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Paragraph on Environment Pollution

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Paragraph on Environment Pollution

Pollution contributes to making the environment hazardous and its consequences are to be suffered by all living organisms and due to this, pollution worldwide is a matter of great concern. All governments, including the United Nations, voluntary organizations and the media, hold common opinion on this global issue. The students need to be fully aware of the adverse effects of increasing pollution.

Here we are providing Paragraph on Environment Pollution in English Langauge for student & competitive Examiner with various word boundaries such as 300, 500, 600 and 800 words, as per your requirement select the article.

Article 1 on pollution (300 words)

Anything that fills the harmful or poisonous effects on the environment in the environment, it is called pollution. Pollution is such a process that due to the nature of resources such as land, water, air or other parts of the environment are no longer worth utilization. These harmful or poisonous substances which dissolve in the environment get inside our bodies while breathing. Pollution can be of several types: such as water, air, soil, heat, and radioactive pollution.

Pollution and its causes:

Breathing in the poisonous air is as dangerous as smoking. Not only humans but animals also suffer from the adverse effects of polluted environments, because of pollution, highly toxic gases dissolve in the entire environment. These hazardous gas burns fossil fuels by producing electricity generating plants or industries which dispose of their waste by circulating it in the water, apart from the use of pesticides by farmers and excessive use of artificial illumination. All these factors cause pollution which is dangerous for life. We use the natural resources at a faster rate than the ability to substitute the nature, as the result of pollution of air, water or land. In addition to human activities, from time to time, some other natural activities such as volcanic eruptions, forest fire, etc. also spread pollution. Globalization has also emerged as another major cause of pollution and its contribution is increasing in increasing pollution.


Every person has some responsibility to control pollution, such as throwing the trash at a given place, plantation, using public transport instead of using your vehicle. We have to avoid excessive consumption of resources and after the consumption, we will have to curb our tendency to deliberately carry out the careless disposal of waste resources, as well as to clean the waste resources and develop the process of reuse, then only control the pollution Will be able to go. Pollution can not be controlled or controlled until all people realize their responsibility towards Mother Earth.

Article 2 on Pollution (500 words)

Pollution is a process by which the environment becomes dirty, unhealthy and inappropriate for humans and other living beings. This is spread by both the visual and invisible emissions of pollutants. Pollution can spread naturally and by humans deliberately or accidentally.

Due to pollution, in some countries, children with disabilities or disorders are being born, and the mortality rate is also increasing there. Humans are breathing in toxic air regularly and this is due to exposure to pollution.

If pollution can not be eliminated then at least controlled can be done. A great effort can be made in the direction of some simple measures such as promoting greenery in the environment, proper disposal of waste, etc., to balance the environment.

Pollution preventive measures

  •     Plant trees or garden gardens to clean the polluted air and increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.
  •     When not in use, switch off electrical appliances like lights, fans, machines, etc., switches.
  •     Make more and more use of natural energy compared to electrical energy, such as dry the clothes naturally.
  •     Use recyclable products as far as possible.
  •     Use paper bags instead of plastic bags.
  •     Avoid waste of paper and use it on both sides.
  •     Restrict the use of hazardous chemicals.
  •     Avoid excessive use of heater and air conditioners.
  •     Use public transport to avoid sound, air and optical pollution.
  •     Do not scatter oil, garbage, sewage water etc. to protect the earth.
  •     Do not burn fireworks during wedding ceremonies and Diwali festivals.
  •     Do not throw them in the oceans, rivers, etc. to get rid of food items, packets etc.

Pollution unbalances our ecosystem and environment. By using the above mentioned small measures, we can restrict pollution at our own level. Millions die every year due to various diseases caused by pollution. Protecting the environment from pollution is the key to living a healthy life. In the last few years, due to human and natural causes, the level of pollution increased due to the damage to the ecosystem of the Earth. Lifestyle, and habitat of living organisms, etc. Everything is being adversely affected. But casual and deliberate action can be easily prevented by humans and it can control the origin of pollution.

Types of pollution

Main types of pollution and their causes

Land pollution: The main reasons for pollution of wastes on the surface of the earth, waste on the roads, industrial debris, insecticides etc. The garbage lying on the ground keeps rotting and the harmful gas starts flowing and the pollution starts spreading.

Water pollution: Pollution is spread in aquatic bodies by streamling the litter for disposal in rivers or oceans. Sewageless sewage, oil leakage, chemical stools, etc. are found in water and water becomes polluted.

Air Pollution: Air pollution is spread by burning fossil fuels, mono-oxide from vehicles, emission of carbon dioxide gases, nuclear radiation, industrial pollution etc.

Sound pollution: noise from the vehicle's horn, sound of fast music, construction machinery and many other human activities, and noise pollution arises, thus affecting humans, animals and their natural surroundings.

Heat pollution: By increasing production of water and ground water by manufacturing activities, it has an impact on the life of sea creatures and avian plants. Thermal pollution is spread from such activities.

Article 3 (600 words) on pollution

Today pollution has become a major threat to the existence of the world. Due to smoke or air, dust is a major cause of pollution and it is very bad for humans because it directly affects the lungs. Meeting water in sewage and other harmful substances is also a major type of pollution that makes people unhealthy because they cause disease-causing germs and viruses. As a result of rapid industrialization of the fast, the environment has had a very bad effect and there have been many incidents of contamination of land, air and water resources and toxic substances and other pollutants. It positively threatens humans with ecological systems as well as risks related to health.

Every country badly affects natural resources during the construction of objects to meet their needs. Manufacturing is one of the main reasons for all the above reasons, due to which pollution is widely spread. It has been found that people living next to a construction site where there is a lot of noise and simultaneously, the activity of construction of loud noise continues to fall ill.

We can see pollution in the form of such changes that come directly or indirectly in any component of the biosphere, which causes harm to the animals and animals and has adverse effects on industrial progress, cultural and natural resources or the environment. . The biggest irony among all this is that even though we know that the earth is polluted, we do not curb our own activities, deliberately carry out the same activities from which pollution is spread, and in this way we ourselves Grave the graves

Role of Government

The government has created various policies and regulations for prevention of pollution, which is centered on controlling pollution in many ways and some of them are as follows:

Adopt technology that produces clean and less wastewater, recycling and reuse, environmental audit, monitoring pollution, reducing hazardous substances on the source as long as possible, promoting waste recycling etc. The concept of "Pollution prevention approach" is a concept under which efforts are made to increase the ability to reduce the amount of pollution on the source itself. Various steps have taken for effective government policies, in addition to statutory regulations, development of environmental standards, controlling pollution generated through vehicles, and local ecological planning under which industrial estate and regional map preparation etc. The Government's policy statement to reduce pollution stresses the preventive aspects of pollution. It also advocates the promotion of technologies that help to reduce pollution. Pollution control is necessary for the environment in the current phase and the government is responsible for pollution by the industries to prevent pollution, Encouraged to give equal importance and control the emissions of polluted / toxic / harmful gases on their own. Is there.

Here are some of the major pollution control measures taken by the government: ·

  •     Implementation of techniques to minimize the amount of waste and proper pollution control measures.
  •     To spread awareness messages through programs on the use of clean technologies and pollution control.
  •     Support for sustainable development
  •     Restrictions on the use of plastic bags, making paper bags.
  •     Construction of Harn Restricted Areas
  •     Policy to make industrial sites away from the city
  •     To make garbage at various places so that the tendency of throwing garbage should be restrained on the ground.

Strong efforts should be made to deal with this pollution which has a dangerous effect on the environment. Anti-pollution laws must be strictly enforced. To prevent water pollution, sewage and factories waste should be properly disposed. Environmental pollution is a global problem today. Public awareness is very important to prevent pollution. Population control will help save the world from environmental pollution. Using natural resources in a scientific way is another step taken to prevent environmental pollution.

Article 4 (800 words) on pollution topic

Pollution is a process by which the environment is contaminated by some dangerous pollutants and as a result the ecosystem becomes chaotic and it has a bad effect on humans, animals and plants residing in the ecosystem directly or indirectly. is. Natural arrangements get bogged down by pollution and due to this the balance of the environment gets worsened. Such an undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of water, air and soil, which can affect the life of any organism or may threaten its health, is called pollution. The technological progress made by humans is also one of the main causes of pollution on Earth.

There are different types of pollution, but mainly for the following life are dangerous and they adversely affect life:

Air Pollution

The most dangerous and widespread pollution caused by the release of harmful gases in the air is air pollution. This is mainly caused by factories leaving the chemical directly in the environment. The polluted air enters our body by breathing and affects all the systems of our body and primarily the respiratory action.

Due to air pollution: fuel burning, smoke emanating from vehicles, fireworks, fire in forests, emissions of dangerous chemicals or chemical gases from factories

Effects of air pollution: Air Pollution is the father of many other diseases including life-threatening diseases such as asthma, cancer, bronchitis, lung disorders. Degradation of the ozone layer is also a major cause of air pollution.

Measures to prevent air pollution: energy conservation, prohibition of fireworks, low consumption of energy, reuse of energy and recycling, use of energy-efficient equipment, public transport, etc.

Soil Pollution

Salination of the harmful substances in the soil is the main reason for soil pollution. Soil pollution indirectly damages human and other organisms. The nutrients taken from the soil by the plants are transferred to the body of consumers dependent on these plants and thus the pollutants obtained in the soil do not harm the plants only, but they indirectly affect the entire diet chain. .

Due to soil pollution: disposal of industrial wastes from large factories, disposal of chemical wastes, chemicals used in agriculture, deforestation, use of pesticides, mining activities, burning of trees and plants, etc.

Effects of Soil Pollution: Soil Pollution directly affects the development of plants, soil fertility, changes in soil structure, etc. And at the same time, due to this, toxic dust also develops and complex diseases are transmitted in humans.

Measures to stop soil pollution: Reducing the use of plastic, reducing the production of waste, producing crops of organic food without using fertilizers and pesticides, using naturally disruptive products, in the character that prevents scattering of liquid chemicals Maintenance, treatment of solid waste, reuse of goods and recycling, etc.

Water Pollution

A large part of the surface of the earth is covered with water and lives in more than half the water in the total species found in the world. Water is one of the most important natural resources for humans and at the same time it is also essential for the survival of natural vegetation. The water used by a polluted lake directly contaminates the user.

Due to water pollution: Direct inclusion of dangerous pollutants, disposal of waste in the water by factories and industries, disposal of waste in water by humans, etc.

Effects of water pollution: Because of the water pollution, the aquatic creatures are on the verge of extinction, contaminated water produces serious health disorders, etc.

Measures to stop water pollution: Do not throw waste or garbage in rivers or oceans, judicious use of water, do not throw oil, medicines, harmful liquids etc. in water, only buy safe liquids for the environment for cleaning work, etc.

Sound Pollution

Sound pollution is triggered by an increase in sound level. This is due to chemical or toxic substances or not to damage the hazardous gases, but to create noise in the environment. The noise is defined as an unpleasant sound that adversely affects the ears of the human. Although the reasons for this pollution are different from other types of pollution, but the effects of this pollution are as dangerous as other pollutants. It has the ability to enter the human brain directly, to create mental disorders.

The reason for noise pollution: The main reason for noise pollution is the sound of the horn blowing from the vehicles, the fast music, the running of machines on the sites, the radio, the television etc.

Effects of noise pollution: Psychological illness, bad behavior, irritability, high blood pressure, depression, forgetfulness, annoyance, stress, aggression and many other diseases. It not only affects humans but also animals and sometimes due to reaching the unbearable level of noise, noise pollution also becomes the cause of death.

Measures to stop noise pollution: There are few ways to prevent sound pollution, unless the sound is not required to follow the rules of non-playing, construct soundproof rooms for heavy machines, stop the misuse of loudspeakers, plant trees along the roads.


Due to the increasing pollution in the last few years, the mortality rate of mortality in humans has increased in mortality rates, mortality of animals, animals and plants. Although pollution is created both by natural and human activities, but mainly due to human activities, control of pollution rates can easily be reduced.

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