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Farewell Speech for Seniors

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Farewell Speech for Seniors

Here we are providing Seniors Farewell Speech by Juniors in English Langauge for student & competitive Examiner with given as per the time limit 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes per your requirement select the speech.

Farewell Speech for Seniors - 1

A very good evening for the respected dignitaries, reputable teachers, senior and my dear friends, as we all know, today is the farewell party of our senior citizens. On behalf of all junior, I would like to give a speech to our senior citizens' farewell party. I am feeling very lucky to be part of the Vijay Dutta 5th seminary from Computer Science Branch and honored to get this opportunity to deliver speech today in the farewell of my dear seniors. I would like to congratulate everyone for the good and happy journey of all my career. I wish all of them very well for the fantastic career very soon and I am sure that due to their hard work and high technical skills success will soon come true. After all, he was a student of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

As soon as gold and diamonds come out of the earth, highly skilled, full of good deeds and students with sharp thinking have met the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Wisdom is manifested with its pure and peaceful mind. To get admission here, students need guidance and knowledge of virtue. When we took admission from the first day of college and entered the hostel, we have been directed by our senior citizens about this precious part of our lives in the college.

This is our senior citizen who enables us to adjust completely in different environments, our new home is a college. Of course, college and hostel becomes a new home for all students because we only see our family in our homes, although in college, we have to face many difficulties, different kinds of pain, etc., which is what our parents and The family members have been taught to live without. In such an unusual environment, we learn to be just adjusted and happy because of our superiors. This was our senior citizen who we realized we are like free birds and can do anything in life that we want.

Whenever our senior citizens organized many cultural activities, I still remember my newly born party very well. After the Fresher Party, he started treating us like his friends and helped us forget our family and focused on our study. Whenever we need anything, we go to a senior room at a time and what we need They assist us in organizing any hostel, hostel, college campus, playground, lab room, library and college for any ceremony.

Due to our senior citizens we learned many important things in college life. He taught us how to talk healthy conversation with everyone in the college plays an important role in the course. This helps us get rid of homaskness and adjust to the college's completely new environment. Strengthening the bond with senior citizens in college creates a sense of responsibility

The craftsmanship between us helped him greatly in our project work by waking up at night. Our senior actually behaves like a very encouraging, support, care and actually friendly guardian in this college. I want to say to our superiors again that we always wish you with all of us for a successful future.

Thanks to all of you.

Farewell Speech for Senior - 2

There was a good evening for all the dignitaries present here in my senior citizens' farewell party. Today you welcome everyone for your good appearance. I got Aditya Sharma from the fifth cm of MCA for the speech on behalf of all the juniors on this farewell party. It is a very sad moment for all junior people that they are separated from their superiors; It is a very happy moment for our superiors that they have completed their studies and to join their IT companies to make their career bright and successful, I am so grateful for the speech of my dear senior people here on the farewell party. .

It seems to me that the day we met our senior, yesterday was and how fast the period of 3 years has expired. Now it is time to see our senior citizens from this college. It is very difficult to say goodbye to them but we have to say this because it is our responsibility to see them happily. I am very fortunate that I am reading goodbye speech for my special senior citizens, who will give me two years Used to care like parents. They are such people who learn how to stay away from home and how to live in such a new and struggling environment with our close and loved ones.

Our senior people get away from our best parents when we get sick, they provide everything in our hostel room from medicine (medicine to doctor) in our hostel room. They actually take care of us at home like our older brothers. In college campus and hostel, it is not easy for us to forget their hard work. We really miss them all and always stay close to our hearts. Maybe we meet college outside in the future and maybe not; All good and bad memories will be with you.

We enjoyed a lot during any celebration, festival festival, party etc. Our friendship is the biggest award for us and the precious thing will be forever. None of us know where life will take us, but hard work and commitment can enable us to reach our destination. I would like to wish you all with a bright career and a peaceful life

Thank you

Farewell Speech for Senior - 3

A great evening for the respected dignitaries, principal sher, teacher, senior and my dear colleagues. I welcome you and thank you for your good presence in your senior presence in our senior party's farewell party. I have tears in my eyes and I am sorry that it is time to see our senior citizens. Although feeling very lucky for a farewell speech here. On behalf of Jr., I would like to share happy moments in this college with my senior citizens.

Whenever it is time to get admission in IT colleges away from home after our 12th class, generally everyone is afraid of many things like how to enter, hostels without parents and siblings How to live in, how to study, parental support, and many more. The path of education may be struggling and hard work, but the result is very sweet. I would like to express my feelings to my senior people who are leaving us today. Our seniors always told us that whenever we are sad when we remember our parents in the hostel, we have many things in our life. Has to lose. He had said that anyone would have to lose health, some money and somebody's life. And that's what we are working to get away from our parents and loved ones to get success in life and a bright career.

Our seniors realized that our primary goal would be to study the knowledge and to do as much as possible to fulfill our responsibilities towards our family, society and the country in the future. They told us never to give up with any bad situation and always strive to struggle and fight, in fact you will have the best experience in life. I am very grateful for all the teachings for all my teachers and from time to time I assist them. I wish them a happy life with a bright career

Thanks to all of you.

Farewell Speech for Seniors - 4

Good morning for all respected dignitaries, reputable teachers, senior and my dear colleagues. I want to welcome you to this senior party of this farewell party. Thank you for your good presence in large numbers and give importance to this party. My dear friend, today we are giving a farewell party to our senior citizens. How fast is it that we have to see them? It seems that we met yesterday and soon separated. On behalf of all the junior men, I have to give a farewell speech to our superiors here. We will meet our superiors tomorrow because they are going before leaving us, we will not be able to meet him. However, this is a happy moment for them because they have completed their studies and are going to make their careers. We should not be so sad and should look away from happiness.

We were together for 3 years in this college and enjoyed many moments. He was our senior who fulfilled all our demands in the hostel when we were new visitors. All the bad and good moments have been caught like a camera in our brain, which keeps us from time to time. We enjoyed entertaining by playing football in college premises, reading books in the library and dancing in the hostel or in music, which is really unforgettable.

I would like you to add some personal story of your hostel life to senior citizens. Once I was very troubled because of my homiscission in the hostel, I did not talk to anyone and I liked to be very quiet and tired. One day my senior asked me very politely and I told them everything about my problem. He taught me the ethics of life and told all my responsibilities towards the family, society and the country. They were very helpful and encouraged us to be absent in hostels and colleges, in fact I would remember them all.

I would like to thank all of you, who have made cultural activities in honor of our superiors here. I feel that you have enjoyed music, dance and other cultural activities. I would like to thank my superiors for many years for all their support, love, care and inspiration. Today is a bad moment for us, but we have to say goodbye to all of you. I request you to contact us because we can not do our best without your valuable advice. I wish you good luck for your future and peaceful life.

Thank you

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