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Important Information About Egypt

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Important Information About Egypt

Just like India, the Egyptian civilization is also very old and the remains of ancient civilization are called the Gaurav Gatha. So, there are 138 pyramids in Egypt, and unlike the three general beliefs in Giza in Cairo, only Giza's 'Great Pyramid' is in the list of seven wonders of the ancient world. Similar Egypt information -

Important events and information in Egypt's history

Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt is an intercontinental country, spread across the north-eastern corner of Africa and the southwest corner of Asia. Egypt is an indigenous country that is surrounded by Gaza Strip and Israel in the north-east, Gulf of Aqaba, the Red Sea in the east and south, Sudan in the south and Libya's border in the west. Next to the Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan and Sinai Peninsula are ahead of Saudi Arabia, as well as Jordan and Saudi Arabia do not share their borders with Egypt. It is the only nearest African nation of the world.

Egypt's history is much larger than the history of any modern country, as well as Egypt is counted in selected countries in the time of 10 million BC. Famous ancient Egypt, by the name of the place of civilization, had already developed it in the field of writing, farming, urbanization, organized religion and central government; some reputed monuments such as Giza's graveyard and great sphinx, as well as the ruins of Memphis , Thebis, Karnak and the King's Valley are also among the main archeological sites in this country, where the whole world is interested. Egypt's rich cultural heritage is an integral internal part of their national identity. The oldest center of Christian religion, Egypt was Islamic in the seventh century, and this country later remained mainly the country of Muslims, where people of Christian religion are recited in the minority.

More than 92 million inhabitants, Egypt is the most famous country in Africa and the Arab world, and the third most Africa (after Nigeria and Ethiopia) is the most famous country and 15th most popular country in the world. Most of the people of this country live on the banks of the Nile River, which is an area of ​​40,000 square kilometers, where only agricultural land was discovered. More than half of Egypt's residents live in urban areas.

Modern Egypt is strong in both religious and power. Where culture, politics and military power are given much importance in North Africa. At the same time, the Muslim country is one of the largest and most prosperous economies of Egypt, and Egypt's economy grew even more in the 21st Century. Egypt is also a member of United Nation, Non-Aligned Movement, Arab League, African Union and Islamic Cooperation.

 Important Dates in Egypt History

  • 3000 BC - The upper and lower Egyptian empire was combined. Jean-Jean Rajo successfully worked and he developed a lot of cultural, economic and social heritage of the country.
  • 332 BC - Ancient Macedonian Alexander the Great created Egypt, and then discovered Alexandria. Macedonia ruled until 31 BC.
  • 31 BC = Egypt falls under Roman rule, when the Octavian army defeated the Queen of Cleopatra, then they also tried to commit suicide.
  • 33 AD - Cristian arrives in Egypt
  • 4-6 Century - Egypt's Roman province became part of Egypt's eastern Roman Empire.
  • 642 - Arab won Egypt
  • 1517 - Egypt was merged into the Ottoman Empire
  • 1805 - Ottoman Albanian commander Muhammad Ali established an empire which he ruled until 1952, and he was also a part of the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1869 - The work of the Suez Canal is completed.
  • 1882 - Britain takes control of this country in its own right.
  • 1922 - Fuad became the first king and Egypt also got independence, but the influence of the British continued on the country till 1950.
  • 1948 - Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria invade Israel's new state.
  • 1956 - Britain, France and Israel attacked the nationalism of the Suez Canal.
  • 1981 - Islamic rebels committed suicide of President Sadat Subsequently, Vice President Hosni Mubarak became his successor.
  • 2011 - "Arab Spring" The coup of Mubarak's rebellion.

Interesting Facts about Egypt

1. Egypt is the country with the largest Arab population.

2. Egypt's formal name is the Arab Republic of Egypt.

3. Pharaoh Pepe II (2246-2152 BC) was the longest in history - 94 years. When he was only 6 years old, he became king of Egypt.

4. Faroe Pepe II allegedly used to put a nude spot of slavery on the people.

5. It is said that the ancient Egypt pyramid was shaped only by the influence of the sun's rays.

6. Literacy rates for Egypt's people are 83% in men and 59.4% in females.

7. On average, in Egypt there is only rains around one inch every year.

8. The development of hieroglyphs took place in Egypt in 3000 BC and it was originally from murals. In opposition to 26 letters of English, there are more than 700 different Egyptian hieroglyphs.

9. Egypt's first pyramid step was the Pyramid, which was built by the famous Egyptian architect Imhotope for Frao Djoser in 2600 BC.

10. The people of ancient Egypt worshiped more than 1000 different gods and goddesses. Among these Gods is the most important Lord Rama for them, which is also called Suraj Bhagwan.

11. Egypt has 12% workforce in tourism.

12. An Egyptian father named his newborn "Facebook", keeping the name in view of the important role played by Facebook in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. The full name of his newborn is Facebook Jamal Ibrahim.

13. Total 5 million people in Egypt use Facebook, which is the highest in any Middle Eastern country. According to 2009, 20.136 people in Egypt use the Internet, Egypt is 21st in the world in the use of the Internet.

14. In Egypt, both male and female make-up make-up, which is called Kohal. According to him, it has a miraculous coolness that protects our eyes from infections.

15. Egypt is the world's 30th largest city by area. Egypt's area is 3,86,560 square miles, which is 3 times bigger than New Mexico.

16. The ancient Egyptians were the first people who said that 365 days of a year can be left in 12 months. Along with this, he also searched the clock.

17. Egyptian-oriented Imhotope is first known as a philosopher, first engineer and first architecture.

18. The ancient Egyptians, through the tears of the goddess Isis, pours water in the Nile River every year and floods. They celebrate this flood with enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the name of the "Aanso Ka Nite" festival.

19. Copts are Egypt's largest Christian community in the Middle East, as Christian was the main religion in Egypt between the fourth and sixth centuries. Coptic word means all Egyptian people.

20. In France, there is a glass pyramid outside the famous Louvre Museum, which is built for the memory of the ancient Egyptian people and their wonderful world.

21. The Makkhiarar was made from Giraffe's request, which used to be the most famous fashion item in ancient Egypt.

22. According to the ancient Egyptians, Lord Thoth had discovered the writing and secretly gave him knowledge to humans. His sign is a bird which is also called Ibis and Langoor.

23. 150 years ago, Americans and Europeans believed that the mother had the ability to do great treatment. They used to keep mummy from the bottom to the powders and used it as a medicine for all kinds of diseases.

24. The Great Pyramid of Giza is pointing to Orion's constellation.

25. In ancient Egypt, every big city had to help a famous God, just as people today help the football team.
26. The ancient Egyptians had to make an estimate of when floods would occur in the Nile, due to which the world's first calendar was created.

27. The ancient Egyptian people believed that they were made from clay.

28. The punishment of the oldest death penalty is also seen in ancient Egypt. This sentence was given to Amherst Pupry in 1500 BC, who had to kill himself by poisoning.

29. The people who built the ancient Egyptian tomb were their own guarded village. Their good service and care were taken as their work was very important.

30. The standard Bacca of the oldest reason is seen, the ancient Egyptians were equal to 6.66 and 7.45 ounces. Even today this standard is used.

31. The last hieroglyphic inscription was made in Phiela in the temple of Isis in 394 AD.

32. Scarab Beetle had made Egypt's people quite religious and asked to represent life after death.

33. Hippo is considered as a bad sign in Egypt and is compared to monsters. They are even more dangerous than crocodiles and they also reverse the boat while traveling to the Nile.

34. The person who steals tax in Egypt was recognized by the name and he was given a severe punishment for the crime.

35. In Egypt, young children (also girls) are considered to be like the blessings of God. Egyptians do not do such a thing where the Greeks leave unnatural offspring (mostly girls) outside the home to die.

36. Black bucks filled with black pepper and corn to protect the shape of the hook-shaped nose of Ramses II.

37. Ancient Egyptian tombs (tomb) also include toilet.

38. Some people believe that the Titanic was submerged in the Egyptian territory.

39. British emperor Charles II (1630-1685) used to rubbish the mummy on his skin.

40. According to the scholars, the Egyptian sign itself later became the cause of the Christian cross. Also in Egypt, this symbol is considered a symbol of infinite life.

41. If the Great Pyramid is cut into a 12-inch cube, then we can easily get so many cube which we can make three shells to win the moon.

42. The ancient Pharaoh was buried with his real servants. Later, the model servent was used at the place of real servants.
43. The oldest dress in the world is found only from Egypt. Which is 5000 years old.

44. People of ancient Egypt will probably be the first people to keep animals.

45. There were three female Pharaohs in Egypt, the greatest of whom was Hatshepsut (Reign 1498-1483 BC).

46. ​​The ancient Egyptians used to wear wigs, whose smoothing substance was melting the scent of myrrh.

47. The ancient Egyptians used to assess the flood related to the river, hence the scientists today also use their methods to understand the system of rain.

48. Since there is no tone in painting, we can not know about how old people used to pronounce their words.

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