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Essay on The National Game of India - Hockey - 450 and 500 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The National Game of India - Hockey in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 450 and 500 words.

Essay on The National Game of India - Hockey - 450 Words

I do not play hockey but I like watching games. And some opportunities provide better hockey than the annual Sindiya hockey tournament in Gwalior.

I saw the last match of the tournament. It was a sunny day - the best weather game A large number of prominent people and hockey lovers were gathered to watch the match.

Chief Minister and other senior officials were present there. Around the ground, the students and the masses were gathered. The viewers were waiting for the match to start.

Players took the field exactly at 4 PM. The yellow colors of Madhya Pradesh blues represent a striking contrast to Saurashtra eleven yellow and green cloth.

For Madhya Pradesh, Mukesh Kumar and some other famous Olympic sportsmen were playing. On the other hand, Saurashtra eleven was the hockey champions in their province. That's why everyone expects a very good game.

From the very beginning the game proved thrilling. Madhya Pradesh blues were active and they started their attack with a great attack.

They showed excellent combination and real team spirit. Their forward players combined well and passed the ball with great skill.

Thus they were able to attack Saurashtra eleven repeatedly, which had to play defensive games.

Saurashtra's defense line was quite strong. His center was half a power tower on his side. Frequently, he had a tough competition with Mukesh Kumar, who would not be better suited for him.

Saurashtra eleven was pressed during the first part of the game. After half time the game started with fresh enthusiasm.

Captain of Madhya Pradesh blues Mukesh felt troubled because of his inability to score. Now he decides to lead the attack.

On the other hand Saurashtra eleven changed their tactics. They started attacking loudly too. The game was fought extremely hard for a few moments.

For the first time it seemed that Saurashtra would defeat eleven of its opponents. But soon it became clear that they were more or less tired. Apart from this, he was a good player personally, but there was a lack of combination and team spirit.

The game reached its height during the last 10 minutes. Mukesh Kumar took the ball into the round circle, passed it correctly, which gave a tough fight.

The ball went straight on the net. The viewers were wild with happiness. Anurag Gupta became the hero of the crowd who had given a lucky shot.

Now the game is very excited. Saurashtra XI made every effort to score but the previous and the last bench of Madhya Pradesh has worked hard.

They will not let the ball touch its goal circle too. Mukesh Kumar scored another goal. It was a decisive blow.

Now Saurashtra eleven knew that it was all over. So this match ended in the victory of Madhya Pradesh blues, who received the Golden Trophy from the governor.

Essay on The National Game of India - Hockey - 500 Words

Hockey is our national sport. The game is played in all the states throughout the state. India was the world champion in hockey for many years. Hockey has now become popular in many countries. Play Pakistan, Holland, Germany, England and Australia. There is an eager competition internationally.

Hockey is a fast game. When the game is in progress then players can be seen running in the field. Every minute is a mo0ve, which could change the possibilities in the game. So everyone is cautious through everyone. Goalkeeper, center front, right and left back are all important in the game. This is the work of a team that leads to success. Our country has produced many world-class players. Meditation is one such, which is called hockey magician. In fact, Punjab players contribute a lot to the hockey game.

In 1928, winning the gold medal at the Amsterdam Olympics, India became the world champion for the first time in hockey. Since then, it remains the champion until Rome loses in the Olympics. It came in seventh place at the Montreal Olympics. In 1980, India won the gold medal at the Moscow Olympics. In 1984 we lost the gold medal.

Hockey, Kike Cricket, is a popular sport in our country. This is not an expensive one. Hockey is played by both men and women. Inter-school competitions and state level competitions are organized for schools. The following trophy hockey (1) meditation Chand Trophy (2) Lady Ratan Trophy (for women) (3) Nehru Trophy (4) Scindia Gold Cup and (5) Ragaswami Cup game.

I got an opportunity to become a member of the winners of a state-level hockey match in Kurnool this year. This important match was between Andhra Pradesh Residential School. Tadikonda & Coles High School, Kurnool As you know, the game of hockey is very popular in Kurnool district. Prior to the start of the game 3.30 PM competition teams were presented with the main guest.

Andhra Pradesh Residential School Boys were on the offensive right from the beginning. They were quick to rotate the ball into a deep enemy camp. They were successful in two penalty corners. However, they failed to score goals because Kurnool goalkeepers were able to stop both penalty corner shots. He actually saw every horrible; Although the Kurnool team maintained dominance during the first half of the game, the Coles School team stole the heat during the second half. They were also successful in two penalty corners during the last ten minutes of the game. They were successful in making two goals. Bhaskar, after the Kurnool team's center, scored these goals, and became the 'star of the evening'. Thus the Sports Coles finished in favor of the school team. He won the state-level Hockey Championship due to his excellent skills in the game.

The chief guest congratulated the teams for both excellent teams. He gave the trophy to the winning team. Residential school boys, who performed their best, accepted the decision in good spirit. There is a big truth in saying "failure are the stones to take steps to success".

Essay on The National Game of India - Hockey - 500 Words other

Hockey is the national game of India. Hockey is a popular sport, as the game is being played for many years in India, it seems that this game is Indian. The reality is, the British started hockey in India. Indians have become proficient in this game and earned a win by winning in international matches.

Long ago, people of Iran used to play a game with the bat. This game was from hockey. But that game was not as good as hockey. The Greeks learned this game from Iranians and conveyed it to Rome. Based on the discovery of Athens in 1921, it was confirmed that Europe - this game has already arrived. But the modern hockey game was played in England for the first time, when it was scored from a distance of more than 14 meters, it was not considered a goal.

But the round circle was not made until then. The type of hockey that is being played is now hockey born in 1886 when the association of the hockey was established. This was followed by the first international match between England and Ireland in the year 1895.

The game of hockey is played in open ground between two teams. Each team has eleven-eleven players. Each team tries to score goals. The field of hockey is 92 meters long and 52 to 56 meters wide. In hockey games, balls, hockey, tight dress, light strong and perfect size canvas shoes, flags, round pillars and frames and rounded netting etc. are used. Hockey player must be healthy and strong.

There should be so much power in it that it can play two to three hours of activity and concentration and run fast. Hockey players must have the power of quickness, immediate decision-making and tolerance. Cooperation and good faith in the game of hockey is important, the lone player can not do anything. Some players enchant with other people from dribbling, but it's not a good game. Hockey was inducted into the Olympic Games in the year 1908.

Only that England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany and France participated in the international competition that year. First hockey was given attention to providing a lot of entertainment in the game. Now this game is played with keeping in mind the conquest of defeat.

India participated for the first time in Olympics in 1928. In the final event in India, the Holland defeated the Netherlands by 30 goals and in the hockey world their coin was deposited. Four years later, India again won gold in Los Angeles.

Indian players were skilled at dribbling. Major Dhyanchand, who was the captain of the Indian Hockey team of 1936, was called Hockey Magician and like him, the hockey magician like him has not yet happened in the world. Recently, his 100th Birthday was celebrated in the country. Indian players always had control over the ball and they were also skilled in giving. Each player knew to defend and attack. There was a sense of team in Indian players. They used to play for the nation.


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