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Essay on Life is Action, Not Contemplation - 225, 550 and 1000 words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Life is Action, Not Contemplation in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 225, 550 and 1000 words.

Essay on Life is Action, Not Contemplation - 225 Words

Provides many opportunities to make life successful and watch it closely. But it requires action. Goethe, a German philosopher correctly commented that 'life is action, not contemplation'. Even Charles Darwin proved that this life is a continuous struggle for 'the best of existence'. Which is not suitable - it is the law of nature. Action is required to adjust itself in any possible circumstances. Dreams are essential propellers but life is not just a dream or reverie. Sitting on a chair, leaning, a man will never be able to reach the moon. But the man thought, imagined and tried it. As a result, we have reached far-reaching heights. Thus the life of thought and reflection will be in vain if a person does not try to make it true in real life. This does not mean that contemplation is meaningless and meaningless. No. In fact all great ideals and philosophy are the result of the thinking of great men. But these philosophers and ideals will be easily forgotten, did they not apply to real life? Lenin did not inspire people to follow communism, so who can remember Marks? Russia's name must have surely been out of our memory, France did not accept socialist democracy. The lives of various great men and even religious leaders support the idea that action is not only natural instinct; It is also the essence of life.

Essay on Life is Action, Not Contemplation - 550 Words

There is a valuable idea in this quote from German poet and philosopher Goethe. Life is not just a dream, it is a dream. It is much more than that; This is action, effort, great and brave action. Without energetic action, life will be stable. Without great deeds, life will become static and will lose most of its charm. The life of thoughts and reflection will be unusable if thoughts never change in practical action.

It is not that there is no place in life in contemplation. Simulation inspires peace of mind, peace and contentment. Great models are usually products of contemplation; Practically all the fossils of the world have come from thinkers and philosophers, with whom contemplation was a habit.

Nothing should be done without mature reflection and calm discussions. Meditation and silent prayer is purifying agents for soul and is a sedative for nerves. But contemplation should never be considered as the purpose of human life. Great ideas were not translated by practical men. If the teachings of thinkers such as Rousseau and Voltaire were not given solid shape, there is no revolution in France.

The march of civilization depends largely on the men of action, for whom the courage was the breath of life, those who had the desire to do brave deeds were supreme. How much the world is responsible for its great explorers, navigators and mountain climbers, who faced the anger of nature and to fulfill their internal urge to face the anger of the elements?

There are many men who have contributed in one or the other way in the progress and prosperity of mankind or who are responsible for realizatiqn of the great ideals of the world. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other great men were such individuals whose ability to proceed was extraordinary.

In fact, it is interesting to imagine what would have happened if all these and equal men and women had passed their life in action. Will human life still be not primitive? The attitude of mind expressed by Tennyson must not be envious or encouraged. If we were all to spend our existence in dreaming then life would stand. That is why we should say with Ulysses that "to try, find, find and not meet," is the amount of life.

We should not stop, 'should not end to end the war.' "As Carole says," When night is said tonight, then works when no person can work. "The only way to tilt and mood in life is to spend time. If we were to work on the advice of all Stevenson and to replace idols (even in the spirit of the world), life would be reduced. There is a keen happiness in creation and there is great happiness in creation, with which there is nothing but satisfaction created by contemplation.

Apart from this, the desire for action is obsolete, excluding the brain, lazy people. Nature has concluded us with an incredible store of energy and we have to use them in action. The war itself, which is so destructive, can be seen as a requirement because it acts as an outlet for super abundant energy deposited in humans. In essence, it is not desirable to retire in forests or to medieval Christian monks like monks like Indian saints. The teachings of Lord Krishna show that the work is the essence of life. These prophets moved among men and made energetic efforts to teach mankind the ideal way of life.

Essay on Life is Action, Not Contemplation - 1000 Words

Goethe means 'life-action and not contemplation' by saying this? Obviously, they meant that too much attention to the idea would be forgotten by the very basic laws of human life, which is the action. Men should work fully in their lives, and all those who feel are great and generous. Another German thinker Fichte said, "Life was not given for humiliating thought and study of self, nor inclining on the feelings of purity: verbs and work only determine the value." Carlyle, who admired Goiel, wrote so much, "The end of man is action, and not thought it be of the noblest".

This is a simple law that governs the life of a human either 'do or die'. By dreaming of a golden dream, no one can pass his days in peace and prosperity. There are many people who take their time in thinking. They never try to realize their vision. What is worth all their thoughts? Is not it luxury? In India, in particular, pure thinking or barren thinking is tremendous attraction for us. This is one of the reasons why we are so far away in the race of progress, says Sophocles, "Heaven does not help the person who does not work," it has proven to be great in our case.

The habit of intentional thinking does not take us anywhere. Worse, it kills all healthy desires for action. It is a kind of voice that eliminates one's desire. In the 'Hyperion' (revised Vision) of the insect, Goddess Moneta advised the poet in this way:

"Only the dreamers celebrate their whole day.

To suffer more than all your sins. "

In fact, contemplation can never please us in real understanding of this word. The poet, Colise knew it because he was the dreamer of the passive dreams himself. Life is lamenting late:

"The spirit of the past youth, and humanity comes in vain,

And provided talent, and knowledge won in vain. "

No one can be happy through contemplation. When she said, "Action does not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action." The person who taps throughout life rarely enjoys the good pleasures of life. Life is either a funny or tragedy for them. In his attempt to enter the center of human life, he remembers the drama and joy of human existence.

On the other hand, action is the law of human existence, "Remember that you do not have any sin, whose power is not the law of action." E.B. it is said. Hall, "not the faculty of body, mind or spirit, whose law of reform is not energy." Laziness of the body not only weakens our system, but it is also corrupt or spirit. The person who does not work on the power of self-confidence, desire and hope. It becomes parasite or misfit.

Life is a system of duties. This is the man of action who obeys his duties. The thinker who is concerned with the deep problems of man should often ignore his duties imposed by humans and rules of God. In Karlil's words, "Our grand business is not to see what lies at the distance, but to do what is closely related to that."

If our work is not translated, then our highest ideas are of little benefit. There can be a man of liberal and original ideas, but one can not have so many words or sounds as long as he can not be taken to practice. Again, there is no better test of truth or untruth, or its significance in spite of its translation. Locke said, "Men's action is the best interpreter of their ideas."

Man feels his highest potential in action. Abraham Lincoln would not have come from "log cabin" to "White House" if he had dreamed of future glory in his youth. He was not a dreamer, but a man of action, in this way he became so great. Mahatma Gandhi was another man of action. His hold was so great on us because we knew that he meant what he said, that whatever he had taught in the actual practice, he could feel everything. A thinker Mahatma Gandhi was negligible. We have more thinkers and better scholars in India, but there is no one like Mahatma in action. The man of action does not waste his time in unprofitable discussion and subtle reasoning.

However, it is not to say that there is no use of contemplation in human life. It is true that excessive indulgence in ignorance and neglect of action is not less than disaster. But a good thinker is beneficial to humankind. He also has his lawsuit. He can not work on himself, but his thoughts can inspire others. Therefore, the German poet once said, "Mark this well, you men proud of action! You, of course, are nothing but men's unconscious instruments." Hein says that there is a good deal of truth . A powerful and original thinker can be successful in giving a new vision of life, a new perspective to a person of his generation. Is it also not true that the best of human art is taken from contemplation rather than the best action of human philosophy? The person who destroys, we must remember that he is also a man of action. A thinker, though, often creates, and is often ugly which is ugly and ennobles what is neglected.

Life is not there, only action can not be done. It is also used in this regard. Life should be the harmony of both. When the thinker acts, when the man of action thinks, the millennium will come. People who work today are very impatient, and those who think they are very focused and dreaming. As we say, "we unite contemplation with action. In the goodwill of the tow there is the perfection of the character ... .. the inclusion will strengthen the verb and the action returns us back to contemplation and thus the internal and external life Will be developed in a consistent way. "

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