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What are the qualifications required for becoming a candidate for the Presidentship? Is he eligible for re-election?

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A candidate for President ship of Indian Union must be a citizen of India, atleast 35 years of age and qualified to be a member of the House of the People. He cannot be a member of any legislature. If he is a member he ceases to be so immediately on assuming the office. He cannot hold any other office of profit. He is entitled to a salary of Rs. 20,000 per month plus other allowances and privileges including the use of a free official residence. The term of the President extend to five years unless he is removed by impeachment or resigns before the expiry of full term. He is eligible for re­election though there is no limit for number of times he can seek reelection. A conversation has been established that the President would not stay in the office for more than two terms.

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