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Paragraph on Water Conservation

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Paragraph on Water Conservation

Earth is the only known planet in the whole universe, where life is possible and the reason is simply because there is both water and oxygen available. Water is the most important requirement of life for all living beings on earth. No one can survive without any water. We also know that there is very little amount of clean water or potable water available on the earth and hence we should not waste clean water but save it for future generations. For this we need to make people aware of the importance of clean water while changing our bad habits. We have to promote the economical use of clean water so that the continuity of life on Earth can be maintained.

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Article 1 (300 words) on Water Conservation


Water is an invaluable gift to God on earth. Life on this earth is possible only due to the state of water. Despite being tasteless, odorless and colorless, water makes life's life full of flavor, color and good aroma on this earth. It is found everywhere and it is the other name of life. It gives us life but in return does not take anything from us. We find it everywhere - in rivers, oceans, tanks, wells and ponds etc., but there is still lack of clean drinking water. It does not have any form of its own, but the vessel we put in it takes its form. Although water is present in three-fourths of the earth but still we need to conserve water because the percentage of availability of clean water is very low.

Importance of clean water

Life is not possible on earth without water. Water is required to live and grow all living beings, such as humans, animals, plants etc. We need water in every area of ​​life from morning to night for all the activities like eating, drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, planting etc. People working in different areas need water to fulfill various objectives such as for farmers to produce their crops, for irrigation of plants to the Malis, to industrialists for the work related to the industry, the power generation plant To create hydroelectricity, etc. Therefore, we must preserve clean water for the welfare of our future generations and for conservation of water and wild life. In many places in the world, people are battling the problem of water shortage or completely unavailability.


Understanding the importance of water in our lives and preventing its misuse by proper management of the use of water. Also, there is an urgent need to save clean water from dirt or soil pollution. Especially we should use rainwater instead of clean water in the toilet and use it.

Article 2 (500 words) on Water Conservation


Water is the basic requirement of our body and life. Water is also known as an important element for all living beings and for this reason it has also been nominated as 'life'. Without water life can not even be imagined. Three-fourths of the earth has water, but only 2 percent of it is useful for us. In some places in India, people have to face water shortages and droughts, whereas in other places there is abundant water availability. Therefore, those who are living in places where there is excessive availability of water should realize the importance of water and the importance of water conservation.

Why Water Conservation Is Important

We are living in such times when we need to save clean water and spend it according to our needs. In many places in India and other countries, people are battling heavy water shortages. They have to depend on the water supplied by the tanks by the government or on some natural reservoirs located at a distance. They have to spend a long distance to make drinking water everyday. Water scarcity situation is even more pathetic for those who do not have enough water for their daily needs like drinking, bathing etc. India is one of the countries around the world who are facing the problem of scarcity of water today. In India, some parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat are such where girls and women of homes have to travel a long distance for bare feet and water. In some cities such as Bangalore, people have to pay 25 rupees to 30 rupees for buying a bottle of clean water. According to a recent study, 25 percent of the urban population does not have clean water. People have to face even more problems due to the increased daily requirement of water in the summer months. Privatization of water bodies in some areas is the main reason for water deficiency.

How to save water

We can use various methods to deal with the problem of water scarcity. Rainwater harvesting is the most effective and suitable method of water conservation. Afforestation is also the best method which reduces surface runoff and recharges ground water. It promotes underground water conservation. By adopting such methods, we can naturally preserve even more water and can ensure its availability for future generations as well. We have to take a vow and our lifelong motto should be - "Save water, save life, save earth".

We must teach our children and other family members the simple ways of water conservation, such as tightening of the tap after every use, use of fountains to give water to the garden, bathing in the garden, all the leakage To repair the pipes, to water in the plants and to wash clothes, collect and use rainwater harvesting etc. We must keep the water of rivers (especially the Ganges) in the future and for the protection of the aquatic organisms to keep them clean.


Water is nectar for life and therefore we should save it so that life can be saved on earth. We need water to meet many daily needs of our lives and therefore we should preserve them while recognizing the value of water droplets.

Article 3 (600 words) on Water Conservation


There is an urgent need for water in all areas of life such as household, agriculture, domestic, industry etc. It is a precious gift given by nature to the continuation of life on Earth. All the organisms are in excess need of water for their existence because their body is mostly watery. Two-thirds of the human body has water. Water does not have any color, smell, taste or shape, yet it is helpful in providing everything in our life.

Importance of clean water in our lives

71 percent of the Earth's surface is covered with water. It is important for all forms of life found on earth. It is found under the ground, oceans, large water bodies and small reservoirs. Water is also available in many other forms such as vapor, clouds, surface water, glaciers, polar ice overlays, etc. The life cycle of water on this earth continuously runs through evaporation, precipitation, rainfall, drift, etc. Apart from this, there is lack of clean-drinking water in many parts of our country. Water deficiency is in fact the inaccessible water of safe water. For the people suffering from the problem of water deficiency, gradually managing water quality is becoming difficult. Water scarcity in some areas is a daily problem. Due to lack of water, people have to face many difficulties. In the areas of water scarcity, the availability of water has to be managed by a lot of cost, time and effort. Those who have abundant water available, do not understand the importance of water and they waste a large amount of water daily during many unnecessary activities.

As we all know, clean water is available in the volume of about 2 percent or less and is suitable for human consumption. Most of the water is present in the form of glacier or ice and other open sources. Ground water is the main source of clean water due to natural filtration. The subject of availability of clean water raises questions on water safety and its reach to the people at affordable cost. Groundwater depth is increasing due to climate change in very large amounts in the environment. Due to untimely dry and natural disasters, there has been an increase in the number of clean water insecurity. Due to population growth, negative climate change etc. in the coming decades, the requirements of agriculture and industries will increase and hence the demand for supply of clean water will increase.

It is time to unite and take effective steps in the direction of water conservation. In different ways we can save large quantities of water daily. Saving water and protecting it from being dirty is absolutely essential for the supply of current and future demand. Climate change is another aspect of water scarcity. Demand for water in the future will increase and due to this we have to save it so that water can be available for future generations also. If we do not take positive steps in this direction then the situation will get worse and it will reach this level that the lack of fresh water in the ecosystem will be more than its natural replacement rate. By reducing the need for water, the sources of fresh water, local wildlife and migratory birds can also be saved. We need to make such positive changes in our habits and activities so that we can save a single drop of water.


Lack of water is a vivid problem in many countries. It is a symbiotic component and an important element on which life depends. Due to the disturbances in the natural filtering system, the level of potable water below the ground is decreasing. Due to deforestation and depletion of plants, rain water flows instead of underground accumulation. We must follow all the important activities to prevent the loss of water, prevent waste of water quality due to unnecessary use and waste water in the water.

Essay 4 (800 words) on Water Conservation


Oxygen, Water and Food, there are three such elements without which we can not survive on this earth. But in all of these, oxygen is most important and then water and food, because without oxygen we can not live a second. Clean water is also extremely important because we need it to meet our daily activities and especially for drinking. Already the percentage of clean water was less but due to industrial activities, clean water under ground is also becoming dirty and polluted. Due to the increased shortage of fresh mineral water, it has started selling at local shops for many years and people are ready to buy it for 30 to 35 rupees as they know that ordinary tap water, especially in those public places Are available mostly but not clean. Due to the increasing negligence and disturbing population of people regarding water conservation and security, the future generation will surely have to face the problem of lack of clean water. A very small percentage of the available water on this earth is potable and people living in water-scarcity areas have to survive using very little water per day.

Percentage of clean water

Three quarters of the earth has water and 97% of it is sea water i.e. it is a saline water which is ineligible for consumption. About 2.7 percent of the remaining water is clean drinking water, but 70 percent of it is covered in glacier Antarctica as ice sheets. Thus we have only one percent of the sweet water which is worth the use of human. Water conservation is extremely important to keep this precious source safe.

Also, it is also necessary that we avoid contamination due to the direct meeting of sewage, toxic chemicals and other waste products in potable water resources. Due to the increasing rate of population, deforestation and rapid urbanization, the demand for clean water is increasing and water is also polluted and becoming lesser.

Sources that contaminate clean water

The sources of pollution of ground water, drainage, drainage, leakage, sewage, atmospheric deposits, precipitation, industrial waste etc. All these filthy substances are deposited in lakes, rivers, coastal areas, etc. and gradually found in large water bodies and thus also in underground water. In addition to the use of highly quantified fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers in agricultural land, washing powder, soap etc. from residential areas are other sources polluting the water. Such non-indicated pollution sources are also playing an important role in damaging the quality of water.

Simple methods of water conservation

We can save many gallons of water daily by adopting many simple remedies. Below are the techniques of water conservation which are required to be adapted at home and elsewhere:

  • We have low flow of bathroom shower (also called energy-efficient bathroom shower), low water flushing toilets and composting toilets (in place of traditional western toilets because they have to use large amounts of water) or two options Waste flush latrines (These use very small amounts of water compared to other toilets).
  • While washing hands, cleaning the teeth, washing the face or washing dishes, keep the tap off.
  • Store rain water in the rainy season and use this water while giving toilet flush, water to the plants or burning in the garden. It is also a good option to use raw water such as seawater or unhygienic water in the restroom.
  • We must bring the process of recycling bad water back to our habit.
  •  We use rainwater harvesting, high capacity washing machines for water conservation, weather-based irrigation controllers, garden hose tubes, and swimming pools with low flow tapes in the wash basin, swimming pool cover, automatic tap etc. Should be used.
  • Techniques for water conservation should also be adopted in the professional areas as many gallons of water can be saved daily at such places.
  • In commercial places, anhydrous urinals, anhydrous car wash, infrared or run-in taps, pressure-driven broom, cooling tower conductivity controller, water-sewing steam sterilizers (in hospitals and healthcare units), rain water harvesting, water Two water heat exchangers, etc. should be used.
  • The agriculture sector is also very vast, where water conservation techniques can be used, we can save more water daily. For irrigation of crops, we can use overhead irrigation (using Central-Pivot or Lateral Moving sprinklers), at least evaporation, runoff or sub-surface drainage.
  • The use of green manure, the recycling of the crop residues, the use of the animal, animal feed etc., increases the quantity of organic matter in the soil, in which the ability to hold water in the soil and water absorbed (during torrential rain) Increases.
  • Water conservation techniques can be used by municipal water utilities or regional governments to reduce the use of common strategies such as public outreach campaigns such as excess payment for excess use of water, use of clean water for outdoor activities like floor cleaning, car washing etc. to set.
  • Universal meters should also be used for water supply in every house, just like electric meters. This facility is only available in Great Britain's residential areas and in Canadian urban homes. According to the estimates of the American Environmental Protection Agency, mitigation for water supply is such an effective technique, which can reduce the consumption of daily water by 20 to 40 percent.
  • The growth of low yielding crops, ie crops which require less irrigation, should be encouraged, because only irrigation works cost 70% of the clean water available in the world.


The technique of water saving should be encouraged among the people living in villages, including communities, communities and business groups as they use water in an uninterrupted manner. Farmers, children and women should be properly trained about how to use water efficiently. They have to understand the importance of water in their life. The lack of clean water is not just the problem of any one country but it is a problem of the entire world which needs to be resolved by spreading awareness among the people at the global level.

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