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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in UP

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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in UP

Talking about the past decade in the field of education, the UP has improved its level. In the case of higher education, it is far ahead. There are many colleges in UP that are famous throughout the country and students die for them. These are Top Engineering Colleges of UP -

Top Engineering Colleges in UP -

HBTI, Kanpur - Harcourt Butler Technical University

  • Establishment - 1921
  • Faculty - 348 acres
  • Faculty - 79

Located in the Kanpur city of UP, this college is always making the first choice of students. Students from this college are working today not in India but in the big companies of the world. This college is of IIT level. NAAC has placed it in AAAA + grade. The mechanical engineering is very famous here.

AMU, Aligarh - Aligarh Muslim University

  • Establishment - 1935
  • Campus - 113 acres
  • Faculty - 118

Aligarh Muslim University always remains in the discussion. You can call it one of the oldest institutions in India. NAAC has placed it in AAAA + grade. The average placement here is about Rs 4 lakh annually. This college prepares itself for admission, which is in the name of AMUEEE. If you get an opportunity to go to this college then you must definitely go.

Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra - 

  • Establishment - 1981
  • Faculty - 594
  • NAAC Grade - AAA +

This University, located in Agra city, has its own identity. Here you can get admission in engineering through JEE MAIN. Speaking of average placement, approximately 2.50 lakhs annually. It is also named in the best colleges of UP.

Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad -

  • Establishment - 1998
  • Campus - 40 acres
  • Faculty - 245

This is a private engineering college. NAAC has placed it in AAA + grade. To get admission here, you have to give a JEE MAIN or UPSEE exam. If you talk about the average package then at least three lakh rupees are there. However, girls out of here say that there is no exemption for girls here. The rest of these colleges are good where you can learn a lot.

Jaypee University, Noida -

  • Establishment - 2001
  • Campus - 39 acres
  • Faculty - 323

This is a private university. Since the JP Factory has gone bankrupt, its standard has been reduced, but at present, there is a good placement here. NAAC has placed it in AAAA grade. Speaking of average placement, here is 3.80 lakh rupees. The culture of this university is very good. You can take admission through JEE MAIN here. Nowadays there is also the facility of admission from Direct and Donation.

Shiv Nadar University, Dadri -

  • Establishment - 2011
  • Campus - 286 acres
  • Faculty - 194

It is a private university which is a bit expensive too. Here you can take admission through JEE MAIN. NAAC has given it AAAA grade. Both the placement and its campus in the university are very good. There are gyms, cafeterias, sports areas and so on.

Madan Mohan Malviya University, Gorakhpur -

  • Establishment - 2013
  • Campus - 339 acres
  • Faculty - 88

It is a government university where there are all courses like B. Tech, M.Tech., BSc, MSc and MBA. Talking about engineering, NAAC has placed it in AAA + grade. Here you can take admission through JEE MAIN. Talk about the average package, then approximately three lakhs annually.

REC, Ambedkar Nagar - Rajkiya Engineering College, Ambedkar Nagar

  • Establishment- 2010
  • NAAC Grade - AAA

Ambedkar Nagar, State Engineering College, comes in the best engineering colleges of UP. Students out here give good information about this. You will have to give the UPSEE exam to get admission here. This college is a government and here a lot of funding is given by the government, hence its infrastructure is very good. Activities from time to time in the college are famous in their own right.

Sharda University, Greater Noida - 

  • Establishment - 2009
  • Campus - 63 Acres
  • Faculty - 602

You must have seen plenty of advertisements from this university. Its slogan is The Word Is Here It is a private university and is also very expensive. NAAC has given it AAA grade. Here you have to take the JEE MAIN examination to take admission in engineering. Admission can also be done through direct and donation.

The biggest thing here is that there is a lot to learn here. Different activities, startup programs, etc. are here, so that the students get to learn something new. Due to being a private university, it takes some companies to call for placement.

Amity University of Engineering, Noida 

  • Establishment - 2003
  • Campus - 60 acres
  • Faculty - 27

It is a popular university with campus and lifestyle discussions all over India. NAAC has placed it in AAAA grade. Here the fest is great and through them you get plenty to learn. Here you can take admission through JEE MAIN.

Apart from this, direct admission also happens many times. Although it is more expensive than the rest of the institutions, the facilities here get so much that the money is collected from the students. Placement in Amity also gets cured. The campus is very popular where swimming pool, sports club, gym, cafeteria etc. are all present.

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