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Top Engineering Colleges in Madhya Pradesh

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Top Engineering Colleges in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has improved the level of education for many years in Madhya Pradesh. Even here, children come from engineering to different parts of the country. There are several historic engineering colleges in which students work hard to go. Those people know little about the institutions here. This is the best engineering college of MP-

Top Engineering Colleges in MP

  • SGSITS, Indore - Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science (SGSITS)

The full name of this college is Shri Govindram Sikaria Institute of Science and Technology. This engineering college, situated in Indore, holds the first place among the best colleges of the MP.

This college was opened in the year 1952. Currently there are 106 faculty and in year 2017, it was awarded the AAAA Award by NAAC. In order to get admission in the MPPET, good marks were initially done, but now it is admitted by JEE Main - JEE MAIN.

If the students have given a good result here, then the placement is done in some good company.

  • DAV, Indore - Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyaya (DAV)

The Institute of Engineering and Technology, Goddess Ahilya Bai Indore, has its full name. This college was opened in the year 1996. NAAC is awarded this college with an AAA + Award.

Well, nowadays, donation has started getting admission. But if you get a good rank in JEE Main, your admission can be here. After engineering from here you are likely to get a good job in many places.

It is a government institute and activities from time to time are quite famous.

  • JEC, Jabalpur - Jabalpur Engineering College

The full name of this college is Jabalpur Engineering College and it is a government institution. This college is the first choice of students studying in MP3 and wanting to do engineering from there. This college is of the time of independence.

That is, it was established in the year 1947. Its campus is 255 acres. It has been awarded an AAA + by the NAAC. In order to get admission in MPPET, you had to rank first in two thousand. But now it is admitted through JEE Main.

The mechanical engineering here is very famous. This college is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Bhopal.

  • LNCT, Bhopal - Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal

Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology, Bhopal is a private institute. This college, spread over 50 acres of campus, was established in the year 1993. There are a total of 304 faculty. It is given an AAA + award by NAAC.

This college was earlier administered by MPPET but can now be enrolled through JEE Main. Although it is a private college, after giving good special donation, you can get here.

This college is very famous for Computer Science Branch. The campus life here is very good.

  • ITM University, Gwalior - ITM University, Gwalior

Institute of Technology and Management, Gwalior is also MP's best college. This is a private university. It is a UGC-approved university, which was established in year 2011. NAAC awarded it with AAA + grade. The campus is 165 acres.

The biggest thing here is a lot to learn here. Children from foreign countries also come here to study. Direct admission can be taken here.

  • IPS Academy Indore - Institute of Engineering and Science, IPS Academy, Indore

This is a private college. It was founded in the year 1999. When students looking for MPs do not get any government college, they run towards this college.

NAAC has given it AAA grade. This college is very famous for its campus and its culture. Now it gets admission through Direct and Donation. Earlier, admission could only be done through MPPET.

  • RGPV, Bhopal 

Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology, Bhopal - University Institute of Technology Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal comes in the category of a great college. It is a university which is connected to all MP colleges. It was established in 1986 and NAAC has given it AAA grade. Here you can now go by JEE Main.

  • REC, Rewa - Government Engineering College, Rewa

Rewa Engineering College is also a great engineering institute in MP. This college is a better option for students studying in MP. This is a government college, so students die here to go. It was established in the year 1964.

It is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. NAAC has given it AAA grade. The Mechanical Engineering Branch is good here. This is the best college in the Vidhanya region of MP.

Now there is admission from Bharat JEE but it could only be done by MPPET.

  • JUET - Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology

Jaypee Institute of Engineering and Technology, Guna is also a good college. The JP Factory, which works as a cement, is the college of theirs. It is a private university but its status is different in its own right.

This University, established directly from UGC, was established in year 2010. Its campus is 125 acres. Earlier it was admitted through MPPET but after that JEE Main is enrolled here. Although it is a deemed university, you can go to donation in it too.

In year 2017, the NAAC gave it a AAA grade. Also if you can get your admission direct here BTech then the course of the Polytechnic of a college JP Institute.

  • Jivaji University, Gwalior 

This college is very old and it was established in the year 1964. Jivaji is a very famous college. A government university, which is named by the NAAC, the AAA grade. The campus is 225 acres. There is a lot to learn here because every kind of course is here. You can go here. JEE Main is enrolled here.

It is the college of the MP who has identified himself in his own identity. You can complete the dream of engineering from your better college by enrolling here.

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