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"North Sentinel Island" Full of Secrets

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"North Sentinel Island" Full of Secrets

North Sentinel Island is an island of Andaman Islands located in the Bay of Bengal. It belongs to the South Andaman Governorate of North Sentinel Island, Andaman and Nicobar islands of the Indian Union Territory.

"North Sentinel Island" full of secrets 

North Sentinel Island is a beautiful island full of beauty. It is not less than a jannat. There is open blue sky and a peaceful atmosphere, white sheets covered with snow sheets, the voices of green forests and water waves give the mind a lot of calm and positive energy.

This is an attractive face of nature. Everyone would like to come here after listening to such beautiful beauty. But visiting the island of Sentinel is like embracing death. This is because of a dangerous tribe living here - (North Sentinel Island Natives).

Tribe, Population Approximate 100-200 - North Sentinel Island People
A tribe on this beautiful island has been occupying for many years. The people living here have settled in their own world where the interference of any outsider can not be tolerated.

These people have no way from the modern world. Neither do these people have any contact with the outside world nor allow anyone to contact them. This tribe is known as "Lost Tribe".

These people are happy to spend their lives the way their ancestors lived. Their language is utterly different from the language of tolerance, culture, food and speaking, neither do these people have a house to live or clothes. These people living on the Sentinel Island are dependent on hunting only for food.

There are many such tribes who have associated themselves with the modern age, but the people of this tribe still feel safe like themselves.

Ruthless Tribe - Uncontacted peoples

This tribe named Lost Tribe is extremely dangerous. If any plane is seen around their area, these people welcome them with fireballs. People of this genre specialize in running arrows.

In 2006, the tribe had killed many fishermen very ruthlessly. Any visitor who has come near unknowingly of this stupid tribe has not come back to this day. You can imagine the dangerous intentions of this tribe in such a way that no clear picture of these people has been taken up to this day.

It is believed that the existence of this man-eating tribe on North Sentinel Island is 60,000 years old. According to some reports, this tribe has been termed as the world's most isolated tribal tribe.

The people near death were told that something like this

Many people have seen this tribe, named Lost Tribe, who live in North Sentinel Island, but they managed to escape from the well of death in some way. Those people said that in 1981 our boat route had gone astray and we saw some people standing on the edge with spears and arrows.

The intention of those people was to kill us and those people were throwing strange voices. But we somehow managed to get our boat out and get out of there. That day we had seen death very closely, and perhaps it could have been the last day of our life.

Government of India wants to help, exclusion will be announced

The people of this tribe hate the outer world so many times that the Indian government has tried to help these people, but these people do not want any change in their life.

After many efforts by the government, when no solution has been solved, the Government of India has declared this area as an exclusion area. Also, there is a ban on the entry of an outsider.

The fear of this tribe is such that the Indian government itself does not hesitate to take a decision in their case. Due to its villainous exploits it has become the most dangerous and separate tribe of the masses.

Island was a tsunami

North Sentinel Island also came under the grip of this Tsunami in 2004. This tsunami was extremely murderous, due to which the Indian government expressed its concern over this population and wanted to help the people living here.

For which, a helicopter was sent to the island three days after the tsunami, but the people of the tribe started rabbling stones and arrows on it and the helicopter had to return empty-handed. The government was unable to get any information about how much damage this area has caused, or how many people were killed, how the tsunami affected these people.

Survival International Saying

Survival International is an organization that primarily works for the tribals. He told about this tribe living on North Sentinel Island that it is the weakest tribe on the planet.

The ability to fight diseases in these people is absolutely not equal. Even a small fat disease can die from this tribal. According to the institution, due to the lack of contact with the external world, there is also a high risk of life from the epidemic.

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