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Essay on My Favorite Sports Football

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on My Favorite Sports Football in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 600 words.

Everyone has some kind of play that is very enjoyable by playing it. If someone likes to play cricket then someone playing football, then they entertain themselves by playing kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis. Games have special significance in everyone's life.
While teaching in schools and colleges, children are told about the importance of the game, because children's physical development is possible only by sports, especially in outdoor games like basketball, in the physical development of children. Turn away.

In order to explain the importance of sports at times, the teacher is asking children to write essay on Mera Priya Khel Football, therefore, we are giving you essays in different sections of the field on football today in this article, from which students According to your need, you can take it back, let's know about football -

Essay on my favorite sport football:

The international level football is a game whose craze, especially in today's younger generation, heads up. Nowadays every home will get a craving for football. The way football, shops, buses and houses are discussed during the FIFA World Cup, this can be judged by the popularity of football games. The football match played in just 90 minutes is very exciting and entertaining.

By playing football, playing a game with not just one team develops a sense of socialism, but also offers a chance to showcase their physical potential.

It is said about the origins of football that this game was developed from the Chinese game Suzuka, whereas in Japan the soccer players of Asuka were playing. Since then, the game has expanded in different countries and the number of people who liked it went on increasing day by day.

Let us tell you that Robert Brown Smith, in 1878, understood the importance of football and wrote a book on its development, which was well liked by the people.

Football is often the subject of discussion among people due to its increasing popularity and matches. Let us tell you that the most popular FIFA World Cup in football or the FIFA Federation of the International Association of Football Association was instituted on 21 May 1984, whose chairman Robert Guerin was appointed.

First in FIFA, Europe, the seven largest countries of the Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden had participated and demonstrated their talent. After this, other countries also showed interest in football and took an active part. FIFA World Cup is organized every four years.

Before playing football, players should know about the rules of this game, because it will give them success in winning their opponent team and they will be able to perform better during this game.

Tell you that there are two separate teams in this game, in which there are 11-11 players in each team, that is, there are 22 players in the football match. In which the team that makes more goals, it is declared the winning team of this gam. Football is also known as soccer.

While playing football, the player needs to pay full attention to this game, while at the same time he gets a distinction in focusing on one place and the game develops rapid physical development of the players and is capable of being able to keep pace with them. It comes, they feel healthy and well on themselves.

Let us tell you that while playing football, players need to pay special attention to their dress. While most players wear shots, shoes, socks while playing football, during this period, any type of jewelery and watch, glasses are prohibited, whereas the football goalkeeper is quite different, so that the opponent team player The goalkeeper can easily identify

The most important thing about football is that, in most of the international matches, maximum 3 players are allowed to change or in an emergency situation, such as the player being injured when a player is injured or if there is any serious problem, Otherwise there is no permit to do this during football.

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