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Colleague Farewell Speech

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Colleague Farewell Speech

Here we are providing Farewell Speech for Colleague in English Langauge for student & competitive Examiner with given as per the time limit 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes per your requirement select the speech.

Colleague Farewell Speech 1

Good evening to all of you As we all know that we have gathered here to give a good farewell party ... he is one of my best partners, we are going to leave the country and join another company. It is not an easy moment to give a farewell speech to my best colleague here, this is a very difficult task to give a farewell to any close and loved ones. Mr. ... has been my best ally for many years. We have spent many useful moments together which will always be in my mind. He is leaving us abroad and going abroad and making his career better for his country. I never believed that when I first heard it he was going, but later I knew it was true.

My dear friend, you can not believe that when I heard this message, then what a painful moment it was for me. I still remember that he was used to tell me, he is very ambitious and wants to go abroad to make his career bright. Going abroad is the ambition of my associate and I want to see him very happy, not having tears in my eyes. I promise them that they will be in my heart forever and request them not to forget us too. My best wishes are always with you, go ahead and try your knowledge in any other area.

You have got a new opportunity in your life to change the style of your life and your life. Very few people get a chance like yours We are ready to support whatever you need at any point of time. We are very happy and such a good partner feels very proud to go abroad like you. I believe that you and your hard work and commitment to hard work will actually lead to your goal. You have all the necessary qualities and important personal characteristics as well as professional skills. You know how to manage hard work in a competitive environment and how to solve problems efficiently efficiently.

I like to see all my positive outlook positively. You taught us to stay strong in difficult situations. I would like to say to you my dear friend very well, thank you for your good friendship, kindness and all the support for many years. We have spent many good and bad moments, although everyone has given us new experiences. You have good and responsibility in this company. You have made a lot of contribution to this company through your hard work and dedication of your project. You have taught us that working in a happy environment results in positive results. But who will make your next working environment happy, we will really miss you a lot. Our best wishes are always for your health, wealth and success. Thank you again for everything.

Thanks to all of you.

Colleague Farewell Speech 2

Welcome to everyone on this special occasion, although a bitter-sweet opportunity. We have gathered here to give a farewell party to one of our colleagues working with us here. It's time to say a good goodbye. However, it is very sad for all of us to give him a farewell. I would like to share with you all the good moments spent in this college. His valuable contribution in this college is not hiding for us everybody, he is like an open book for us, good habits and character he has given a shape to the regularity of the college and we are leaving now, leaving all of us. He is the person who followed all the etiquette in his life and also taught us. He and his work are unforgettable for us for the whole life. He is my good ally, we have collected very good years in this college, but now we are separated.

He had joined this college 10 years ago, but we never knew how happy he was with them since this big time. He was like a pillar in this college, who always used to help with the right to college with our strategic suggestions. We should call them a rock, who has enabled many students to achieve high level of success. He was like the creator of future students. He will remember forever by us and students. Certainly he is a part of the life of this college.

There can be no one after this in the college, without him the space will be empty. We should promise today to lead him as the successor of this college and try to manage all the affairs of the college according to his extraordinary high standards. After college time, we can never forget our good meeting in the field of play. Generally we used to play badminton every day after the college time. Thank you for praising me about your active hygiene and good energy levels in this kind of old age. Although, today we are saying goodbye to him because we can not take the time, it is on our own and we have to follow it only. I want him the best for the rest of life.

Thanks to all of you.

Colleague Farewell Speech 3

Good evening to all, we are here in the farewell party of our dear colleagues who are leaving the office and all of us too. As we all know that Mr. ..., who is working in the sales department in our office, he is one of our best associates. He has been an excellent employee of the office since the date he joined the office. It is very sad to say that today he is going to join any other office and we are giving him a party today. It is their fate that they got a new opportunity to go out of the city and join the big company, though it is our misfortune that we are always losing a good colleague. Being the first of the sales department and all his associates, I would like to say something about them here

I still remember that he had joined the office as Khan's junior in the sales department, but his hard work and commitment to his duty made him possible to get a senior post within a few months of joining . At the time of their joining, the HR department was a little hesitant to hire them because of lack of reasonable experience, although they made everyone happy because of their high level of competence. He never gave us an opportunity to say something bad or wrong about him. All his contributions to the office are very clear to everyone, which we can never ignore. He has made a lot of contribution to the sales department by improving the working of the sales department.

By implementing more strategic plans, it has made the work more organized and less challenging, which we have generally thought impossible to implement. All his hard work helped us move forward in the competitive market. Mr. ..., we really will especially miss you for the reason when you entered a room and let us laugh everyday. We can never forget your dedication to your job and positive changes made by you in the company. It is very difficult for us to send you a farewell and to replace you with another colleague, even though what we can do, we have to adhere to the company's norms as usual. From everyone's side, I wish you good luck and hope to see you as a bright star.

Thank you

Allied Farewell Speech 4

Everyone gathered at the farewell party of my good evening. Today I want to thank all of you for giving you a wonderful farewell party. My dear colleagues, as we all know, nothing is touching the heart to know anyone in my entire office. All of my were very valuable here. Today I am leaving this office and the most important thing is that all my good partners are very painful. I can not express my grief over leaving you all. You have made me very special and have given me a place in your heart, in fact I can never forget

I still remember all the jokes that we had done together in the office and on the way home. My dear colleagues, this is where I am very experienced and able to move to second place to move forward in life. I think I have not contributed to this office, but myself has made me a lot of people in my life today. I worked here. The whole period had given me something, I have learned all this and I need it Gave me much It was really a great job for me, which has prepared enough for my future.

I would like to thank you for your respect, love and care for this whole time in this office. I would also like to say thank you for this organization that I would like to give a good job, post and most importantly, to make the decision in the place and projects needed for development. I learned a lot from my mistakes and developed a strong faith in myself. All my guidance here will be in my life. Joining and going are regular events of everyone's life, which we have to move forward for the well-being of individual, society and country. Again a great thanks to this company, which he gave me.

Thanks to all of you!

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