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Essay on Teacher

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The teacher is an important person in the life of a student who gives a strong shape to his whole life with his knowledge, patience, love and care. Every essay given here underlines the importance of a teacher in a student's life and also clarifies his role. This essay is very simple and different words are given in the boundaries, which students can use according to their needs. Are there. Here you can find some essay on the teacher in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay on teacher 1 (100 words)

A teacher is a person who shapes everyone's future by providing the best education to his student. A teacher plays an important role in the education of each student. A teacher has many qualities and he is fully skilled in making his student's life successful. A teacher is very sensible and he very well knows how to take care of the student for the study. During the study, a teacher uses creativity so that students can be integrated. A teacher is a stock of knowledge and he has many patience and confidence that takes responsibility for students' future. The teacher sees the potential of each child and accordingly, helps the child in studies.

Essay on teacher 2 (150 words)

The teacher is a great source of knowledge, prosperity and light so that one can benefit from the lifespan. They are in the form of real light in everyone's life because they help students make their way in life. They are gifts given to God in the life of such a person who without any selfishness leads us to success. In fact, through education we can call them as a creator of a wonderful future of our nation.

Teachers play important roles in the field of education, which educates students very well for a person of good behavior and ethics. They make the student academically excellent and encourage them to do good in life. He encourages the student with knowledge, skills and positive behavior so that students never feel lost and can move forward. He always explains his goal of education through clear views and ideas to the students. Nobody can develop mental, social and intellectual development in the life of the teacher.

Essay on teacher 3 (200 words)

A teacher is a good person who takes responsibility for the life of any young and susceptible children. By educating our students in the right direction, a teacher feels good feeling, pride and happiness; he never discriminates between his good and bad students, but rather brings the weak children to the right path with their efforts. A great teacher is one who gives his entire life quality education to his students. He goes ahead to make all the students good. The teacher makes learning process very interesting and creative. By positively motivating the study, the teachers made their best efforts to get all the students on the right path. Good teacher leaves a good impression on children

Teachers, sometimes, reward children for their good work, while sometimes punishing them to realize the mistake, so that the children can understand that this is not right for their life. They teach their students to differentiate between right and wrong, instead of fighting wrong they can choose the right steps in their life. It is understood to the teachers that not all students have the ability to get it, so they explain them differently.

Essay on teacher 4 (250 words)

In this world, the teacher's profession is considered as the best and ideal profession because the teacher is selflessly serving his life. Their dedicated work can not be compared to any other work. Teachers are those who take care of all their students. They check their habit of eating habits, hygiene levels, behavior towards others and concentration towards studies. To protect the children from diseases, they cut their children's nails every week to keep the habit of cleanliness and cleanliness in their possession. Teachers organize health camps in every fourth month in schools, so that the weight, height, intellectual level, blood pressure, heart rate, lung capacity, blood tests, urination tests, small mother immunity, immunization for MMR, smallpox , DPT booster doses, polio drops, etc. and their health records should be kept.

Teachers are never bad, this is the only way to teach them that is different from each other and creates a different image of the students in their minds. Teachers want only their students to be happy and successful. A good teacher never loses his patience and teaches according to every student. Our teacher wants us to wear clean clothes, eat healthy food, stay away from wrong food, pay attention to my parents, to behave well with others, to come to school in uniform, ever in life To not lie, to give positive feedback, to pay attention to your school, copy, books, other things, pray to God for concentration in studies For the sake of any dilemma, to discuss your subject with the teacher, etc., inspire many good things.

Essay on teacher 5 (300 words)

To gain victory and success, education in life is considered as the most powerful weapon. The future of our country and the life of the youth is given to teachers to carry out this important responsibility and work to shape and shape it. The teacher plays important responsibility towards education and creates the present and the future of the children. The teacher does a great job in creating a good society by directing and educating a lot of students throughout their life. In order to choose the right path in life, the teacher is sent to God by God, as well as enables him to make the right decision in the worst situation. Teachers lead their children from their childhood and make them mentally, socially and intellectually capable. Teachers are like ordinary people who are from amongst us but they choose a different job of teaching their students.

My most beloved teacher is of art and science who keeps a great smile on their face and keeps us happy. In our teaching strategy, they combine a lot of strategies which we love very much. We all like the way to teach them and we all bring a good percentage about them. They make us feel the truth of life, show the experiences of our lives and teach us how to get out of difficult situations easily. She is our most beloved teacher and understands all children in an equal manner. He does not behave differently between us and always motivates us to do good. We praise our parents on their good at home. He knows that we only take a lot of interest in them, so one day he said that we should all pay attention to every subject so that no one can beat us in any field. We should be strong in every aspect, for this reason we should read each subject equally.

Essay on teacher 6 (400 words)

For us a teacher is a precious gift from God. A teacher is like God because God is the creator of the whole universe whereas a teacher is considered to be the creator of a good nation. There are many reputable people in the teacher's society who take the responsibility to raise the lifestyle and mind level of the common people through their magic of teaching. Parents expect much from their teacher for their children. The role of a teacher varies from class to playground and for every student. In every life the teacher is a very important person who appears to perform different functions in our lives.

Before coming to class, a good teacher ensures his goal of everyday education. Every teacher has its own specialty of teaching. They can change for every subject in their knowledge, skills and behavior. They make their best efforts and help us reach our goal in life. School life is considered the best in everyone's life because this is the time when people learn the basics of life and different subjects. We all decide our targets at the school time which decides the development of our nation. Every student keeps his mind open in school and enhances his knowledge and skills by participating in additional activities like sports, quizzes, group discussions, debates, essay writing, speech, tourism, travel and study travel etc.

A good teacher is also a good friend of his students who helps him get the right path. There are a lot of teachers in schools and colleges, but one teacher is a favorite of all students. Through their collective role of unique learning and teaching process, teachers decide the goal of our education. Our teachers always inspire us to work in harmony. Our teachers understand us and solve our time in both personal and professional ways. They teach us to adopt a positive attitude towards life. A good teacher is one who gives students all over his life but does not take anything, but he is very happy with the success of his students. A great teacher is one who provides a great future generation for his nation. Only due to proper education, social problems, corruption etc. can be eliminated, which ultimately will lead a nation towards real development and growth.

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