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Essay on our New Teacher - 350 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on our New Teacher in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 350 words.

Our class was without science teacher for almost two weeks. The Principal assured us that a new teacher would come soon and we were eagerly waiting for him.

On one Monday morning we saw a young woman standing next to the principal during the assembly. She looked elegant and smart. Her hair was long and tied well in a weave and she wears a beautiful but simple cotton sari. All the eyes were over him and he seemed to be a very happy person because he was smiling on all the students who wished him good morning.

We took our seats in our class and sat down for the day. Soon there was a knock at the entrance to the classroom room and it is surprising that the same young lady enters our class with the principal

We congratulated him and we were presented by the Principal. He was our new science teacher. All of us called for relief when we saw such a friendly person came to teach us. She was Miss Alka and came from Mumbai.

The principal left him with us and he soon took charge of the class. He asked each of us with our name and our surprise that he remembered them all within minutes. He asked us to tell all of us about something so that he could know us better.

Some mischievous boys tried to run the trick in the classroom. They will throw paper on each other and duck so that they can not find the mischief makers. However, he was very quick and alert and soon he took those boys to work. His method of punishment was very interesting. He explained that he was here to teach these boys and the boys were wasting their time after walking. She was patient with the students and still she is always firm.

Classes are not more dull and exciting after its arrival. He shows almost everything he teaches. Experiments in books come alive when they bring various teaching aids in the classroom and add life to the arid things found in our science books.

Although Miss Alka is no longer a new teacher, but I will never forget the day that we were blessed by coming to our school.

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