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Essay on Save Tree

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Trees are important in our lives like food and water, without the tree life will be very difficult or we can say that life will end because the tree is an important aspect in giving us healthy and prosperous life. In today's days, it has been added to the student's life through important social awareness and education to save the trees. Generally, this topic is given to students in class or discussion in school or other competition. Here various word boundaries and essays are available in very simple language. They can be used by the students as per their requirement. You can find some essay in English, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 800 words to save trees in English language.

Essay on tree savings (100 words)

The tree provides direct and indirect life because it is the source of oxygen production, CO2 consumption and rainfall. This is the most precious gift given to humanity on earth by nature, which we should be grateful and in this regard should be preserved for the good of humanity.

We should understand the importance of tree in our life and to save life, to protect the environment on earth and to make the earth green in the earth, we should do our best to save the trees. Trees are valuable in the form of gold, due to this they are called "green gold" on the ground, as well as the actual sources of our health money because they contain oxygen, cold air, fruits, spices, vegetables, medicines, water , Provide girls, furniture, shade, fuel for fuel, fodder for home, animal feed etc. The tree consumes fresh air from all CO2, toxic gases and prevents us from air pollution.

Save essay on tree 2 (150 words)

The tree gives us life and it is very important to live this life. Many people rely on trees to stay financially, for example, the main role of the paper industry, rubber industry, match industry etc. give us pure oxygen and air and consume CO2, while they Also provides us with security, shadows, food, earning, home, medicine etc.

Trees are the means of rain on earth because they attract clouds which eventually bring rain. They save from soil and refresh the environment by protecting against pollution. The tree is home to wild animals and is a means of wild animals in forests. Trees are very useful and are useful friends of humanity. They clean the soil by filtering sewage and chemicals, noise pollution, air pollution control, contingency floods etc. Given the importance and value of trees in our lives, we must respect trees for saving life and environment.

Essay on tree protection 3 (200 words)

In our life given by nature, the tree is a very precious gift, it is like green gold on earth and it has a very high meaning in everyone's life. Here some importance of trees has been mentioned, which will prove why trees are being saved to save lives:

  • Vibration is a very important tool for refreshing the air by cleaning and cleaning airborne particles, chemicals, toxic gases, heat reduction, and prevention and other pollutants (such as CO2 and sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide (because they contain oxygen Production filtering and greenhouse gases absorbed).
  • Hazardous gases trees in the environment like natural wastes.
  • The tree is a natural shade and a cool air machine and is more intuitive and beneficial than artificial cooling techniques such as wings, coolers, air conditions etc.
  • It is effective in breaking the power of air, it is helpful in protecting homes, flora and soils etc.
  • Keeps the level of dust and level of pollution especially in urban areas healthy.
  • By refreshing the air, the tree protects us from breathing problems and problems.
  • This helps in reducing noise pollution and is effective as a sound obstacle, because it works effectively as a stone to stop noise. This prevents us from the voices of crowded roads, railway stations, airports etc.
  • Trees save soil from flowing, it is helpful in protecting rain water and prevents accumulation of depression during storm.

Essay 4 on saving trees (250 words)

To save the tree, there is not just a slogan to save life, it is a responsibility to understand and understand every person living on earth. This is a great opportunity for all of us to save our healthy environment and green soil by saving trees. The tree is a symbol of life on earth and it is a natural home for many people and wild animals. In today's modern world, it is very important to save trees where urbanization, industrialization and global warming are increasing rapidly. In such a technological world, where people are working and fighting for themselves, only trees are alive for others (humans and animals).

Provides lots of life on earth, by providing fruits, vegetables, vegetation, flowers, spices, cold shade, medication, root, tree bark, wood, germination etc. A fully grown tree works without R in many years of humanity

How to save trees?

Some effective methods of protecting trees to protect life and environment on earth are as follows:

  • We must know the reason for removing trees in special areas and analyze whether the trees were needed to be cut due to fading, bad or in place of wrong place.
  • We should get proper information about the removal of trees from the streets by writing a letter in the context of calling the local department of urban forestry or in relation to lodging objection to the urban forest officer.
  • In connection with the removal of trees, we can contact our Urban Council representative.
  • We should have public hearings in front of the authorities in relation to saving trees in association with our neighbors.
  • To make this case more robust and effective, we should research all the benefits of trees.
  • We need to contact the media and they should be on their side so that the issue of removal of trees to the people has reached the issue and people's awareness is increased.
  • If the trees are removed, we should contact local government and non-profit organizations to reassure them to plant again in the same area.


Life on earth is possible due to water, oxygen and trees and we can not circumvent that the tree is on the earth as the main means of oxygen and water. If we eliminate trees and forests, we will eliminate life and environment from the green earth. Humans are known as the most intelligent creatures on earth. That is why we should understand our responsibility towards nature and start saving the trees, the green gold of the earth.

Essay on tree save 6 (400 words)


Trees are the most valuable and important means of life on earth. It's a lot of work for health and business communities on Earth. With all these direct and indirect methods, all these creatures benefit animals on earth. Everything on the earth is connected to each other and runs through the balance of nature, if there is any disturbance with it, the entire environment can be disrupted and can damage life on earth. The tree protects us from many natural disasters and in many ways it fosters our lives. It keeps our environment clean and green to the earth, therefore, we are also responsible for them and have to do our best to save them. Long and mature trees are more profitable than small trees because they absorb more carbon, greenhouse gases filter at very high rates, adopts stormwater, provides big shade and opposes urban heat, energy Reduces the use of etc. That is why we should not cut it even in emergency time.

Benefits of trees

Here we are mentioning some of the real benefits of the tree which will help you to understand why trees should not be cut, although there is a great need to plant trees from time to time.

  • By purifying the air and absorbing greenhouse gases, mature trees help us to resist climate change because they are the main sources of climate change.
  • By refreshing the air, the tree helps clean the air because it absorbs all the odor and pollutant gases in the environment.
  • In one acre, mature trees can provide oxygen to 18 people per year.
  • The tree opposes the heat of the summer season as well as the low winter temperature.
  • The tree is the best energy conservation and global warming management technology because it reduces the need for up to 50% of summer wind adaptation.
  • It protects the water by reducing water vaporization through the shade.
  • The tree filtrates water naturally and plays a major role in saving water pollution by allowing the water to flow in under the trees so that it protects the rain water from taking pollutants from the ocean.
  • By protecting large quantities of soil from one place, the tree prevents soil erosion.
  • To protect against ultra violet rays, the tree provides us with a strong armor and this is why skin protects from cancer and other skin problems.
  • Trees, food (such as fruits, vegetables, etc.) is a good tool for roofing, medicine, economy etc.
  • Trees have a good therapeutic character among patients among patients with any health related difficulties, such as children with ADHD should be kept in close contact with trees and nature.
  • Trees are a good way to identify weather, they reduce violence and generate economic opportunities for the people.
  • Trees are the best teachers who never talk but they all teach. These are the best companions to play with children.
  • These are the best examples of unity in diversity.
  • Trees are a good way to reduce sound pollution, water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution.


By looking at all the advantages of the trees here, we can fully understand the values ​​of trees in our life. That is why we should not cut trees and forests. We should motivate people to plant more trees in human hordes and encourage common people to save trees.

Essay on tree save 7 (800 words)


The tree plays a big role in purging air, soil and water, due to this, the earth makes a better place to live. People who live near the trees are usually healthy and happy. The tree helps us greatly by our unlimited service throughout our life. Being human, do we ever understand our responsibilities towards trees or only we will continue to enjoy its benefits. Protecting trees is not showing kindness to her, but we show compassion to our life because life on the tree is not possible on earth. Therefore, if we want to live in a healthy way, we have to always save trees.

Importance of trees

Here we are telling some important and priceless qualities of trees which will help us to know why trees are said to be green on the earth and very important for a healthy life.

  • The tree adds a lot of utility to our lives, as well as improves our life's position by providing fresh air and nutritious food.
  • The tree caters to our extra requirements such as roof, medicine and other needs of our modern lifestyle.
  • In order to provide a peaceful environment and aesthetic pleasurable environment, tree plays a big role in society, community, street, park, playground and backyard patio. The tree helps to increase the quality of life by providing cold shade during our external activities.
  • In the area of ​​living, old trees become the pride of the historical site and the city.
  • The tree helps in turning the sunlight and for this reason reduces the heat and keeps the environment clean and cool.
  • The tree provides pure oxygen and reduces air pollution by filtration of hazardous gases.
  • This helps in water conservation by saving water evaporation.
  • It protects soil from erosion and provides support to wildlife.
  • Through the management of the effects of sun, rain and air, tree is a useful means of controlling the climate.
  • Trees are very important in balancing ecology in nature.
  • The tree is a good means of absorbing and collecting water from the rain, which protects the damage after the storm.
  • Tree is a good means of food and shade for wild animals. Birds make their own slugs on the twigs of trees.
  • Trees have their own personal and spiritual properties because they look colorful and beautiful. Some trees have been worshiping since ancient times.
  • Trees are the means of the economy for a lot of people because they are commercially used in fuel, building houses, tools, making furniture, etc. in the making of sports goods.

Why Save the Trees?

Below we have some points that will explain why trees should be saved:

  • Trees always clean and refresh the air by releasing oxygen including dust, micro-particles, pollutants, greenhouse gases, (ozone, ammonia, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide) and filtration of small particles.
  • The tree reduces the mist and air pollution from the environment.
  • It improves water quality, prevents water pollution, its root system reduces the drainage of storm water, prevents flood and soil erosion.
  • Trees are a good source of energy conservation because these fan, air condition etc. reduces the arrangement to cool the air in the summer season.
  • Due to positive economic impact on the land building, good landscape sites and land buildings have good value, they accelerate the sales of the house.
  • According to the Human Environment Research Laboratory, the tree is very effective in reducing the level of violence in the neighborhood.
  • 4 trees can save the cost of cooling heat up to 30%, while 1 million trees can save approximately $ 10 million of energy per year.
  • 40 to 50 trees help to remove about 80 pounds of air pollutants per year.
  • Trees need very little water per year (400 trees require about 40,000 gallons of rain water).
  • A tree offers oxygen of $ 31,250 worth up to its entire lifetime of 50 years.
  • Trees around the house increase the market value of 6% to 7% and up to 10% of the value of the property (according to the USDA forest reserve).


As we saw about the importance of trees, with the value of trees in our lives, also know why tree should be saved; To make the public aware of the trees in the vicinity, we must start a campaign of awareness. In order to know the issue related to decreasing the number of trees on the earth, we should encourage people to participate in such programs for greater participation. We must always remain active and keep our eyes open regarding the existence of green gold on the earth. We should not be involved in tree cutting and should oppose cutting of trees and forests. We should always be a part of people's living space and planting trees in polluted areas.

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