to get out of the bad times happily.

Essay on friendship 6 (400 words)

Friendship is a dedicated relationship between two people in which there is love, care and affection for each other without any desire and misunderstanding. Usually friendship is in the middle of the one who likes, feels, and holds thoughts. It is believed that there is no limit to age, gender, rank, caste, religion and sect in friendship, but at times it has been seen that economic differences and other distortions spoil friendship. That is why it can be said that true friendship is possible between people of the same mind and people with similar status.

There are many friends in this world who always live together during prosperity but true, intelligent and trustworthy friendship is those who are also in the bad times of a friend. Our bad times let us identify good and bad friends. By nature everyone has the charm of money but true friends do not make us feel bad when we need money or any help. However, sometimes borrowing money from friends puts friendships in jeopardy. Friendship can be influenced by others or yourself at any time, so we should balance and balance this relationship.

Many times friendships break down due to their own ego or self-esteem. In true friendship, there should be proper understanding, satisfaction, feeling of helping and trust. True friends never abuse, but encourage them to do the right things in life. But sometimes because of some false and deceitful friends, friendship is completely changed, which always makes use of someone else wrongly. Some people want to make friends immediately and eliminate friendship as soon as selfishness is complete. It is difficult to say anything wrong about friendship, but it is true that any unintentional person can be cheated in friendship. In today's days, it is very difficult to get good friendship between the crowd of good and bad people, but if someone has a true friend then there is no one in this world more fortunate than that.

True friendship can be with human beings and with human beings. There is no doubt that good friend helps in the bad days of our lives. Friends always protect us from dangers and also advise from time to time. True friends are similar to the property of our lives, because they share our sadness, pain and truth, and keep us happy.

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