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Paragraph on Women's Empowerment

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Paragraph on Women

Women empowerment means women have the right to make decisions regarding their life and work areas and to provide equal rights in all areas of personal, social, economic, political and legal. Women's empowerment is a very popular issue nowadays and women are looking forward to realize their full potential. They are increasingly empowered to decide the direction of their life and business.

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Articles on Empowerment of Women (300 words)

Women's empowerment: the wind of change

In all areas of life, women are working together on the shoulders with men and women empowerment has become a very popular issue. Women have their own independent approach at all places inside or outside the home, and they are successfully achieving their control over their life by taking all decisions related to their education, business or lifestyle.

Due to the continuous increase in the number of working women, women have received financial independence and due to this they have got the confidence of taking the lead of their life and making their own identity. They are successfully trying to prove that they are not behind men in any case by adopting diversified businesses. But while doing so, women also focus on maintaining balance between their business as well as commitment to their home and family. They are easily able to play together many roles such as mother, daughter, sister, wife and an active professional with remarkable goodwill. With the same opportunities to work, they are giving every possible support to the male counterparts in their respective businesses for achieving the goal within the agreed timelines with the spirit of teamwork.

Women's empowerment is not limited to only urban working women, but women in remote towns and villages are also raising their voices. Whether they are educated or not, now, in any sense, they do not want to be behind their male counterparts. Regardless of their social and economic background, they are trying to achieve their social and political rights and are also feeling their presence.

Although it is also true that most women do not have to face major discrimination in the society, but unfortunately still many of them have to be separated from different types of emotional, physical, mental and sexual situations and they are often raped , Become victims of exploitation and other forms of physical and intellectual violence.

In fact, women's empowerment can happen only if there is a change in the thinking of women in society and they should be treated fair respect, dignity, fairness and equality. In most of the rural areas of the country, even today the feudal and medieval approach is dominated and women are not given equality status in their education, marriage, dress code, business and social relations. We should hope that soon the empowerment of women will be made in the progressive and backward areas of our vast country.

Article 2 (500 words) on Women's Empowerment

Women empowerment- Efforts to improve the world

We are living in the era of women empowerment. Women all over the world today are walking with men on their shoulders. They are now empowered to take decisions related to their life and business in all respects.

Benefits of empowerment of women:

To empower women to live a meaningful and purposeful life is called women empowerment in right earnest. While ending their reliance on others, they try to make themselves strong in their own right.

  •     Women empowerment enables women to lead their life with dignity and freedom.
  •     It enhances their self esteem.
  •     Because of this, they get a different identity.
  •     They are successful in achieving respectable positions in society.
  •     They are financially self-sufficient and therefore they can spend according to their wishes and needs.
  •     They can make meaningful contributions to the welfare of society.
  •     They become capable citizens and can help to increase the country's gross domestic product.
  •     They are able to get a fair and equitable share in the country's resources.

Women Empowerment Requirement:

  •     Without the empowerment of women, we can not remove injustice, gender discrimination and inequalities.
  •     If women are not empowered then they can not enjoy protection and protection in life.
  •     This gives them a safe environment to work.
  •     Empowerment acts as a powerful tool against exploitation of women and harassment.
  •     This is a great way to provide adequate legal protection for women.
  •     If women are not empowered socially and economically, they will not be able to develop their own identity.
  •     If women are not provided employment then the global economy will have adverse effects because women are a large part of the world's population.
  •     Women are very creative and intelligent, and for this reason it is necessary to get their contribution in socio-economic activities.
  •     For a just and progressive society, there is a need to provide equal opportunities for women.

Resources for women empowerment:

Education: Without proper and adequate education, women can not be converted into empowered personality. They should be encouraged to receive higher education so that they can make important contributions to the creation of a knowledgeable society.

Communication skills: Without developing effective communication skills, women can not raise their voices. It is important for them to communicate effectively to succeed. In order to effectively control a family, team or company, as leaders, they need to explain their point to the people.

Disposable income: In order to be heard in important financial decisions in women's lives, they need to earn good. Financially self-reliant women also give their gifts in the development of our lives and our business.

Power of the Internet: The availability of the Internet has increased the social interaction of women as well as their knowledge and awareness. The internet has spread all over the world, the myths and the prevailing misconceptions about them, spread across the world.


Women empowerment helps in creating a better place for living up to the society and the world, and also helps in moving forward on the path of inclusive partnership. This means that there is an increase in the happiness of such family and organization where women are affected.

Article 3 (600 words) on Women's Empowerment

Women Empowerment- Women empowerment important for social and economic development can be defined as a process by which women can increase control of financial, human and intellectual resources in the society. Empowerment of women in any country can be measured by the scale of their participation in social, economic and political areas. Women can be rightly told only when all the objectives related to women's own importance, the right to control their own lives and their ability to change their society are being met together.

The need for overall empowerment of women: Women's participation in politics through reservation is undoubtedly a positive development in the present time. But this should not be confined to elections only, but women's active participation in decision making process, planning and implementation of development programs is also essential.

The women's life must be balanced effectively and the goal of all efforts made in this direction should be to bring about a social change through which the balance between the male and female powers in the society can be realized.

Land Reality of Women's Empowerment: Although women constitute almost half of the total population of the world, but still in most developing countries around the world, they are deprived of their rights. Especially in the North and East Asian and African countries, women are forced to live a life devoid of prevalent sexual discrimination.

Rural-urban divide: The situation of women in rural areas is more pathetic than women living in urban areas. It is well-known that women are deprived of equal rights of men and they are forced to remain powerless due to their contributions and participation in the production of important resources for development. Therefore, if we have to achieve the goal of female empowerment in a holistic way then women will have to become active partners with men. To make the efforts of modernization in any society successful, it is necessary for women to be involved in the mainstream of development. Especially, we have to provide equal opportunities to women and men without discriminating towards men in rural society.

To make this possible, it is necessary to empower women on social, economic, political as well as religious, on all fronts so that they can actively participate in all efforts to develop the society. If they are given equal opportunities in all areas of social, economic and political life, then women will have the freedom to live a pro-active life and this will also bring a positive change in society. We need to create a favorable environment in society so that women can be able to clarify their thoughts and become more productive in their field of work. They need to be equally involved in the decisions made for their family, society and country.


In the contemporary societies around the world, major processes of change on the fronts of social and economic development are underway. Although these procedures have not been implemented in a balanced way and because of this, gender disparity is increasing in the whole world and due to this the women are the worst sufferers. This situation has adversely affected the speed of women's empowerment. Therefore, we need a completely changed society in which women should be given equal opportunities for development so that they can equally contribute to all the factors necessary for the development of the society in general with the male counterparts. 

Article 4 (800 words) on Women's Empowerment

Women have been able to prove their superiority while playing many roles together in the family, but their position is also worrisome on the social and economic fronts and in most parts of the world, they are forced to live a miserable life. In such a scenario, urgent attention is needed to create an environment conducive to their social and economic uplift.

Women empowerment is essential for integrated development: Empowerment of women is very important for the betterment of any country's future as they work hard to contribute to the needs of their families as well as to fulfill the financial needs of their families. And thus perform dual responsibilities. No one can ever overlook the importance of the role of the mother, sister or daughter in their family. Even at the international level, some women have successfully managed to make their significant position, but such women are only a handful compared to their counterparts.

Extraordinary display in sports: At various international forums, women have successfully proved that if they are given a chance they are not less in any sense than their male counterparts. This has been proved in the recently held Rio Olympics. No one can forget the star-witnesses of Rio, Mallika, P.V. or Deepa Karmakar, who successfully enhanced the respect of the national flag of India in front of the whole world by successfully breaking the gender barriers at the step-by-step. No one can deny this fact that in a country dominated by men like India, facing various obstacles for these women, earning reputation by reaching such high places around the world and earning fame is a journey filled with difficulties Will happen.

Victims of discrimination: Because of long-running prevalence and dominance of men in the Indian society, women have faced repression in their families and even in the whole society. From time to time they have to face different types of discrimination by violence and family members of the family. There is almost similar situation in many other countries of the world. In most countries of the world, except for some European countries, similarly in India, women are victims of serious gender discrimination.

Far away is the floor: In rural areas, the situation of women is even worse and their contributions in the economy also are negligible. Though they are around 50% of the country's population but they have not been given enough authority to fulfill their dreams and because of this, they can not even get the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. In these circumstances, we can definitely say that our nation can not become a developed nation until we try in the right way to empower women. Women need to have equal opportunities for development in all areas.

Against change: Women have been given a special status in every religion, despite centuries, many bad practices have been in vogue among women in society. But now the positive changes have begun to be visible and the patriarchal system is slowly moving towards the end. Women are now demanding for themselves the social and political rights, such as the right to work, the right to education, the right to decide, etc. Various governments have also implemented several constitutional and legal rights to help women so that women can lead a meaningful and purposeful life.

Now women are increasing their awareness of their rights and this is proof of the attitudes of various NGOs and NGOs in this direction. Even at the personal level, women are now raising their voices for their rights while breaking the bonds of suppression.

Parliament of India also passed several laws to protect women from various kinds of injustice and discrimination. Some of the laws passed to empower women include: Equal Remuneration Act 1976, Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, Unethical Trade (Prevention) Act 1956, Medical Conception Removal Act 1971, Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, Sati Prevention Commission Act- 1987, Child Marriage Restraint Act-2006, Pregnancy Pre and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prevention of Regulation and Abuse) Act 1994 and Sexual Offices of Women at Work Pain (Prevention, Prohibition and Prevention) Act 2013

Recently, in view of the case of rape and brutal murder of paramedical student in Delhi, the government has passed the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2012. This Act has been made by making changes in the old Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2000, under which the age of the adolescent has been reduced from 18 to 16 years for the punishment of crime.


If we want to empower women in the right sense, it is very important to eliminate male superiority and patriarchal mentality. For this there is a need to provide equal opportunity to women in the areas of education and employment without any discrimination. Providing legal and constitutional rights only to women without provoking practical changes in the society will prove to be inadequate.

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