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These Courses are Best for Commerce Students

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These Courses are Best for Commerce Students

Commerce is a professional field with a lot of career options. At the same time, if you have done from 12th commerce then you have not only a lot of options to make a career in this field, but there are also many courses that can get you a package of millions of rupees and you are also studying from a science stream. Students can earn more than

Commerce is a matter by which not only can a chartered accountant be created, but also by doing banking career in the field of banking, accounting and e-commerce.

At the same time, we are going to tell you about the career option related to the field of commerce through this article. Let's take a look at some of the finest career options in the Commerce field -

Commerce Courses after 12th in India

If you have done from the 12th commerce then you can also do some courses which are the best courses for the commerce students, who have been given the information below -

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

After 12th, the students who make career in the field of commerce do BCom because BCom is a good option for those students who want to earn a degree in graduation.

With the help of BCom degree, students can easily make their best careers in accounting finance, operations, taxation and many other fields. Let us know that in BCom, studios are given information about Goods Accounting, Accounts, Profit and Loss and Company Law. At the same time, it is also believed that for the students of Commerce, BCom is the first staircase of his career.

Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com Honors)

Most people live confluence with BCom and BCom Hons and they can not make any difference. But let us tell you that BCom Honors is a good choice from BCom.

BCom Honors is a 3 year degree program, which has a total of 40 topics. Apart from these topics, students are also given specialization in one subject.

For specialization, students can choose one of the topics from Marketing Management, Accounting and Financial Management, Taxation, International Trade and Finance, E-Commerce, Banking or Human and Resource Management, while in the Bachelor of Commerce, these subjects are less than BCom Hons. Are taught in detail.

That's why BCom Honors students have a good knowledge of these topics.

B.Com- Accounting & Finance

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance is a good option for those students who want to pursue a career in the field of Commerce after Class 12th.

Let us tell you that this is a three year degree program that students can pass, who have passed with the 12th commerce. After doing this course there are plenty of career opportunities in accounts and finance.

While students can work as a trainee accountant in a company in the beginning days. Let us also inform you that about 39 subjects of accounts, finance and taxation are taught to students who are BCom accounting and finance students. While this degree program focuses more on financial knowledge.

B Com-Banking and Insurance

After 12th from Commerce, BCom Banking & Insurance is a good career option for those students who want to make their future choices in the field of commerce. Not only this, many job offers are also available in the market for students doing this course.

Let us tell you that BCom-Banking and Insurance are both academic and professional degree courses, which is a three-year degree program.

At the same time, in this degree program, information of accounting, law and insurance, banking law and insurance risk cover is also provided in addition to banking and insurance.

Simultaneously, students doing this degree program are given systematic study of topics and topics covered in the banking and insurance industry so that they can get a good knowledge of every subject related to it.

Let us tell you that in this course after the 12th standard there are 38 subjects. Apart from this, 2 programs related to banking and insurance are also required in this program.

After doing this course, students can also do courses with higher education like Mcom, MBA, CFA, which are easily available in lakhs. Not only this, students of this degree course can easily apply for jobs in the field of auditing, accountancy, banking, finance, in government and private sector.

Cost and Works Accountants (CWA)

You can also choose the course of the student commerce and work accountant to create a career in commerce. This is a professional course which is a similar course to CA. Let us know that The Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India gives course to accountancy. Students can pursue CWA course even after 12th standard.

However, for this 12th passed students have to do foundation course first. After completing the course, students get an opportunity to work on a cost accountant and related posts.

For this, students have to apply in The Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India. There is an entrance exam in June and December for admission in this course. Apart from this, an intermediate course is also done after the foundation course, and after completing the final exam like CA, the course is completed.

B.Com. Financial Markets

After 12th, BCom-Financial Markets Course opens many career options for students making career in the field of commerce, while students doing this course get a job package of millions of rupees. Because this course has a great scope.

Let us know that this is also a three-year degree program in which the student has to pass 6 semesters. The students of Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets are given information about Finance, Investments, Stock Market, Capital, Mutual Fund and about 41 subjects are studied.

After doing this 3-year degree course, the students can easily get the job of Associate, Finance Officer, Finance Controller, Finance Planner, Risk Management, Money Market Dealer Insurance Manager.

Chartered Accountant (C.A.)

Most students making a career in commerce want to become CAs. Let us tell you that the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offers the course of a chartered accountant.
In order to create a career in CA, students have to give a Tough Common Proficiency Test (CPT). Only after passing that the student can reach the second stop after crossing the first stop of the goal of becoming his CA.

Let us tell you that in its attrain test, topics like Accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude are included. After this, the student has to go through the final phase by passing the final examination of IPCT, articleship training and then CA. Only after passing these three steps can we become CA?

Apart from this, you can tell that after passing the 12th pass in the commerce stream from recognized board, any student can make career in CA. At the same time, at the same time, students want to become CA even after their graduation, but due to the long course of the CA course, the right time for the start of CA is only after passing the 12th pass.

Students preparing for CAs should have a strong hold in first accounting. Apart from this, it is important to have an Expert View with Expert Knowledge in Management and Financial Sector in Students. Only then can students fulfill their dream of becoming a CA and save their future.

Company Secretary (CS)

The company secretary's course is also the first choice for the students making a career in the field of commerce, but students who do this professional course are very much required to be 12th pass.

Let us know that the company secretary's course is done by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) in the country. Let us know that after 12th, students can easily apply for company secretary courses. This course is completed in 3 steps. Includes foundation programs, executive programs and professional programs.

Apart from this, you can also tell that Graduate Candidates can pursue CS courses in any stream except Fine Arts. Students who have already graduated, those students also get 8 months of foundation course and they get admission directly in the second phase.

At the same time after doing an Executive and Professional course, a company or 16 months training with any experienced or practicing company secretary.

After this professional course and training, the students easily become the Associate members of the ICSI, after which they get easy jobs. And the students earn millions of rupees by becoming a CS.

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Students from 12th to any stream can do BBA, but most commerce students prefer to do this course. This is also a three year degree program course, in which students are taught the tricks of Business Administration. After completing this course, students can apply for jobs in different companies' HRs, Finance, Ad-Sales and Marketing departments.

There are a lot of job options for BBA students. Let us tell you that specially BBA students can work in the Sales and Marketing Department in many different companies as Management Trenches.

Apart from this, after BBA, students can also do several courses including MBA, PGDM, MMS.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

If your trend is on the side of Personal Finance and Wealth Management, then becoming certified financial planner can be a good option for you.

In fact, the students of Commerce Stream have already studied the basics of taxation policy and investment and general awareness, which is very useful in doing the course of certified financial planner and becoming a certified financial planner.

Through this course, you can earn good money by making a career in the field of finance, wealth management, insurance planning and mutual.

Let us tell you that to become a Certified Financial Planner i.e. Certified Financial Planner, students are required to take certificates from Financial Planning Standards Board (Financial Planning Standard Board of India, FPSBI).

With this, also let us know that students of the Financial Planning Standard Board of India Commerce stream are given full knowledge of the art and science of Financial Planning, Personal Financial Advisory Practices, Taxation, Risk Management and other subjects and for the purpose of proper training. Offers a technical program.

The course of Certified Financial Planner is broadly expanded into 6 modules, and for every module the exam is conducted in online format and questions are asked on the MCQ / Multiple Choice Question Style Pattern.

Students in the Study Methods of Certified Financial Planner Introduction to Financial Planning, Introduction to Financial Planning, Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning, (Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits, Investment Planning Taxation Planning and Estate Planning) and Advanced Financial Planning (Advance Financial Planning) Is given to


Bachelor of Economics is a degree course. Through this course, students gain practical experience in economic policies and programs.

Let us know that students who pass 12 th from a recognized school can do this course. At the same time, the students will be given priority in this course, the students who have taken economics in the 12th as an elective subject.

Let us tell you that the Bachelor of Economics course is done on the basis of admission, merit list and priority is given to those students who are very good at the extra course activities along with the academics. There is also a lot of career options for students doing this course.

Students can get jobs easily in geo-strategic, socio-economic and international relations. Apart from this, students can easily get jobs in the field of Civil Services, Custom Department, Economic Consulting Job, Finance, Banking Sector and Commerce. Apart from this, you can also pursue a career in master's degree in Bachelor of Economics.

Bachelor of Management Studies (B. M. S.)

After 12th, students who want to pursue careers in the field of management, can be better at doing BMS courses for such students. This course is a perfect choice for students interested in business studies.

This is a three-year course, in which the practical training is given with the theory. Theoretically, subjects such as Commerce, Organizational Behavior, Maths and Marketing Finance are taught, then practical work is included in Practical Knowledge.

If there is talk of career scope for BMS students, then there are many job options available to students after this course. Students doing this course can not just go to banking and finance, but they can also give civil services and other competitive exams.

Apart from this, after BMS, students can become production manager, HR manager, marketing manager, information system manager, business professor, research and development manager and business consultant.

B.B.A. + L.L.B.

Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law Honors, is a degree administrative law professional integrated curriculum. Those students who are interested in doing BBA LLB, those students are taught business administration and law and information is given about this.

At the same time, any student who is 12th with minimum 50 percent marks is considered eligible for this course. There are many colleges of LLB's education in the country. To take admission in this course, students have to give an entrance exam.

Along with that, also tell you that there are many career options for students doing this course.

Bachelor of Law (B.Com + L.L.B.)

Those students who are from the Commerce stream and are interested in the law of education, i.e. the law of B.Com + LLB can prove to be better for such students.

Let us know that through this course only students will be able to get the degree of BCom and LLB in just 5 years, while separation should be 6 years.

With this, also let us know that this course is another interesting study option for the commerce students who want to make a career in the law and their related fields such as corporate law, taxation law and affiliate domain.

In this way, for students with commerce stream, not only in the field of commerce, there is a great job prospects and career options, but commerce students can make their own career in any other field too.

There are many such professional courses in the field of commerce, through which the students get a package of millions of rupees. At the same time, where students with commerce were considered non-smart compared to students of medical and science stream, but now this concept is gradually being eliminated, because the students of commerce now have a lot of career options, Getting a chance to make the future a living.

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