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The biggest reason for the defeat in our lives, what will people say? - Short moral stories

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The biggest reason for the defeat in our lives, what will people say? - Short moral stories

According to all rules regarding flying, honeybees are not the ability to fly, their wings are so small that they can not lift the weight of their heavy body, even though its bees fly, because honey bees do not make any difference What does the person think?
People will do the biggest disease! - Short Moral Stories

The same thing goes on to say that Madhumkhikho or any animal does not care about what others think about them.

But this same habit of human being is the root of all problems. What will people say about our thinking, what will people think, what will they think, because of this thinking, we can not do anything openly and with Confident. Because we think about taking ten times before doing any work, and if we do any work and if we can not succeed in it, then what will my friends, relatives, neighbors, and my identities will think about me? Anybody shy away from doing any work. But if I have to do some great work in life then I will have to stop thinking about the people.

Tell you a story:

One day a man came to Morning Walk when he saw a lane taking a garbage in a street, there were two dogs in it boring on it. The man gore a word of that girl, seeing that dog boring, seeing that boy There was no fear on the face nor the boy had any attention on those dogs that the boy was just working to raise his garbage.

The boy went from there to the second street and the other street dog also started to roam after seeing him, but the boy continued to work on raising his garbage by not paying attention to the dog. The boy took up the garbage, earning two hundred and fifty rupees and remained roasting beggars.

So friends, if we adopt thinking in our life, then we will never be left behind. And if we do not keep our work in mind, then we will do it. They are saying, "Listen to everyone's mind"

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