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Essay on Olympic Games - 400, 600 and 1250 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Olympic Games in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 400, 600 and 1250 words.

Essay on Olympic Games - 400 Words

There is a history of about eight hundred years in the Olympic Games. They were first played near Mount Olympus in Greece in 778 BC. In honor of the Greek God Zeus.

These games were organized once every four years, until they stopped by the imperial order of the emperor of Rome, until the 394 AD When they were stopped, competitions were organized in literature, arts, dance and music in addition to sports. The Olympic Games was revived in 1894 with the efforts of the French prince, Pierre-de-Kubertin.

Olympics held in Athens (Greece) in 1984. Since then, the modern Olympic Games are being organized once every four years. However, World War II - there was a break during the period of the first and second world war. The 20th Olympics was organized in 1972 in Munich (Germany). Later the Olympics was held in Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona. The 2010 Olympic Games were held in Beijing. 2014 Olympics will be held in England.

Olympic Games attract athletes from different countries from all parts of the world. It is a symbol of international friendship and brotherhood. There are rings or circles connected together in the Olympic symbol. Five rings represent five different continents - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. Linking represents unity. Five rings are among five different colors. They are blue, yellow, black, green and red. The Olympic flag is interlinking rings on plain white backgrounds. The torch is lit in the Olympics for the first time in Greece and then the relay is taken to the place of meeting by the runners. Every athlete who participates in the game also has to take an oath that he will respect the rules of the game and follow it.

Previously, the athletes won were crowned by olive branches. In modern times, the winners are honored with medals and certificates. Those who come first, they are awarded with gold medal. Those who are in second place are awarded silver medal and those who are the third are awarded with bronze medal.

Competitions are generally organized in the following games and games: (1) Archery, (2) Athletics, (3) Badminton, (4) Baseball, (5) Basketball, (6) Boxing, (7) Canoeing, (8) Cycling, (9) Horseback riding, (10) Fencing, (11) Football, (12) Gymnastics, (13) Handball, (14) Hockey, (15) Judo, (16) Modern Panthalan, ( 17) Rowing, (18) Shooting, (19) Swimming, (20) Table Tennis, (21) Tennis, (22) Volleyball, (23) Weightlifting, (24) Wrestling and Sailing.

Essay on Olympic Game in India - 600 Words

India is participating in the Olympics since 1900. It has shown some fantastic performances in hockey in the Olympics.

From 1928 to 1956, India had won 6 gold medals in hockey, which has not yet been beaten. He also won a gold medal in the 1964 and 1980 Olympics.

All India has won eight gold medals in hockey. However, despite this wonderful show in hockey, India has been unable to achieve any remarkable success in individual sports. When a country that claims more than one billion people is unable to secure a gold medal in individual sports in the Olympics, it is a matter of concern. India has won only six medals, none of them are gold in personal play.

India won a bronze medal in wrestling at the 1952 Summer Olympics, won two silver medals in 200 meters and 200 meters of men in their first Olympics and a silver medal in the 2004 shooting event in 2004. In India, there is a bronze medal in lawn tennis and a bronze medal in women's weightlifting.

There should be a reason for the disappointing performance of Indian athletes in the Olympics, but the truth is that the reasons provided by Indian sports officials are pathetic. Officials say lack of proper facilities is the main reason. It is true that many Indians, especially those living in rural areas, are not secretive for synthetic track, trained coach or sporting equipment. It is also true that not all Arab people of India are involved in organized sports.

However, can not be held responsible for our tragic performance, especially when this number is more than the people of Mozambique and the Bahamas, and these countries have managed to win the gold medal. True, India has insufficient facilities but it is hardly an excuse.

A generation ago, runners from Kenya had trained while living in an old school hostel, in which the water was not running and they still managed to get a medal for their country. Perhaps lacking in reasonable facilities but lacking in our approach is not so much. We are not just an athletic nation. We see it at every level.

Children who show potential in the game, their ability slips into the trash. There is no huge amount to earn in the game unless it is not cricket - the country's number one passion. In India, weekends are not spent in participating in physical activity.

Bollywood rules as the number one source of entertainment. Family participation in sports is not encouraged; That's why young people are not interested in it. Someone thinks that a country that is capable of writing software for the world will definitely be able to come up with a rational plan to revive its athletes. Private sponsorship is still in its nascent stage and is available only to those who have shown some performance internationally.

If India wants a medal in Olympics, then it will have to see the long-term plan. A country which has achieved only a handful of medals in more than 100 years, it is hardly going to win dozens throughout the night. Changes should be done at grass level.

Our people have to change the attitude. Triathlon should be organized at the weekend to encourage family participation, such as family sports events. Special sports scholarships should be issued for qualified sports.

Selection should be strictly based on performance and there should be no criteria to compete for state quota competition. In time the country will make a turn, and perhaps in the future India can perform better in the Olympics.

Essay on Olympic Games - 1250 Words

The Olympic Games was first established by the Greek in the year 776 BC. It is also the date from where the Greeks kept their calendar "Olympiads" for a four-year period around a year's game. These games were combined with patriotic, religious and athletic festivals organized every four years.

These games were held every four years at the place called Olympus in Greece. All Greek athletes used to go to these games

The Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens in Greek, in the era of the modem. The credit goes to the French teacher Baron Pierre de Cumberto for the revival of these games. The underlying objective of reviving these games was to make a better international understanding through the universal medium of love for the youth for the game.

Since 1896, Eddie Olympic Games has been organized more or less in every fourth year. On the basis of country's capacity and resources to host such games, the place of these games has been changed from country to country. These games have not been kept in India so far.

Olympic Games are held in high esteem by all countries. Thousands of athletes from around the world gather to participate in these games. These games promote international brotherhood and understanding.

The Olympic symbol indicates five rings or boards. These rings are a symbol of the five continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. Each ring is of a different color, like blue, yellow, black, green and red. These rings are connected together. The Olympic flag has unlocking rings on a plain white background.

The Olympic flame represents continuity between the ancient and modern games. First, the torch is lit by sun rays in Olympus in Greece. Then with the help of this torch, the Olympic flame is taken by the scholars' relay to the place of sports. This flame keeps burning until the last day of the game.

In the beginning, 6 athletes from the host country have sworn that they will participate in the Olympic Games that respect the rules governing these games and follow them.

In ancient times, Olympic heroes were honored with Laurel Wreaths. But in modern times, the winners are honored with medals and certificates. Those who are standing before them are given gold medal; One silver medal is given to the other and the bronze medal for the player is given at third place. At present, 38 games are played in the Olympic Games.

The 24th Olympic Games were held in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. U.S.SR Won 55 gold medals while winning medals. And the U.S.A. Having secured the second and third positions respectively, claiming 37 and 36 gold medals. India also failed to win a medal. Swim players like GDR Kristin Otto and the U.S.A. In Florence Griffith-Joyner Won the hearts of sports fans around the world in the tracks. Another important thing about this Olympics was that both US and Soviet Union took part in it after a very long time.

The 25th Olympic Games were held in Barcelona in 1992, while the 26th Olympic Games were held in the U.S.A. Was held in Atlanta. From July 19 to August 4, 1996. It was the centenary year of the modern Olympics. After winning 44 gold after Russia and Germany, the United States received a medal degree. Atlanta Olympian's protagonist was Carl Lewis, who jumped on his 9th Olympic gold at the age of 35.

India continued to be disappointing at these Olympics too. India participated in 13 programs. Except lawn tennis, Indians fell out of the way in all personal incidents. Leander Paes, 23, won the Olympic bronze medal for lawn tennis. Paes made history by becoming the only Indian to win a medal for a personal event, making a history in India's disappointing Olympic record.

The 27th Olympic Games were held in Sydney from Australia from September 15 to October 1, 2000. Australia was the ideal choice to host this big event because it is one of the three countries that participated in every game since 1896.

With the participation of the Sydney Olympics 2000, the 21st century, the Millennium First Olympiad, the record number of athletes (more than 10,300) and the participation of approximately 5,100 assistant employees, was the largest show on the planet, which has represented the largest number so far (199) 28 is competing in the record number of 300 events in the sports subjects.

XXVII Sydney Olympics 2000-IOC Chairman was rated as "Best Olympic Ever", Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch-can claim many special features. The 14-story stadium was the main attraction in Australia, the main Olympic stadium in Olympic history and the largest outdoor venue (in which the opening and closing ceremony were both hosted), adjusting 10,000 audiences. The Olympic Village, a model eco-friendly residential site with more than 10,300 athletes and over 5000 officers, was the first and the largest solar powered housing complex where all participants were adjusted for the first time in an Olympic village in history.

On September 15, 2000, there were more than 100,000 spectators in the opening ceremony in Sydney Australia, while thousands of others were sticking to the big screen across the city, and another 3.7 billion sports enthusiasts watched the inaugural function of the XXVII Modern Olympics, all around the world. Set in The closing ceremony was spectacular as the page opening ceremony.

Of the 199 participants from the Sydney 2000 Olympics, 80 made it in the medal chart, which was followed by United States 39 gold, 25 silver and 33 bronze and topped with Russia and China. The first Olympics of New Millennium saw India on the rock bottom, in which the final place (70th) was shared with the medal and the other ten countries.

The Athens Olympics 2004 went on for a grand beginning with an impressive opening ceremony in Athens, Greece, on August 13, 2004, which brought the myths of ancient Greece back to life through the magic of 21st century technology, Return to the Olympic Games for your spiritual home Grand Show enacted the origins of Greece's story and the birth of Olympic Games through music, dance and pagandom, and provided an insight into the modern Olympics, which was revived in Athens 108 years ago.

In the Olympic Games 2004, the United States topped the medal with a total of 103 medals (35 gold, 39 silver and 29 bronze) and after that China won 63 medals (32 gold, 17 silver, 14 bronze) And won 92 medals with Russia (27 gold, 27 silver and 38 bronze). Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore became the first Indian player to win a personal Olympic silver medal.

The 2008 Summer Olympics, officially known as the XXIX Olympiad game, was a major international multi-sport event in Beijing, China from August 8 to August 24, 2008. A total of 10,708 athletes (NOCs) of 204 National Olympic Committees participated in 302 gold medals in 38 programs.

For the first time in the Olympics, three nations participated. To host the Olympic Games, China became the 22nd nation and remained at 18th place to hold the Summer Olympic Games. In the Olympic Games 2008, China won 51 gold medals, followed by the United States 36 gold medals. Russia won 23 gold medals On August 11, 2008, Abhinav Bindra won gold medal in men's 10 meter air rifle shooting event In doing so, he won the first individual gold medal for India and won the first medal in any program for the Beijing Games. Sushil Kumar won the second wrestling medal (bronze) for India. Vijender won the bronze medal in the middleweight boxing category. It was India's first Olympic medal in boxing

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