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Speech on Christmas Day 

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Speech -1 on Christmas Day 

The respected nobility, principals, teachers and teachers present here, my senior and dear classmates, all good morning. All of us have gathered here to celebrate the festival of Christmas, on this occasion, I want to say a few words on Christmas Day. First of all, thanks for giving my class teacher a chance to speak on this occasion.

Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25 by Christians and non-Christians in many countries around the world. In some countries, this day has also been declared as a public holiday. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, who was born on December 25. It is a religious and traditional festival of Christians. In India, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm, and joy, by almost 250 million Christians. The largest Christian denomination in Mumbai is found in which mainly Roman Catholic Christians are found. In other states of the country, there is a high population of Christians, who make this festival the pride of India in the winter season. At this festival, they gather in the middle of the night at night, especially in Catholic Christians, they go with the people of the whole family and become a part of the crowd and enjoy the mass feast, which includes various delicious dishes. They give gifts to each other on this day. Shortly before this day, they begin to decorate the churches with small yellow flowers (ponnathiyo) and candles, especially for the midnight gathering of a night before Christmas.

People start giving greetings to each other a few days before the festival. They greeted Christmas; Greetings from Christmas (Happy Christmas), Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Christmas Mubarak etc. through the distribution of Christmas cards or gifts. Decorating the Christmas tree at home or in the home garden, is a special tradition of celebrating Christmas. People also decorate their homes and churches with candles and electric bulbs. The Christians of South India pour some oil in the mud of oil and burn them on rooftops, which symbolizes the fact that Jesus Christ will publish the whole world. They sing a special song, which are also known as collective songs and fulfill other practices in the church. In some places, in fact, to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, it is customary to cut fruit Christmas cake. Santa brings midnight to many attractive gifts and shares among children.

Catholic Christians have the practice of fasting on this day, they do not eat anything from 1 to 24 December and eat only after midnight on 24th December. Santa Claus (Christmas Father), Christmas Baba (in Hindi), Baba Christmas (Urdu), Christmas Taththa (in Tamil), Christmas Thatha (in Telugu), Natha Bua (in Marathi), Christmas Papa (in Kerala) Is also known by name.

Thank you.


Speech -2 on Christmas Day 

Honorable Guest Sir, Principal, Respected teachers and teachers, good morning to my senior and my dear companions. All of us have gathered here to celebrate Christmas festival. I want to say a few words on the festival of Christmas. I am so grateful to my class teacher that, he gave me a chance to speak on this festival.

We all eagerly anticipate this great opportunity. It is one of the most joyful and joyous festivals of the winter season. It falls between the winter season every year, on December 25. It is celebrated by people of different religions around the world, however, especially by Christians. There are different traditions of celebrating this festival in every country, although there are almost identical evenings. The most common activities are to decorate the Christmas tree, hang the welcome sparks, buy Christmas trophy, candy, Santa's clothes, Santa's cap etc., to decorate the place with the scenes of birth to show the birth of Jesus Christ. Group groups of Christmas are sung and stories are told to tell children about child Jesus, Santa Claus, Sant Nicholas, Father Christmas, Dada Frost etc.

Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25 to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus is also called Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ. They are considered to be the sons of God and this is the centralization of Christians for many years. Modern scholars agree with the historical existence of Jesus. It is believed that Jesus was Zevsh Rabbi who taught people verbally. He came to earth to cooperate with his people, however, he was crucified for the sins of the people. His followers believe that he went back to his life after death. Jesus Christ was the son of God who had great significance and he was born from the womb of a Holy Spirit female Mary. It is believed that he came as the protector of the people on earth. He was one of the most important servants of God and was the Messiah of the innocent people.

People celebrate Christmas Day annually with many preparations and decorations, to show respect for Christ and remember them for their great work. They started giving Christmas cards and gifts to their loved ones, relatives, close-ups, even before the festival a few weeks ago. This is a special religious tradition, when Christians fast for a long time and break their fast during the midnight meal. Thus, every festival has no significance behind it, just as Christmas is not only for Christians but also for non-Christians, there is a very important festival in itself, which spreads the message of love and harmony in everyone. And gives a message of peace.

Thank you.


Speech -3 on Christmas Day 

Respected Principal Sir, Sir, Madam, my senior and dear classmates, all of you good morning. Today is Christmas, which we celebrate every year by organizing a cultural festival. This day is celebrated in the whole world, especially in the form of annual Christmas Day by the people of the Christian community. This day is very important for Christians because they celebrate it as the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ). It is believed that, December 25 is celebrated all over the world as a religious and cultural festival. Christmas Day has been declared as a public holiday by governments of many countries throughout the world. It is celebrated by non-Christian people as well as decoration and arrangement in India and other countries as a cultural festival. The celebration of this festival is one of the integral parts of the annual holidays.

In the celebration of this celebration, the subject of the secularism of Christian, pre-Christian, origin of different countries is mixed. There are some important traditions of this holiday ceremony; Sharing gifts by Santa Claus, distributing Christmas cards, singing Christmas music, singing Christmas songs, burning candles, serving in church, special meals organized, special Christmas lights etc. Like many known people; Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Christmas Father, and Christ-Kind etc., bring gifts for young children on Christmas night. This festival places special importance for retailers and traders.

Children are very happy on this day because they get gifts by 12 pm, their parents and Santa Claus. They also wear Santa's cap and Santa's clothes to celebrate this day's celebration in school. Children go with their parents and do lots of shopping. I hope you have liked my speech on important days like Christmas Day. All of you, my best wishes for Christmas.

Thank you.


Speech -4 on Christmas Day 

Respected principals, teachers and teachers, my senior and allies, all my good morning. All of us have gathered here to celebrate Christmas Day, I would like to say a few words to all of you on this occasion. I am very grateful to my class teacher / teacher that he gave me an opportunity to express his thoughts on this occasion.

Christmas is called "the Feast of Christ". It is celebrated with the Christian Holidays as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christ is considered to be the son of God by the people of Christianity. It is also celebrated and celebrated by non-Christians as a cultural holiday in the month of December. This is a great festival of winter season. Everyone eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas. It is celebrated every year on December 25, with heavy preparations and decorations, Christmas tree decoration, Christmas cards, Santa Claus, gifts, etc. with lots of substances.

December 25 is the most important day of the year for Christians. They also celebrate Easter to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. People start preparations for Christmas, 4 weeks before Christmas, which is also called the arrival of the great person (avatar). The entire season of Christmas is known as Christmastide, which ends on January 6 i.e. the 12th day of Christmas, during which the announcements are remembered by the people.

This festival is celebrated throughout the world as a religious holiday, by Christians and non-Christians. The tradition and custom of celebrating it is a little different in different countries, although there are almost some similar things; Banquets, Gifts, Cards, Centas, Churches, Christmas Songs, etc. Santa Claus is the most famous practice, which is displayed in many countries of the world. Merry Christmas wishes to all of you

Thank you.

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