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Speech on Terrorism

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Speech on Terrorism

Terrorism is a very popular topic in today's time. Everyone talks about it and considers it a major threat to the country's social, political and economic stability. Deterrent measures are being done by many countries to overthrow terrorism from the world and to establish world peace, but eliminating it completely is not easy or in other words it is impossible to say. Given the many cases of terrorist attacks in our society, many institutes organize a function to offer discussion and speech to actively engage youth of our country. So if you have to give such a speech then you can see our comprehensive and explicit speeches that can make your work easier.

Here we are providing Speech on Terrorism in English Langauge for student & competitive Examiner with given as per the time limit 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes per your requirement select the speech.

Speech on Terrorism - 1

Honorable Principal, Deputy Principal, respected teachers and my dear students - I welcome all of you to our school seminar hall. First of all, I want to greet everyone warmly here!

As always, we have again gathered to discuss our thoughts and relevant issues from which our country and our country are largely concerned and today's burning issue of ours is terrorism by which the whole world is suffering. I'm very excited to talk about this topic. I have chosen this topic so that my students can be aware of this and they know how it has influenced the world. Although my personal opinion is not different from the rest of the rest of the world, but still I would like to share it with you and say that terrorism has caused great disaster on our planet and has destabilized the lives of all of us. Many brave soldiers and innumerable innocent people have lost their lives due to mounting terrorist attacks. The world economy suffered a lot and most importantly, it has created so much fear in everyone's heart that their life is not safe anywhere.

If you can counter the clock needles, then you will know that history is full of horrible incidents of terrorist attacks. We can not sleep comfortably at night, can not walk smoothly on the roads because we are at risk of terrorist attacks all the time, due to which the murders in the rising terrorist attacks are killing. This is the reason that we often save our loved ones from being hit in crowded places, especially during the festive season. Terrorism is an activity that is intentionally used by a group of many terrorist organizations to harm the general public life and property, with the aim of creating fear or panic among the public. It is a disgusting practice of spoiling a peaceful life of people and destroying their families.

The Mumbai terrorist attacks (i.e. 26/11) have not yet been wounded, and such activities are increasingly growing in the world. For example, from the bombing of Pakistan to the terrorist attacks on the Mumbai Taj Hotel, from bombing in America to twin tower attacks. Terrorist organizations are given the disadvantage to execute these abominable activities.

Unfortunately, people like us become terrorists, whose mind is enticed by terrorist organizations (related to places like Afghanistan, Iraq and the Taliban). Even they are ready to become suicide bombers and also choose the way to become human weapon by terrorist groups.

The purpose of these terrorist activities is to disrupt the social, economic and political machinery of our country or other countries of the world. According to the publicly known figures, the US spends about $ 5 million every year to combat terrorism. In fact, our country is also showing active participation in addressing this issue. The POTA, which is designed by our Indian government to deal with this increasing threat, is trying to fight it through a coalition called.

So let us pledge that we will make every effort to stop these abominable activities of crimes and killings, and will make our country stronger by making people aware.

Thank you.

Speech on Terrorism - 2

Honorable President, ABC Social Worker Group, Committee Members and Dear Audiences Hello to you all on my behalf!

I welcome all of you in the 26th annual discussion program to enhance the consciousness of people towards sensitive issues of our country so that people can be organized. And as you all know, news of terrorist attacks and bomb blasts always remains in the news. I want to talk about this topic for today's discussion and analysis.

Although cases of criminal violence and warfare are arising from the time of human existence, the beginning of terrorism began with Le Terror in the form of political cruelty, revolution in France in Le Terror. In the beginning, in the late 19th century, the term "terrorism" was used to define the rigid attitude of revolutionary governmental rule (when nearly forty thousand people were separated from the head of the torso), which meant that the government group violence Russian Nardanea Volley is the "people's will". Since then there are differences with the changing political objectives and assumptions in the terrorist groups or their actions.

There are many questions that have been taken on terrorism, such as how does terrorism disintegrate a national political system or its social institutions? How does terrorism serve as a catalyst for social change? In what way does terrorism define social correlation between the miserable minority society and the ruling political party or between a disadvantaged group and who can get absolute monopoly by the working force? A broad social view of terrorism is possible only through the discussion of political events, which includes large scale not only in the context of cumulative numerical statements but also its investigations on the society.

There is no reason to deny that terrorism breaks the population of society and disturbs and creates segregation in society. On the contrary, it also works as an integrated mechanism to bring people together for the same goal. Terrorism creates chaos in society and also hinders the law and order of a state or country, that is, because of the sub-cultural differences by a sect on the religious basis, kidnapping or murder of people of other sect. However, terrorism can never be the way to achieve any goal through any historical change.

A recent terrorist attack happened on July 11, 2017. The attack was on Amarnath Yatra in Anantnag, where seven murders took place and more than 19 people were seriously injured. Earlier, another incident took place on March 7, 2017 when a terrorist bomb attack on Bhopal-Ujjain train passenger was attacked. The blast took place at the Jibri railway station in Shahpur, Madhya Pradesh, in which 10 passengers were injured.

Even though terrorists are not able to spoil the social system, they weaken the society in such a way that the administrative ability of the officers and ruling elites are affected.

That's why our society has no right to encourage or encourage anti-social elements and if we have some suspicious eyes then we all should be a little more cautious in keeping close watch on our surroundings and reporting everything to the police . That's all I have to say!


Speech on Terrorism - 3

Ladies and gentlemen

Before this festival begins, I want to thank all the people here for the gathering and on this occasion, I want to take your precious time to speak a few words on terrorism. As we all know, today's ceremony has been organized to spread awareness about terrorism among the people in this area. It is very important for people to understand what exactly is terrorism?

Terrorism can only be defined as an illegal act whose purpose is to create violence among people. Now the fear of terrorism is spreading rapidly across the world. Terrorists spread terrorism in the name of religion and people are living in fear of losing their loved ones, especially those who are living in terrorism-affected areas. Many terrorist group terrorism is spreading terrorism in the whole world directly or indirectly, in which groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc. are prominent. There are terrorist activities due to political, religious, personal and ideological benefits. The whole world is suffering from the problem of terrorism, so it can be solved internationally. Only one or a few countries are not responsible for this.

India faced many different problems in its entire history as a nation, in which terrorism was the biggest. There are many instances when the country has been under the threat of terrorism, for example, the attack on the Taj Hotel which has a tremendous impact on the whole country. In this attack, the country had to suffer heavy losses and undergo economic crisis. This type of terrorist attack is done by terrorists for political and other unfair benefits. They kill innocent people for their inappropriate demands. The aim of these attacks is to scare people and spread economic, social harm to the whole country.

Many people of our country are in support of these terrorist attacks and they think that whatever terrorists are doing for their country is fair and it is a matter of shame for us. All these attacks have worked to spread fear among the people. Recently in Anantnag in south Kashmir, terrorists attacked pilgrims, causing seven pilgrims to die, in which five women were involved and 12 persons were injured. Is it fair to kill innocent people? No religion teaches to kill people, but there are some people who kill in the name of religion. In this way, India is spending a lot of money on security every year to prevent attacks and terrorism, but the terrorist groups are so highly trained that they secretly enter the border of our country. Our country is not the safest country but it has the latest technical security to fight against these terrorist groups.

Only the world can overcome this dangerous problem when awareness about it will increase in people and all the countries will stand together to solve this problem together.

With this I end my speech and you all want to give special thanks for listening to this and thank you for making this event a success.

Speech on Terrorism - 4

Respected Principal, respected teachers and my dear friends!

As we all know, this event has been organized in this auditorium so that information about terrorism can be broadcasted in the younger generation, and as a head girl, I would like permission to speak some words on terrorism on this occasion. Today we all know about the biggest problem spread in the whole world and thus it is very important to understand what terrorism is and why terrorism is there? To meet political objectives, use of illegal violence against people or property is called terrorism. The spread of terrorism is for their political and personal gain.

We all know that our country has gone through many internal and external threats in history, but the terrorists have spread their roots throughout the country so that it has become very difficult to compete. This has a great effect on the youth of our country in particular. Many children, especially children of Islam community are trapped in this trap of violence. Our country has suffered many times by the terrorists and the attacks made by them are an example of this. Recently, two such cases were reported in 2017. First of all, on March 7, 2017, terrorists attacked Bhopal-Ujjain passenger trains with bombs. A bomb exploded at Jabri railway station in Shahjahanpur district of Madhya Pradesh, in which 10 people were injured. On July 11, 2017, the terrorists attacked Amarnath Yatra in Jammu and Kashmir's Anantnag. Seven pilgrims were killed and six pilgrims were injured in this attack. These killings of innocent people are completely inappropriate and such attacks are totally illegal.

Due to these attacks our country has undergone huge losses and economic instability. Although these attacks are mostly under the north-western region of the country. The most affected state of terrorism is Jammu and Kashmir. People living in this state are still intimidated by the attacks of these terrorists, but these days the terrorists are trying to spread their roots in the entire world along with the whole country.

Not only we but the whole world are suffering due to these terrorist groups. Many countries like Iraq and Iran are almost completely trapped in the trap of these groups. People living in these countries are still fighting for their independence. The reason for terrorism is the different ideologies and religion of the people. Different religions are found in different places on this earth, and when two different people of different religions meet, it becomes the cause of conflict of various ideologies. We all have to understand that every person has his own thinking and beliefs.

Thus terrorism is not only the problem of a particular country, but the whole world wants to get rid of terrorism. It is impossible for any country to solve the problem of terrorism. This is an international problem and therefore each country should take action for it internationally.

With this I would like to draw the conclusion of my speech and now you can take your water supply.

Good day to you all.

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