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Make Your Own Bracelet With This DIY Bracelets Tutorial

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Making accessories at home is not only fun but it allows you to customize your accessory to perfectly match your personality or mood.


Accessories are a great way of adorning your body and doing something that kind of makes you stand out in the crowd. But sometimes finding something that suits your personality can be cumbersome. Also, the chances of the accessory you like being out of your budget are high. Which is why we’re teaching you how to make bracelets:

The technique that’s most commonly used in bracelet making is called crimping, which is basically a string beading technique.

To make DIY bracelets you will need:

  • Beads
  • Scissors
  • Beading elastic or cord
  • Tape
  • Super glue

How To Make Your Own Bracelet:

1. Wrap the beading elastic 1 1/2 times over your wrist. Now using the scissors cut it. The reason you are making it slightly bigger than your wrist is to make it easier to knot it at a later stage.

2. Now, firmly hold the beading elastic between your fingers and then gently stretch it. The value of this step is immense because stretching it now will prevent it from doing so later, creating gaps in your bracelet.

3. Remember the tape mentioned earlier? It’s time to use it. Fold it over any one end of the beading elastic. This is strategically very sound because it stops the beads from falling off while you’re working on your bracelet.

4. It is time to string those beads. Since the elastic is taught you won’t need a needle to do this. Simply grip the beading elastic at a point that is near its end and slip your beads on. A good tip while doing this is to string the bead with the biggest hole first because once you’re done you can hide the knot you will tie under this bead.

5. Now keep stringing beads until you reach the desired length. While doing this, make it a point to keep wrapping the bracelet around your wrist off and on; ideally the first and last beads should touch and the bracelet should feel loose-ish on your wrist.

6. Time for the tape to go. You now have to tie a square knot. To do so, fold the ends of your beading elastic like you would tie your shoelaces.Now, tie another similar knot; you should have something resembling a ring. This next step is crucial; wrap one of the beading elastic ends over one side of the ring and repeat this with the other side. Now, the knot should be tightened.

7. Tuck the two ends of your beading elastic inside the beads. Use super glue to set it in place.

8. You’re almost done. Wait for approx. 20 minutes for the glue to dry. Then wear your beautiful new homemade bracelet.

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