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Essay on If I Were the Principal of My School - 300, 450 and 900 words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on If I Were the Principal of My School in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 300, 450 and 900 words.

Essay on If I Were the Principal of My School - 350 Words

If I was the Principal of my school then I would make many changes in the school running system. Most methods, rules and regulations have become outdated and changes are required. We have a lot of work for students and rarely have time to play them.

The school starts with the assembly early in the morning and there is a lot of time wasted. If I become a principal, then I will stop all those lectures about discipline and hard work. I encourage students to share their thoughts and experiences with their schoolmates and guide the teacher with their observations about what they share with them. I will tell those students with a moral short story so that they can learn some good values ​​without going through the burden of annoying lecture.

As the session begins, I see that all the difficult subjects are not taught one after the other. Science should be followed by English and not by mathematics. Sometimes Principals of schools have bad knowledge like students and they have put a lot of emphasis on their neck without any confidence that they are not always receptive.

I encourage many sports and extra curricular activities like drama, music, painting, creative writing, soil modeling, photography, horse riding, swimming, dance etc. This will allow students to be interested in coming to school and they will enjoy the long hours of staying in school. When there are many interesting activities for students, they are happy and their brains are able to absorb lesson from the most difficult subjects with more difficult subjects.

Promote a large degree of personal interaction among students and teachers, thus creating a friendly atmosphere in the classroom, these days is a must. Teachers will be friends with the students and it can help to eliminate any fear in the minds of the students regarding their teacher. This will improve the working and learning environment again in school.

As a Principal, I will do my best to take my school towards respect in academics, sports, social and cultural activities.

Essay on If I Were the Principal of My School - 450 Words

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." I can never become the Principal of my school I am qualified for the post But let me imagine what I would do if I was the principal of my school. The success or failure of a school depends on its Principal. A Principal is a central figure and the school depends on him.

On the first day, I will attend the school assembly. There was a lot of hope for the teachers and students. After that I will make a short speech I will tell them my policy. I will tell them that I do not believe in words

I will pay my attention to discipline Many Principals and teachers do not care for it. They let the students do as they like It is not the right thing It is the duty of every Principal and teacher to guide the students rightly. To improve discipline J-form a Self-Governing Council Only students will be its members They will find the wrong-doers and punish them. Such schemes have been successful in many schools of England They can also be successful here too. The good tone of school If students are allowed to become impossible

I would like to develop the social life of the school. I would start many types of clubs, associations and debating societies They will enlarge mental outlook of students They will increase their knowledge They will learn They will shake off-their shyness

I would discourage extravagance in the dresses and students of the students. I would encourage plain living and high thinking in the students

I will form different committees They will look after sanitation, water arrangement, etc. Students of different classes I believe in giving the students as possible It trains for future life I will look after these committee I will point out their faults and good works

To create feelings of brotherhood, discipline and social service, physical exercise and games will be compulsory for all the students. They must know their duty towards their country Every day there will-be mass-drill The school will have a gymnasium and a swimming pool. There will be an arrangement for horse-riding. Military training will be compulsory for the boys of classes X and XI.

I will encourage hobbies arid co-curricular activities I will make arrangements for painting, dancing, music, debating and other activities.

In short, I would make my school a model school. It will send out very good boys They will be healthy They will be well-behaved and full of knowledge They will be models for others They will have the stamp of the school on them. They will be known everywhere by their good manners, good knowledge, and good training.

Essay on If I Were the Principal of My School - 900 Words

A school is a learning center. Its leadership is principal. With the help of teachers, they have full powers to manage the school. He is responsible for creating a healthy educational environment at school. They have to maintain discipline. By establishing an example of his behavior, he gives birth to the qualities of head and heart among his school students.

School Principal is not an ordinary person. She is highly educated. He has long experience teaching experience. He is a competent administrator. She has occupied an important position in school. Teachers are looking for them with professional guidance. Students see them as their friend, philosopher and guide. He works as a bridge between teachers and students. They both have respect. Therefore, he is in a better position to ensure the intellectual and physical development of his school students.

If I become the Principal of my school, then I will not leave any effort to become an ideal Principal. I will do my best to make my school a model school. I will see that everything is done in the most systematic and scientific way in my school. Procedures will be simplified to reduce delays and reduce paper work. Tension will be put in the management of the school and the economy and economy. My goal will be to provide an environment in which the students can achieve the overall development of their personality.

First of all, I will focus on teachers. I will see that only those persons are appointed as teachers who are well qualified. They should not only get higher educational qualifications, but also should be impressed by the missionary spirit to teach the students and serve the cause of education. Those who are lacking in inspiration or they are not educationally equipped, they are not suitable to enter this great profession.

I will influence teachers from working from time to time and taking classes regularly. They should give home work to the students everyday and they should be regularly checked so that they can know their shortcomings, if any. They will be asked to arrange extra classes for weaker students.

I want to know the teachers that the students have to co-ordinate with the parents so that it can be ascertained whether there is a favorable environment for studying at the students' home. Guardian-teacher meetings will be held from time to time to monitor the progress of students in various disciplines.

As far as the students are concerned, I will give them top priority for creating a sense of discipline among them. To ensure this, teachers must adhere to discipline themselves. Discipline means obedience to rules and regulations.

In India, in general and in particular, students lack a understanding discipline. In our daily lives, we see people queuing up and running, despite a red signal, cross the roads, throw flowers from a public park, play games on a busy lane, fly horns near the hospital, Play television plays high volume, etc.

Students resort to attack on slight excuses. They are involved in cleverness to overcome their grievances. He rarely realizes that today's students are citizens of tomorrow. Neither any student nor any teacher will allow late or any section to remember.

I will ask my students to read the history of our War of Independence: British rulers so that they can know the great sacrifices made by their proposal for independence. This will overthrow the spirit of nationalism in the study. The students will be exposed to the national leaders of the freedom movement and the role played in heroes like Rani Lakshmibai, Lokmanya T. Mahatma Gandhi, Lala Lajpat Rai, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Bhagat Sir Patt. . . Jawaharlai Nehru, etc. They will also be encouraged to study the life teachings of religious saints and predictions such as Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lo Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Zoroaster, Ji Nank etc.

Students will be asked to undergo physical training in the interest of health. Participation in sports will be made compulsory for all students; The sound brain stays in a healthy body.

India is a country of many castes, religions, castes and languages. It has developed a holistic culture through unity in diversity. Students will be aware of their great cultural heritage.

I will put special tension on ethical education. Students will be taught to attain the qualities of honesty, non-violence, truth, religious tolerance, compassion so that they can enrich their lives.

I will ask students to take a hobby, especially those people who are able to learn them, while they are housewives, doll-makin ikebana, cooking, clock repair, radio repair, TV etc. .

I will see that my school is at the forefront of additional curricular activities, the group of students will be asked to organize in different societies for arrangements of domestic tourism, drama, debate, scouting, musheer etc.

Students with the suitability of social work will be encouraged to "adopt" a village or slum area and encourage free students to develop free medical camps, plantation ventures, promoting family welfare schemes, etc. Will be done. To go to the villages, social activities can be done in those areas where they establish adult education centers.

Last, but not least, I would advise students to avoid social evils like dowry, drinking, smoking, addiction, etc.

Thus, if I get an opportunity to become the Principal of my school, then I will present all these and other reforms to make my school an ideal institution in letter and spirit.

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